9 July 2011

Sandra McAuley

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Elder of Feminine Power
Via (Air Fae) describes Whisper as, "an elder of few words. When she speaks it is with and grace"
A white flower, delicate looking. The white has light coloring of purple at the wing edges. Long legs with arms that a long-about half the length of the legs. The body is short with a definite “face” and it appears that the flower petals come up from the neck to above the head. The wings are small.

Member of the Ethereal Guild
of the Earth of the 5 Elements
Whisper: I greet you with infinite love.

Sandra: …and I greet you with infinite love, Whisper.

Whisper: Why is your mind, body and spirit feeling heavy today?

S: (sigh) It has been a Universally challenging week. I am filled with tremendous gratitude for the quiet and stillness of the weekend to recharge…and focus on writing the Guild's book.

Whisper: Yes. Our outreach to is influencing a tremendous wave of within your spiritual being. Ann (Guild Artist) is feeling the same wave of . Feel peace with the positive light you are both sharing with this world. It is not meant to be challenging as your human minds make it…the flow of the is meant to be enjoyed with anticipation and excitement.

S: Thank you for the reminder, Whisper. I will pass the message onto Ann. We are marveling at the overwhelming support and "hunger" from humanity regarding the Guild's teachings. Ann and I are very blessed to be a part of it all.

W: …and we are blessed by your part in this journey.

Whisper: I would like to take this opportunity to speak in my own voice (giggles…or have Sandra type in my voice) about an important part of spiritual awareness and ascension that is the difference of the human experience and the five senses that create perception of the world around you…and the existence of your spiritual senses.

Obviously, the five human senses are those of: seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling and touch.

The spiritual senses are those of: intuition, knowing, empathy and . Spiritual senses are a way of experiencing your world around you through the perception of Source . In other words, everything around you becomes alive and vibrant with a new awareness based in love and unity.

Humans are naturally empathic and psychic. We are all born with abilities that our human brain refuses to comprehend. Children are proof of the instinctual use of these abilities. They are well aware of unspoken language, empathy towards others and many psychic gifts, such as playing with imaginary friends…ALL of which are not given full respect by society. In turn, human children are taught (and sometimes punished) for demonstrating such behaviors. This is unfortunate. The human species is blessed with a distinct intelligence and brain to go along in support of that intelligence which allows the reinforcement of these spiritual senses.

It is my belief that the New World is going to be the most spectacular place of complete openness for these senses. No longer will humanity need to hide the birth-given right to peace and oneness of vibration. It is time…the energies of the Universe are aligning to help members of humanity transition into the time of Oneness and the New World.

Sandra talks with people all the time about the imbalancing effects that "muting" the spiritual senses has upon the inner soul. If the understanding would become common place that every being is psychic…every being is empathic…every being is "knowing"…the transition into the New World would be seamless.

Therefore, I would like to smile upon each of you who is unconditionally and completely living into your purpose with fully operational spiritual senses. YOU are the lights that guide the others…YOU are the teachers of the spiritually awakening students…YOU are the healers of human/earthly disfunction and improper alignment of purpose…YOU are the New World!

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