We are now seeing those folks who are acting out of service to self and dedication to power and control begin to fall. Some are losing their power and control and money. Others who who refuse to surrender will go to jail. How are you reacting to these occurrences. Are you gloating? Gloat means to contemplate or dwell on one’s success or another’s misfortune with smugness or malignant pleasure.

In a twisted sense, it feels good to gloat. Those guys (and dolls) deserved what they got for doing what they did to us and the planet. Um, don’t they? Really? Do you have the full story of what happened and why they acted as they did? Were you in any way complicit in the drama? Does it serve you in a useful way to give these folks and this crumbling paradigm any focus or ?

What best serves you now is to act from your heart and integrate the continuing higher light frequencies that are increasingly available to you. Any attention, other than conscious detached observation, that you focus on this old deteriorating paradigm only serves to prolong the process. Focusing on the emotions wrapped up in the drama only lowers or puts a damper on your vibratory frequency.

Rather than feeding your attachments to the old matrix, go to your heart and ask for higher guidance on how to proceed into the new paradigm. Your heart is the only place to go to receive clarity in this magnificent time of transition. It feels way better than gloating.  It feels……..