29 July 2011  

Mary Ann Reiger

Below is an exploration energetically of the Reiki tenets brought forth by Dr. Usui, the of Reiki. These principles/tenets came about because Dr. Usui realized that many of those he healed took back their illness or disease. By applying these tenets to daily life one has the ability to not draw in the energies that can manifest disease.
I have expanded upon these principles as they relate to .

1. Just for today do not worry:
This means not only not to worry but to trust. To trust in the greatness of spirit, in something more than the problem or challenge you are facing but also to trust in the of energy, in the of life. This is also affirmative thinking which means we affirm life, the energy of life and the promise of the future so we know all good is possible. Since Reiki is based upon energy this is a that our thoughts which contain energy remain positive so we project outward only whether it is through our Reiki treatment or our thoughts. The energy of worrisome thoughts only adds to the problem and does not promote a solution. The energy of worry can block the energy of any form of healing or change we wish to manifest. The energy of worry at first is is sc scattered and then it becomes heavy as it weighs the owner down until the owner of the worry begins to believe the illusion of worry. The illusion then replaces the ability to trust in the universe and of course as the energy of worry builds the of will step into place. Those who worry feed the worry which draws the law of negatively to them. We can all experience worry from time to time which does not draw the negative law of to us until we feed it. When we release the worry and return to trust, the energy subsides and draw to us what we refuse to worry about. Worrisome thoughts are not the same as intuitive thoughts and so when we receive warnings we listen, take action, but do not worry.

2. Just for today do not anger:
Anger connects us to our deepest fears and it offers a route to destruction whether self or to others. To not anger is to embrace acceptance which leads to positive action and freedom from the dominance of what provoked our anger. This does not mean we condone unjust acts that may have brought about our anger, instead it means that we do not choose to use our anger as a tool of justice, retribution or reparation. When we make the choice to come from peace we increase the likelihood of resolution. Anger takes us out of the energy of inner peace and puts us in an almost out of body state – ask anyone who commmitted a crime out of anger – they felt they were taken over by the energy and could not stop. Anger is energy gone awry, feeding on itself and holding its owner captive. Anger is enslavement energy. Yes we will get irritated and even angry sometimes at injustices but to allow anger to take hold shits our energy so dramatically that we can make choices that cannot be easily repaired. Anger is a volatile energy based upon fear but when we set forth the energy of love into anger, love into fear, trust into both, there is no room for the energy of anger so it cannot take hold.

3. Honor your parents, teachers and elders:
Respect those who came before you, who have taught you, cared for you and experienced more than you. By respecting others we respect ourselves. This also means that we respect those who bring us lessons of growth. Many people will enter our lives to teach us higher principles of love, patience, harmony and honesty. Honoring all those whether those lessons came to us easily or not is a sign of appreciativeness and honoring all. Reiki is energy for all living things and when we honor and respect the energy of all living things we honor the flow of Reiki. Honoring is giving the energy of respect. Honoring is sending forth the appreciation for all those who heal, teach, show us, guide us, love us, and it is for those who we will become like. It is sending forth the energy of acknowledgement of others while acknowledging our own energetic change of growth. This is very positive, powerful energy to find a way to honor others.

4. Earn your living honestly:
The conscious choice of honesty is a way of life for many. What this principle reminds is that it is a personal principle, which we alone are responsible for. When we act from honesty in our employment it means we don’t take the shortcuts or easy advantages that others may take in the guise of false justifications, for exmaple having been treated unfair we then become dishonest. The energy of earning your living honestly expands to the abundance of life, the ideal of karma, and the internal decision to make choices that show to us and to the world that honesty is a value not swayed by worldly standards or personal dissatisfaction. The energy of choice gives us the freedom to make a choice that is the right one for us whether that choice is popular or not in the world of business whatever our role is. This energy of choice takes us back to our autonomy and a sense of freedom. When we are our own guide of honesty in the world, that is empowering energy that no one can steal from us.

5. Show gratitude to everything:
When we are thankful for everything and appreciative of our lives, no matter what our stature is, we embrace the flow of positive energy. When we can embrace the flow of positive energy goodness can return to us. Showing gratitude to everything helps us to enjoy life, all those special moments, people and even possessions that we experience and have. Showing gratitude helps us to feel good about life and when we feel good we are able to find more to feel good about. Showing gratitude to everything takes us away from the never ending treadmill of comparison and longing and into the bliss of the present. The energy of gratitude is expansive and even if all we can be grateful for is the breath we take, the sun above and the ground below our feet, that is a wonderful place to begin and return to. The energy of gratitude expands to include almost everyone and everything it touches – what a powerful healing energy force gratitude is!

In summary, when we learn to be in the moment (just for today) to understand that the energy we project outward (worry and anger) has more effects than we may realize, that in honoring our teachers and elders and walking a path of honesty, we show gratitude to everything – our lives can humbly be enriched through the energetic cleanse and rejuvenation that is constant from these daily practices. Simple yet effective Dr. Usui's principlies shared the energetic cause and effect that can happen in our lives giving us some guidance to create a life surrounded by energy of positive intent.

Mary Ann