23 July 2011  

Channeler:  Julie Miller

A message from Archangel Sandalphon

July 23, 2011

Welcome children of ! What a beautiful planet she is. I am one of her many protectors. I am speaking through this dear one today about embracing her, showing your Mother how much you love her and respect her.

Your Earth will birth herself into new reality. She is on course and will be completed. I am in charge with anchoring onto the Earth and I am encouraging more lightworkers to do assist with this.

There are several ways which you can send your Earth Mother loving light dear children. Upon your meditation you can send Unconditional Love and Light to the Earth. When you invoke your manifestations, you can visualize a beautiful new Earth in the way you feel with your heart it could be. Envision a new Earth that has clean air, pure water, animals that are not on the brink of extinction, and other areas that you would like to see an improvement. Envision this as part of your manifestations. The goodness and love in your intent is felt by your Earth Mother.

She loves the people that live upon her and encourages them to appreciate her. Not enough really, truly do. Many are disrespectful or take her for granted. She understands you have busy lives and forget to reach out to her and touch her.

You are spending a lot of time spreading your love to others, its time to send it to her. The next time you go for a walk, touch the soft petal of a flower, feel the coarseness of bark on a tree, feel the coolness of grass under your feet, there are many ways to show appreciation dear ones. There are people out there I have noticed that call themselves 'treehuggers'. That is because they actually hug trees. You can derive so much from that simple of love. A tree has the capacity to not only provide shade or a home for many animals, but speaks a soft language of gentle whispers.

Did you know dear ones, on a day you are feeling low, you can regain some energy by holding a that has been in the sun? The absorbs the sun's energy and is there for you to use. To absorb this energy for yourself, it is quite simple. The first you are drawn to, pick it up and hold it for a few minutes. You may feel silly at first. Thank it for the extra energy it is offering you and replace it back to where you found it so it can absorb light energy again. This is a simple gesture of your Earth Mother reaching to you. You will begin to feel lighter dear ones.

There is so much discussions around this beautiful globe about pollution, waste of every imaginable kind, eating purely and as simple as possible, etc. The suggestions in those articles are for the benifit of Earth and her her inhabitants. We understand you might not be able to do everything that is required to go green, or to live in a healthier envirnment, but you can begin by recycling more, being more diligent about the you purchase, taking care of your pet's waste and being educated to a point of understanding what is going on in your environment and the Earth's environment as a whole. There are a lot of simple things you can do that will go a long way dear ones.

Dear children you have so much love to share. Your Earth Mother has shared so much with you. Join me in sending her Unconditional Love and Unconditional Light as frequently as you can. Let her know you love her and you love your planet. It has been home for you and previous generations of people for hundreds of years. She does required love, care and attention.

As I prepare to leave this child, I am asking each of you to close your eyes and visualize your radiant love and light; a glow that is bright and the warmth you will feel from your heart that is unconditional, and send this. Direct this to your Earth Mother. Telling her with your thoughts or verbally how much you love her and respect her. This simple gesture of love towards your Earth Mother will indeed be welcomed.

I truly enjoyed talking through this child today. I hope to do this again soon. Believe in your hearts that you never walk alone. You always have company even if you cannot see us or feel us.

Archangel Sandalphon through