Channeled by: Julie Miller
July 26, 2011

How wonderful it is to be here again speaking through this child. She sat here stumped for a minute or two waiting for me to give her the title of our topic. I am anxious to begin our discussion. We will figure out the title when we are done.

Dear children, I would like to talk to you about a very serious human emotion that gets people into all sorts of trouble – . As a human being, you are filled with so many wonderful emotions, and all of them require balance to live in harmony with yourself. Every once in awhile, I know its hard, you see, and mentally compare with others and sometimes become jealous. For the most part you are able to ignore this feeling. And this is what you must do, as is fed by the ego. All the wants you want and someone else has them. Oh boy, can that spell disaster for some people.

When your jealousy takes over your rational thinking, it leads to so many other feelings and emotions; anger, resentment, hostility, impatience, envy, and many more that if not managed can become out of control and cause the to attack in ways that are unnecessary. I am sure dear ones some of you have been at the brunt end of someone's jealous , or you yourself have retaliated in some way. Jealousy is one of the dear ones, that if allowed to be fed, can become quite ugly. I have seen this happen countless times over many hundred of years. And the person that is being swallowed in the jealous rage sometimes cannot see what is in front of them.

The rage happens because another person has something you want, or is doing something you wish you could, is able to purchase something you wish, can go away and you can't, this list can become quite extensive dear ones. And the other person might brag, or talk a lot about what they are doing and such and it fuels you, angers you, upsets you, or makes you feel bad. All you can do dear ones is not retaliate, but in your mind visualize yourself surrounded by Divine love and light, and wish them success and happiness.

I know it is hard seeing other people that look like they are getting ahead. Think about where you came from and how well you have done. Everyone's successes and struggles are different. You will succeed in your own way and time. Look at what you have accomplished so far. It may sound or look dismal, but if you go back five or ten years before this some of you were not in the position you are now. Unfortunately dear children you have been given a life that is full of challenges, some are everyday ones and some come at you unexpected. And just like dealing with the jealousy there are lessons in every corner. Dealing with a jealous person or yourself during a fit of jealous rage has its lessons and that is how you cope during a specific situation or event. If you maintain a good additude or opt out for a negative one because the jelousy takes over, makes a difference on the outcome for yourself.

I love you dear ones, how could I not. I am the , God, the Source to some. I love every person here on Earth, you are all my children. I do not wish to see you go through anymore pain or suffer more. I want you to flourish and be balanced within yourself.

We could have talked today about many things and many issues. This seemed to flow nicely and is necessary during these trying times of great change. You are all doing so well, adapting to the weather patterns, , discovering your true self, learning how to balance all parts that make you YOU. I am very proud of you my dear children. And yes, I love you even after you allowed that jealousy take over you or if you have been effected by someone's rage. The one going through the jealousy emotion is like a child having a tantrum, it must run its course but kept an eye on just to make sure no harm comes. And the person effected by another's jealousy requires understanding and empathy also. Jealousy on either side has great lessons to be learned. Accept dear ones that there are people out there that will be able to do things and you can't yet. You already can do much that others cannot do. Be aware of your own brightness children.

I am to depart dear souls, I will return through this kind child again. I am feeling Divine joy from speaking to you today. Once again dear ones I suggest you take your time learning what makes you YOU. There is never any need to rush. You are where you are meant to be in your spiritual growth. I love you Unconditionally, every one of you.

Unconditional Love and Light to you, the Creator