in are taking place that allow each of us to more easily chart our own course on the seas of . We offer here some tools for navigating this new time. They are inserts, reality loops and track transfers.

Reality loops are tools that help us navigate from our present life track to a more distant track. Often it happens that we set our sights on realities that are energetically further removed from our present moment. While not readily accessible from the present moment, these distant realities can be reached through a of well-planned “reality loops” and "life track transfers."

A life track transfer takes place when we shift from our current reality thread to a new one of our choosing. We do this by breaking more complex life track transfers into a series of interlinking reality loops. We will discuss these in depth in part 2 of this series.

Virtual Reality ‘Inserts’

Today we will focus on virtual reality inserts, which allows us to make use of reality loops and life track transfers. In order to consciously change course and shift to a new reality, we need to program the image of our new desired reality into our internal . One way to do this is by living in the new reality in a virtual sense.

A virtual reality insert is a distortion of reality because it exists in our mind but is not yet manifested in physical reality. One of the challenges of aligning with a new version of reality is that we must bring our soul on board with the insert. If we believe deep down that we are just pretending the new reality is in place, our subconscious will not accept it and it will not become a part of our daily reality. If, however, we fully embrace the insert as an alternate reality that is already in place, it is much easier to make the shift.

Illusions and Alternate Realities are Real

In the mainstream world, we are taught to label our visions as illusory or “imaginary” – existing only in the realm of the imagination. Illusions are not a product of your imagination. They are visions of other realities. Everyone is able to perceive alternate realities. So in this sense, the images that we perceive in our mind’s eye are directing us toward alternate realities we can shift toward.

Negative and Positive Virtual Reality Inserts

Most everyone has created negative reality inserts at one time or another. We are all supplied with reach fodder for creating negative inserts through our involvement with the fear-based thinking that permeates mechanisms of mass thought.

An example of a negative virtual reality insert might be seen in the case of a who is unhappy with their appearance. This will create a virtual insert (ugly, overweight, out of shape, unattractive) and energize it. They will begin to filter all aspects of their reality through this insert and interpret everything in their environment through the lens of this insert. This will include other peoples’ actions, external events and successes and failures. Continuously re-energizing this insert will make the increasingly unattractive and their self-esteem will suffer even further. Initially this virtual insert exists only in the ’s mind but in time they will energize it into physical reality.

Any virtual reality insert only exists by virtue of the and importance we assign it. As soon as the importance attached to the insert is gone it dissipates. We are only able to step beyond negative inserts when we can become transparent to them. In other words, we must learn to pass by the thing we don't want with indifference. As long as we keep having a response to a negative potential, we are giving it our and activating it.

We all know what we don't want. In the past we have experienced things we no longer choose. If we learn to bless these experiences and accept the gifts they have given us – however painful – we become neutral to them. This allows us to release images of what we don't want. This may take some doing – but in time opening to the blessings of what you don't want also opens you to what you do want.

Creating a Positive Virtual Reality Insert

A positive virtual insert works as well as a negative one. To create a positive insert, switch your focus from what you don’t want or would like to get rid of to enhancing and developing your virtues.

Create a positive insert for yourself that feeds both your mind and soul. Imagine you can have anything you want. There are no limitations, nothing standing in your way at all. You're completely free to have anything in the world. Use your imagination to build the image of what this looks like. Choose one thing you feel most strongly connected to. Again we emphasize, do not concern yourself with how you will bring this into your physical reality. Just open to the image of what you want. Set the intention to have this reality. Determination is the certainty you deserve this. It is the knowing that this potential exists energetically. Play with this image, live in it virtually. If your image is of a new home, see the placement of items in this home. Trust in divine timing.

Examine your insert often and keep adding more details. Never copy the inserts of others. Positive inserts will allow you to expand your comfort zone to embrace increasingly incredible virtual inserts. A key to this process is to go beyond just visualizing having your goal. It is important to visualize the process of moving toward your goal. Envision the process rather than the result.

Keep reproducing the image of your insert in your thoughts and as time goes by, the insert will practically become a part of you. When this happens, it is no longer an insert. When you get what you want, it will no longer be important to you. If you keep fixating on the image of the insert methodically and systematically, your soul will get used to the insert and begin to consider it part of itself.

In part two of this series, we will look at reality loops and life track transfers, which build on the virtual insert process.