M.N. Hopkins

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Choose a way. A new way of living. Direct your thoughts and actions to those of achievement in Spiritual matters. Seek more light and light hearted persons who will join you in the creation of a better tomorrow. One in which the individual is allowed to use their God given talents or you could say, gifts for the advancement of mankind into new realms of existence. We will help in all sincere efforts and assure the participants of beneficial outcomes from their efforts to advance in the world of Spirit. The most important prerequisite is to once again connect to their Soul and once connected, a connection will be established to the Divine , from which all blessings flow. Seek first your Self, then seek to join with Self to bridge the gap between .

Be not distracted by those of dull or ill perception. Never forget the goal which is union with one's Divinity. Once the reunion occurs, then one has access to the wisdom and knowledge that was before unknown. Seek this union through prayer and meditation and events will unfold that will lead one to the activities that will enhance one's ability to be in Spirit, yet at the same time firmly established in one's human body.

Be patient and trust in the Grace of God and the gifts of faith restored and love enacted and be glad that you could be of service to others. For with these gifts also comes the knowledge that these gifts are to be shared for the good of all mankind. A simple truth is this: We are all connected, non apart. Apart from one another is an illusion of the human mind. When this truth is realized, then a of consciousness will occur within your Earthly realm and men again will be able to sit at the right hand side of God and bath in the joy of creation. Once the connection is re-established, then Mankind will quickly and effortlessly progress upon the path of Life.

An ideal is a vision of tomorrow which has not yet been put into place. It has yet to be formed into your physical reality. The structure has not yet been formed, so to live within this ideal is not yet possible and to attempt such will only cause great conflicts or upset within the personality structure.

Now we come to a time of great tribulation. The leaders of your world refuse to lead, rather they follow those who promise economic or financial gain, with no thought of how this will effect the everyday living of their local citizens. One will come who seeks to unite all nations, but will fail as all who seek political or economic power have failed throughout time. can no longer think in a selfish manner, with no regard for the other. Now is a time of great possibility. As old social and economic structures begin to deteriorate, new systems will begin to develop around the planet.

For Man must learn to co-operate and care for each other or all life on your planet will surely perish in time. Man refuses to look for new ways of being in his world, but rather clings to the old ideas and beliefs, which no longer have the power necessary to hold or bind together Man's communities.

Yes, new beings or a new kind of being will begin to enter into your world soon with the knowledge and wisdom necessary to the task of evolving a new consciousness that accepts and understands all life. They are the one's who will lead the way and found and develop new institutions of learning that will benefit all mankind.

The fight now is for power mainly in the form of economic power. The one's of darkness control their minds and emotions and seek only the destruction of all mankind. The leaders are weak and refuse to take responsibility and lead the way out of Man's current dilemmas. Instead, we have discussions and meetings with men playing a role, rather than actively deciding on new courses of action. As children, they play, not realizing the dangers that follow.

Be patient and be kind until the day the new ones arrive. They will understand these words and actively seek realities that will fit the structure of their new dreams. For they shall develop less intrusive means of interacting with your Earth's environment. A respect for all life will evolve in time and Man will take his place amongst all life forms, simple and complex.

Seek no longer discord, but seek harmony and balance in your everyday living. Await the day of their arrival and rejoice for the beings of light will again be heard and understood.

So many long years ago, we were of your realm. Our time as human has long since past. We have seen so much of what some call the future years of human experience. We grieve no longer, but know the evolution of Man as an experience of some and not of others of consciousness. We see that you have several conflicts to resolve and we assure you that they will be resolved. For we can see into what you term, the future and know of your accomplishments. Have faith and know that your dreams will grow to fruition and calmness of Spirit will again be a constant companion. Others know of this, even though you hide it only from yourself. See into the future and see the lightened load you will bear and know that even in the hard or dark days to come, the gift of light will not desert your being. For your light will grow as the darkness in your world grows around you. Mankind will learn some hard lessons in the years to come. For many will begin to awaken as if from a terrible dream and clearly see the consequences of their ill conceived actions.

A shift will occur when the human community sees this change as a necessity if the human chain is to continue into the future. Historians will look back and wonder how humans could have behaved so badly toward each other. At this time, a more kind, considerate, loving way of being will be the norm on your planet. It is wise to grow in wisdom, so the years ahead will demand wise consul. Thinking will be changed and kinder, more responsible actions will result. A new age will be truly born and Man will continue to evolve into higher and higher levels of understanding of his place and her responsibility in the maintenance and activation of new ways.

So continue, for all events lead to greater understanding and wisdom when one is consciously and awarely being as a member of the human community.

So, now you will see clearly with the heart. For through the heart way lies the greatest happiness while living one's life as a human being. It is the heart way that seeks a better way for all inhabitants of the human community. It is the heart way that balances and brings the peace and certainty of Spirit into one's being. The heart way bridges the gap between Heaven and Earth and allows one to enter into realms of unlimited potential. For through the heart one can again know that one is neither apart from or separate from the Whole. One becomes the heart of a Larger Heart, which beats with the rhythm of the One Heart, which is the Essence of all of life.

So celebrate one's existence here in this world of physical flesh and know that all is possible if one only believes this to be true. One's beliefs color one's view of physical reality. Paint one's life portrait with light and vibrant colors that bring into being a more joyous existence. Share one's joy with all whom you come into contact with.

Think not upon all the wrongs and injustices of men, but think upon a future in which all co-operate and seek the greatest good for the greatest number. Hold a vision that is joyous and life giving and share it so that others can come to realize that such a joyous existence is a possibility within the physical realm of existence. Be not discouraged, for the gift of faith returns. A stronger more resilient faith that will help others know of their own deep and personal relationship to their own Soul. Once this connection is reestablished many will touch upon and benefit from an inner wisdom and strength, which is inherent to all.

Seek to share the vision of a tomorrow in which God's light and love again direct the course that mankind will travel toward their own deliverance and restoration of faith.

See the beauty that is the essence of all forms within your physical plane of reality. Hear the voices of Angels and join with us in our genuine efforts to educate and enlighten Mankind, so as to help Humankind to survive the uncertain times that grow more chaotic everyday. Fight for the Light and join with us of those few of your kind who can consciously tap into the knowledge and wisdom that flows endlessly or eternally from our realm of unlimited joy. We can see the need in you as we see the need in many for a less restrictive or limited existence. So few can tap into our realms wisdom by communicating with the ones here with the responsibility to speak and teach the new ways of being that will insure the survival of not only Mankind, but all creatures, seen and unseen that inhabit your physical existence.

Be aware that a conscious effort to direct one's thoughts and emotions is required if one is to feast on the joy that vibrates just under the surface of human existence. One need not repress one's darker side.

Only calmly allow it, it's existence, while you spend your time thinking on the beauty and sacredness of life. Find the strength and calmness that is already a part of your being. Seek the certainty and maturity of the Soul. Give your child ego direction and take over the reins that drive you down your life's way.

Be not afraid, but be bold of Spirit. Teach all who will listen that a life of love, of kindness, of shared responsibility is a possibility in your physical realm. Show by example. Live the words. For the words are only a distant reflection of a far deeper and truer reality which most in your reality do their best to avoid.

Seek those with the gift of honest sight and share the joy that you are able to transfer to others. It is in the giving that one again gains that which has been not lost, but only forgotten. Be kind and develop in patience. Care not what others say or do, for all do as they please in your world. Drink of the deep, calm waters of Spirit and nourish your being with that love which is both the beginning and the end of all that exists in your world.

Project a vision of a better tomorrow to all who will listen. Pray that mankind will once again come back to their senses and realign again with the Will of Heaven and remember their place in all that is of this Earth creation.

Come and see with us your world as a proving ground for higher levels of consciousness. We see this as just an expression of your humanity. For it is in kindness and sympathy for others that one sits upon the throne of their higher nature. Seek out that which is already within your being, that which is already within your being, that which has been covered up or hidden by your petty human fears and dislikes.

Seek out the more calming energies of our realm whenever possible and this will help you to balance out the effects of all the negativity that surrounds your being. Seek balance and the calmness and certainty of our realm and project these feelings out into your world, so as to be a comfort to your fellow humans.

Seek the love and kindness that lies dormant within your being. Help others to touch upon their own goodness so that they can aid in being comforters and healers of Man's ills. Help arrives in unknown and sometimes unusual ways. Be open to the help that is all around you. Be kinder with your words and see the effect this has upon others.

Touch to the stars, yet keep your feet firmly upon this Earth of yours. You are loved by so many, yet cannot be seen but by a few. Be firm in your principles and honest in all dealings. Trust in your own inner skills and ability to prosper in this world of men. Let not fear be your guiding light, but let love and kindness light your way in the days ahead.

Now you can begin to see the need for selfless action. To help the others so as to set an example of how to live in a kinder, more generous manner. For when the children have only examples of selfish , self interest driven behavior with no concern for the future or the ones yet to come, then the future will negate itself, so as no more will come . If the Earth is further defiled and destroyed for the sake of a few's profit at the expense of the many, then there will be no need to continue the time continuum. For time was set up as a staging ground for all to advance or grow in wisdom. Now, it is nothing more than a spoiled bath of self interest ruling all aspects of life in your realm. When one comes who acts in a generous or kind manner, he is called a fool or crazy and not seen truly as one of strength or you could say, the strength of Spirit. For he is criticized and abused and left abandoned by mankind. A strength must again be discovered in man. The strength of God, the strength of Spirit, the strength that sees one through the coldest and darkest nights of your existence.

For what is Man, but a reflection of someone or something far greater of purpose. Do you seek only your own fame though these writings? They are to be shared so that others may hear the truth also and decide if they will act upon the words or idly glide downward into the darkness. Yes, as a , one can arise from the fall, the fallen state of Mankind. Share the words when and where possible. Seek those of courage, those who have touched to God's strength and join in an allegiance for the good of all Mankind, not just the few.

Your governments lie and deceive to maintain power over others. God wishes to share the power of Spirit. The strength available to those who seek a better way of life for all. For the Lord does surely dislike injustice and inequity. A few stealing from the many, living in an effort to control the flow of goods and services for their own profit. A vast imbalance of man-power, a negating of many with skills and talents who can help make the way easier for the many in need.

Do not turn your back on those in need as others have so often turned their backs to you who have sought to use your skills and talents to do some real work that would benefit not just your survival, but the survival of many.

Be not afraid to share the words. A time will come , an opportunity to do readings for others that will help them to restore their own inner strength and balance. A call will go out and those in need shall follow. We work through ones who are willing, ones who know of their own weakness, but also know of the strength that comes through prayer and sincere intentions to do good.

Seek first, your own contentment, then help others to seek and find their own. Be a patient guide and show a way. A way that you have already begun. Advise of their errors and warn of pitfalls. Keep the message simple and clear. For real change to occur, there must be a strong desire and willingness to go deep into their own dark areas and transmute and transform this locked up , so as to create an explosion of illumination.

Think on this. For man to continue, a cleaning must occur. A cleaning of emotion, a cleansing of old negativity, so that mor positive emotional and mental structures are created. Once created, Mankind will be able to create in new ways. From a place of strength of Spirit, a joyous place, a place of great knowledge and wisdom. From this place, many positive experiences will evolve and arise in your world.

A clear intention must be formed. A clear intention will lead to a clearing for a new way. A way with more happiness and joy and way of sharing the Earth's resources. A wise use of currency and a strength of leadership, real leadership that leads rather than seeks the coin purse of wealthy interest groups.

Come again and drink of the waters of Spirit. Let the fires of the Spirit burn hot in your bosom and leave a clear and open space for the calmness of Spirit to reside. Transmute and transform the old into a new more lively creator and be a part of the creation of a better way for all Mankind.

A path will be made clear in time. A place will be chosen and the work will begin in a new way. Trust in Devine counsel and have faith that a new tomorrow is still possible. For the dream to evolve, many more must dream of better days to come. New economies and new governments shall be formed to meet the needs of the many. Prayer and meditation on the good to come will help to speed up the process.

A link must be restored, a link from Earth to Heaven. As more complete this link up, more will be guided by the wisdom of those with the maturity and knowledge necessary to help bring these changes about.

So we say again. Fear not, fret not, be not dismayed or delayed. Seek that which is good in all creation. The Earth and the Sun and the Heavens above will all join together with you and those who wish to bring more of Heaven to Earth. As we said earlier, a merging of the two dimensions for the good of all. The circle and the cross, the mother and the father, the male and the female, and the Heaven and Earth joined. All the same, all just different ways or means of expression. Sometimes the message changes due to syntax and symbology of different cultural views in your world.

Think on these events to come and a way will be revealed to you to be revealed to the many. Seek out those of Light and the Light-hearted, who still remain in your dimension. For all are teachers. All givers and receivers of truth. We speck through the voices of many. Be wise, be strong, and be well and hopeful in the knowledge that your dreams will be fulfilled in time.

Now, again you seek our guidance. Yes, we will guide you and have guided as we always have, but do you use the information given for a better way. We think not, yet we are ever hopeful that you will one day convey these words to others. When there is a need and the need is great, the words will come through with greater clarity. As yesterday, when you heard the words we spoke for dear C, so that she could view her problems in a clear, honest manner, so as to come to her own decision on the course she will follow.

All must decide within themselves as to the merits of the words and come to some kind of final decisions.

Seek out those who are sincere in their intentions for change and transfer the strength and wisdom that is necessary if the changes are to occur.

We have warned you not to mis-use the gifts we have given. Be wise and give freely and lovingly of the Light of true understanding and true enlightenment. For the Light will come and enable others to heal the old wounds and see their world in a new way. For the spirit of co-operation must be fostered or nurtured before big changes can occur.

For in , the incident of death is but a reflection of a deeper pain and suffering that has yet to be looked at or denied for far too long. These events bring up these sadnesses that are already locked within the human hearts out into the open for people to deal with, so that a new way can be formed for the future. From your way of looking at the world, it is a shame that it must be this way, but what other way can the unexpressed of so many be brought out into the light. It is an automatic safety valve that was built into the system at creation to allow the continuum to continue. For if the pressures and blockages were allowed to be contained, one day the pressures would be so great as to put an end to existence.

The Earth and Heaven and the Whole of Creation are much more than the sum of the individual parts.

More events will occur in the future time until there is no time in existence. Balance seeks it's own by creating imbalances. Balance must be achieved if Humankind can continue in this place you call Earth. The imbalances are so great and so many and are being reflected through natural disasters and the disasters now occurring in human community and further in the ills being created in the human body.

So much sickness being created by Man himself through his haste and mis-guided attempts to control outside as well as inside forces. One must live in an acceptance of your world and it's limitations. These limitations were created to teach patience and love. For wisdom comes to those who seek wisdom. Love comes to those who seek love. All comes to those who seek the All.

Fear not, fret not, and be assured that all roads lead to the goals and all goals will eventually lead one to the Ultimate Goal or ultimate reason for being here in your world, and that is to love all of creation and to love oneself, and to reflect the Love of God into your realm.

See not as your ego sees the world, but look out at your world with the heart's eye. As you have experienced, you are always shown a way when the request for help is sincere. We work through your hands and heart. We only give what is needed for the moment. You judge through the eyes of the ego. We see though the eyes of the Soul.

Now is a time of great transformation, not just for you, but for many. Evolution will speed up ad Humankind will be transformed so as to meet the demands of the days to come. Do not fear the wicked ones. Instead, concentrate on the good that is possible within the human realm. Have faith in a positive outcome and one will occur. Give not only to the human, but give to all of creation.

Love and be loved. Give and be given to. Accept others and be accepted by others. Let calmness and balance be your guide. Show a better way through your actions. Live in faith and faith will live in your heart.

Such are events in your world at this time that communications have become more difficult between us and the one called, MNH. There is a great down pulling toward Earthly cares or you could say, fears. There is a concerted effort by the leaders in your world to maintain the old ways through their usual methods of lies and deceiving the populations. As you have already thought, there is an effort to create outside enemies and threats to use as a tool to manipulate others into following their empty paths of death and destruction. There is much profit in death and destruction in the current system. Not much to be gained by the ego through responsible and humane actions.

There is but one way and this is the way of love. Love of Man and love of God. Both are interwoven or interconnected. For the gift of love is given freely to be given freely to those in need.

We have now in your world a greed which demands that every deed have a price. No more are actions taken for the sake of kindness or goodness of spirit. We find experts and man made consultants all over your planet, with little knowledge and even less wisdom demanding payment for remedies that neither work or contribute any good to the community.

When profit is involved, this is a sign of Man's attempts rather than the intervention of God's Will.

For it is your will. You will to affect the future either in a detrimental manner or in a way that leads to greater hope and a belief in an optimistic view of what lays ahead on the road for humanity. The fearful images are so many during your time as MNH in the course of human history. The need is great for men again to reorder their thoughts and emotions, so as to bring about a hopeful, an optimistic, and an intrinsically satisfying view of reality into a solid form in what you term, the future.

See with eyes of beauty, see with eyes of light, see all that can be and all that will be if mankind will only will it into being.

These dark thoughts and emotional imbalances can be transformed and transmuted into new lighter visions of beauty, if Mankind would only make an honest effort to take a hand on the formation of physical reality. Raise the and the level of consciousness will follow. Expect a great and glorious future for all Mankind and one will surely take form in human time.

Refuse not the aid and advice of the One's of Light and come back to your good senses and help all who are willing to seek and eventually to find a better way of living. There are so many unlimited options in the formation of human community.

See again as children, but be not unwise. Expect a new tomorrow. One in which all are respected and given opportunities for their own self development and enlightenment. Allow again the elders to consul and see youth as an early stage of development, rather than the end of the road. For it is the end of the road for Mankind if the current youth focused mentality does not change or grow into a more mature world view in which the mental and emotional structures stabilize and persons live in a manner that seeks the greatest good for the greatest number within human community.

The weak, the sick, the misguided can be retrained back into a health giving attitude, rather than discarding them or increasing their dependencies as is often the practice today in many of your human societies.

Teach the love of work, the joy of connection to Self and earth other, and the satisfaction that arises from achievement of one's Soul's purpose here in this world. Seek again the vision of a joyous tomorrow and direct one's being , so as to bring this new tomorrow into fruition. Seek light hearted and strength giving pleasures and find that part of you that will allow for the expression of all that is the best within the Human Spirit.

Love and be kind toward all life forms on your planet. Be thankful and show an active gratitude for all the gifts of life given to Man. Be as an arrow. Be straight and sure to meet your intended targets. Live honestly and honorably with the faith that all dreams will materialize into physical reality one day.

See the beauty that vibrates through and between all forms of matter. Never forget to extend your hand in friendship to all who seek a better way. Know that a new home awaits you and send blessings of light to your new home, so as to be blest upon your arrival. Bless and be blest. Love and be loved. Expect a beautiful nurturing tomorrow and accept the gifts that await your arrival.

Save the words and remember tomorrow, so as to create a tomorrow more to your liking. Have faith and be assured that many happy days await your arrival and forget not the happiness along the way.