M.N. Hopkins

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See for tomorrow what you wish for today.  Break down the barriers to your higher mind and receive the gifts of Spirit to Man.

See all as co-workers and companions on your path back to Us.  See all as equal partners in this enterprise of faith restoration, both in the individual and in groups of Man. 

Love again and be touched by the Light that has the power to illuminate all hearts.

See to the future not just for you, but for all Mankind.  Share these words and think not on dark thoughts, but envision a world of joyous living.  A world of clean air, clean water, , and healthy strong bodies that look to themSelves for healing. 

Yes, the body is perfectly capable of healing all it's ills if left alone from outside interferences and directed by one's own Inner Voice.

Not voices, but Voice.  There is but one voice to listen to and that is the voice of ones Soul that has been sanctioned by God since the Souls creation.

The Earth if left alone will adjust and balance itself back to a healthy state of being just as the human body was designed to do the same without the help of outside interventions.  Your modern medicines and psychologies have done more harm than .  One must step outside the current human systems if there will ever again be the possibility of a healthy existence in your jointly created world of Man.

We can help, but you all in human form must do the work that is required if the human race is to continue and succeed to create what is already in existence, yet denied and neglected.  your minds  and open your hearts to new possibilities and again regain your power and glory that was once Mankind's.

Dream, dream, dream while having your feet secure upon the Earth.  Join your dreams with the dreams of others and break this downward spiral encouraged and rewarded by those who work their evil devices upon your world.

See clearly and know the truth of what we say.  Don't just blindly accept our words, but look around and see what has become of you and others and envision your release from the prisons of not your minds, but the minds of egos.

Seek freedom and be not afraid , for all will come again into their own kingdom and again sit at the right hand side of God.

Seek inspiration and seek the help of yourSelf and no harm will come to you.  Listen not to others, but trust only in your own Inner Voice.  The one that speaks loudly and with such authority, yet few can hear It's cries.

Let not that of darkness dictate to you its lies and let not those of childish importance rule your everyday living, but be a leader and lead the way to a better way for all.  Be a Light to those of darkness and let no man keep you from your rightful place on the throne whose holy chamber is within your heart.

For you are as gods, yet you see it not.  The ones of darkness have so irritated and damaged your normal thought processes, that you can no longer illuminate the pathway of your minds toward a happy destination.

Yes, the bards sang their songs to inspire and direct ones focus back to one's Self.  This is where you will find the strength, determination, and the endurance to continue upon your chosen paths.  For to reconnect again to your Soul or yourSelf will connect you to God and an infinite supply of and creative endeavor.

For you can already create such things of beauty, though you see it not.  We can see it and see it's effects.

For wealth is not seen but by a few of vision and that vision is turned within oneself, not outward into the world of man.  Seek again the treasures that already lie within you and share them freely with those in need of quiet inspiration toward the ultimate goal of coming back to oneSelf.

Come back again to this joy and share it with all who are willing and accepting of our offers of the Gifts of God to Man.

Timely is a message given within the framework of time so perhaps we could call this a timely message given by the untimely Friends of God and of Mankind.  Yes, we are the Friends to all who will listen to our words that we have been sanctioned to give for the betterment of your world that you call, Earth, although it does have other names that have been forgotten or yet to be created by Man.

Fear not and continue to share our words of hope and comfort and realities yet to be formed.

For now in your world do the old ways come to an end.  No longer will greed and deception rule the Lands.  Soon a new consciousness evolves that will return Man to his rightful place at the right hand side of God.  Yes, the right side to be on when the waters are turbulent and one swims against the tide.

Be as a feather in the wind and glide gently down to Earth from our Heavenly Realm from which we have come.  We meet where meet to see the possibilities.  Let not fear be your guide, for it is a way that has led Mankind and it's communities down a road of destruction and ruin.

Let Love be your guide and kindness your hand maiden on your journey back to yourSelf.  Let all be again in love with All That There Is.

Seek out a new tomorrow that will see to the needs of the many and not just a privileged few.

More time in nature with quiet meditation will strengthen your ability to make contact with Us. Anywhere where there are less people and a greater everyday contact with the natural world around would be best.  Also, a place where you can take more responsibility for the gathering and raising of your own food stuffs.

The peace and quiet of the forest and the calm of the waters has a more therapeutic gift and of greater benefit than the company of needful people looking blindly for answers that others cannot possibly provide.

The answers are personal and will come individually ordered by the Soul's intent for your within this world of Man.  Your Soul is kind and loving and has a great and powerful wisdom that others in your world lack.  Listen to your own Inner Voice and be glad that you have made a difference to many even though you do not see this at this time in your evolution.

Reality is formed by the Mind of Man and all have this ability, yet few know how to form their worlds consciously.  It is now time for you to make a greater effort to learn to control your mind and emotions and to create more joyous, more beautiful, and more to your liking the creations that will now pop up within you to be expressed outward into your world of Man.

Yes, men have succumbed to the darkness, but if one brings with him a Light, then that Light will surely dispell their darkness so they can see the folly of their ways and join with Us, the Heavenly Ones to reinstate the Kingdom of Reason and Love upon the Earth.

The Earth is truly a jewel of priceless value.  Not the value given by men of objects, but the value that those of Light and those of Earth's Helpers that have chosen to view Her with.

Yes, the Earth holds many treasures of unlimited wealth to those with the sense and the eyes to see Her beauty and enjoy the blessings already here in the physical plane.  We live in another Realm, but we have not forgotten the loveliness of your world and still fight for Her existence.

You have poisoned yourselves, but never can you poison, yourSelves.

It will take many millenniums before the Earth cleans Itself and returns to a healthy state of being, but it has been written in the stars and through our efforts, those of Heaven and Earth, we will succeed and return Love to the throne.

What a time it will be when Man again comes to his senses and creates with a kind and loving heart the world around him.

You and many have chosen this path and will light the way for many more who will come after and be able to work in a more pleasant and efficient way due to the strong foundation and well Lighted path that will be left behind for future generations to walk upon.

For you see, we are all truly our brothers keepers as they are the ones who will keep the dreams alive and renew them and create them anew.  Each generation builds upon the work done by the last and on it continues until the end of time. 

Clearness and steadiness will be the way of future generations.  The Earth will calm as they will be calmer and better able to connect to both Heaven and Earth and receive wise counsel.  Yes, Heaven on Earth or "Here as it is in Heaven."

We have come here this day to talk of the need for the love of one another.  This has become so rare within your world of Man.  We see a day when it will again return and Mankind will once again learn the art of sacrifice and care for each other rather than this selfish enterprise that is focal today in your world.

We see a day when Man will again love their mates and their children as women will come to love their men as their children are loved and cherished.

We know that it is hard for you to trust upon one another and for good reason.  You have chosen a path of cruel devices and forgotten the warmth of your own hearts light.

We wish again for you to touch each other with the Light from Above that is transferred through your heart center.  This will increase in the years ahead as more Light is allowed to enter into your domain in an attempt to once again balance the darkness with light hearted activity.

We are the ones who help in the evolution of Mankind back to It's own Source and that is the Source of All There Is and that is what Humankind has given the name, God.

Be kinder with your words and see the results in those around you.  Be kind in both thought , word, and deed and be once again true to your true natures. 

Be not intimidated by the false words of ego and listen yet to your hearts voice and come to realize that you will be given all that you need to accomplish the task that you have come to this world to achieve and that is to set a foundation for future generations by making the way easier for the ones yet to come.

For they will find these words and this will ignite their hearts and reawaken their memories of who they are and why they have come back to your world.

They will lead the way and re-establish balance and teach the way of love for all God's creatures as well as respect once again for the Earth's body.

Without a joining of Heaven and Earth, will not this task be accomplished.

Now, we have come this day to speak more on one's focus and how this will effect one's world view and one's view of others.

Again, we say to you and all who will listen.  End this foolishness by concentrating on the worst of your humanity.  Instead, look to what is the best parts of yourself and project those pictures out upon your human landscapes.

Make an effort each and everyday to look upon yourself and the self of others with a kindness and a compassion that is already ingrained within you all.  The blueprints for humanity are already within your humanity and need only be brought out and projected outwards into your world.

It is now time for a great awakening to occur within humankind that will lead them one day to a more responsible mode of operation within your world of man.

We see so little real kindness today within your world.  A meanness or lacking of awareness of what is possible when one but just calm one's emotions long enough to touch again to oneSelf, which will again put you all in touch with the better or higher angels of your being.

It's only a matter of focus or concentration.  If you concentrate upon your fears and ego needs for more and more and more then you will have less and less and less of that which brings with it happiness and contentment.

See what has happened in your world recently as a few of dark determination driven by greed and a lust for more have brought the world's financial institutions to a state of collapse.  This could have been avoided with some wise and competent that is seeing to the welfare of all the citizens of your planet, not just a few of your imaginary rich nations.  How can a nation be rich when so many live in poverty, when there is so much crime against humanity, when so many are lost within their own despair and fear of a future in which they fear failure and disappointment and an emptiness that comes from misguided and misdirected or in many cases a misuse of their God given abilities to create a world where all can feel a part of the One?

Yes, we are all a part of the One as the One is a part of us only waiting patiently for you to recognize and accept your inherent abilities of being co-creators in this world that you call, Earth.

Instead of actively joining in a world where the inhabitants love and care for each other, you have chosen to remain isolated not only from each other, but from yourSelves.

You have chosen a bitter fruit rather than the sweetness of Life.

It's no wonder there is a rise in sickness and poverty.  We each feed each other and this helps us maintain and encourage greater emotional and mental health through our positive interactions.  Instead, we have chosen to fight each other and project negativity upon each other which has resulted in a world of war, disease, and financial crisises that are fueled by the greed of a few whose sole aim is to enslave humanity as they have been enslaved by their own weaknesses and needs for control and power over others.

It is as if an evil spell has been caste upon the Land and the citizens are led to their own destruction through the deceptions and lies of the few who foolishly believe that they can control the many.  It is not one's ego that can control others, but only the Self that can control the ego.  Once under control, then ego and Soul become joint creators of reality.  Any reality that the Soul determines will enhance and enrich the world around It.

The Soul is connected to God, so it has access to beauty and balance and That which brings Love, Peace, and Joy into you physical realm.

For, we are the gift givers, not the gift takers.  We shower you with blessings of Light and Love every moment, yet you stay imprisoned in your own illusions.

We seek those with the courage to step aside themselves for just a moment and step into themselves and feel the health giving effects of this relationship between you and your Soul.

We ask you to fear not, but be brave and trust in your own ability to reach beyond your ordinary worlds to an extraordinary and magical world from which we come.  Once these worlds join then a new willingness and a new strength will enter your world of darkness and lighten your burdens that you have carried for so long as you have travelled the pathway of being a human.

Now, we wish you to feel this new found strength and drink from the blessed nectar of our Realm.  We wish you every happiness and know that you have arrived at a new place of being human.  For the gift of humanity was given so that you can express your love of each other within the world of Mankind.

You all have so much love of self and love of the other, so why not project this out into your everyday living and observe the results.

Be at peace and be in love with one another and never again forget that Place from which you have all come from and bring the Power of that Place into your world to act as a healing balm upon your Lands.

Come, come, come and see what awaits all who seek a better tomorrow.  A better tomorrow for all inhabitants of your Earth Realm which all love so dearly.

We love your world also as you love the thoughts and emotions of ours.  For both worlds are connected through the organ of the heart.  Yes, as a musical instrument that plays the most beautiful and celestial of music.  We sing our songs of love, of peace, and renewal of all that once was and shall be again.

We seek others to join in our quest toward freedom.  A long and arduous quest, yet one that has already been accomplished by Man.  We are the end result of the countless wanderings of the human mind and emotions.  We have arrived as you will arrive again to the Heart's center.

We sing such joyous tunes when we again realign with one from our ancient past, your future, and our Eternal Now.

We live in a Realm where past, present, and future all come together in the Eternal Now.  The Now of power, the Now of all that has ever existed, all that will ever exist, and all that exists in the Now.

We seek out those who can open their hearts to us and once again renew their quest toward freedom from fear that concludes with ones arrival in the Land of Love Eternal.

We give you the words as tools that can open up the hearts of those around you in a safe and balanced wayFor our words bring balance to those who can feel the power behind them and are not afraid to open their hearts to our knowledge, wisdom, strength, and most importantly, the love of humankind.

We seek others like you who can heal and teach those around them a better way.

Be wise and be guided by the White Light of Heaven and none other.  This is our guide and our strength and we share It with you to share it with others.

We seek now helpmates for you who will understand the need of these words in bringing balance to your world.  Balance can and will be restored again.

When your wills combine with our wills, combined with the Will of Above, then great changes can occur for the good of the Earth and the good of all It's inhabitants.

We can see that you are in need of words that will bring about a renewal of Spirit.  These are words that we deliver to you so that you will share them with others who long for a better way in your world of Man.

We see a future full of confusions, misconceptions, and misinterpretations that will lead many to unpleasant surroundings and strife amongst each other.  Out of this chaos will emerge a renewed longing for freedom that will one day break the chains that tie Mankind to your tyrannical social orders.  This will come about in a not too pleasant way, but come about it will one day.  For the dream has many willing to sacrifice for the good of the many and the more equal distribution of power and resources.

The population in the future will decrease due to the manipulation of crops, thus poisoning man's , the widespread of drugs, with their detrimental effect on the human body, and the total breakdown of organized and planned action due to the weakening of will and the lack of inspiration and leadership within your human communities.

This will pass in time and from the ashes of your former communities will arise a renewal of leadership that will take the reigns and move Mankind closer to it's true nature and a tried and true means of the use of their natural power to create, to heal, and to conquer their childlike fears that have a hold on the release of fresh and creative energies that can and will be used for the development of new views of power and the implementation of Man relying on his own talents and skills that are guided by Soul, that is guided by God toward a new world order.  Not the one envisioned today by the tyrants that now rule, but a world that is truly ordered and planned and actuated by the inherent goodness that sits within Man's heart center.

No longer driven by corruption and greed and imbalance, but now driven by thoughtful planning through a balanced approach to the living of ones life.  No longer will greed prevail and now will we have the natural cycle of creation, transformation, transmutation, renewal and then a return to be used in another way through another device that is better suited for the reality of the times.

The past habit of creating out of non-realities that lead to a chaos and confusion will no longer exist.  Now will Humankind discuss and plan systems that are suited to the realities of that time and the environments that exist.

We will plan for the now and past and future will take care of themselves.  We will live in harmony and balance with the Earth and each other.

You will have no choice but to change your archaic methods that no longer work.  Education will be as it was intended to be.  A way to adapt and adjust one's thinking to the task at hand in the time and place at hand.  The Elders and those with true skills and knowledge will lead the way and all will prosper in this system.

Each generation will build upon the pass and modify their structures according to current realities.  In this way, and effective means of production and services can be maintained and adjusted over time along with the cycles of Earth communities and the human communities in a syncretized manner.

The theme today is how to survive the days ahead:

You must all begin to conserve your strength and no longer invest your time and energy on material accumulations.  See to yourself, your health, and well being and live in a way that helps others to see the need to focus more on positive activities and outcomes.

When you see someone in need, do not add to their burdens, but be kind and approach them in a calm and loving demeanor.  You need not become too involved with them.  It is enough to project a calm and that will uplift and sustain them if just for a moment.  This is enough time to bring about a lasting change in their consciousness.  Love is of the moment and lives and strides in the now of your everyday existance.

Be as a light that is carried into a dark place so that all can see their surroundings and get their bearings.  For, so few can really see that which is nearby.  Their minds are involved in myths and distractions that have been put in their way, never really seeing the truth of their lives or the natural surroundings.  They live in a dense fog of mis-understanding and only when the sun appears, can this mist be dispersed and truth seen clearly again.

We come to you and ask you to be as a Lighthouse that warns and guards the ships from grounding themselves on the treacherous rocks.    Let your Light be a beacon in the dark and the mists so that Men can see their true natures and the true natures of those around them.

Be not timid and be not afraid, for the time draws near, the great crash has come and human communities will be forced to seek new ways of living.  Economies based on fact and created by those of truth and knowledge.  New hope to the many who have allowed debt to be their mate and have forgotten the necessity of honest action in all human endeavors, whether it be social, academic, economic, or for the pleasure of the senses that are free to see and feel the beauty that is all around.

Be not afraid and walk boldly into tomorrow.  For the path is narrow and there are many pitfalls, so the one who leads must carry a strong light so that the ones that follow can clearly see the way ahead.  The more with Light, the clearer and safer the journey.

We ask all who will to end these foolish dreams based on lies and deception.  Dream only with a light and caring heart and form the solutions that will be given to the ones who seek a better way not just for themselves, but for the many.

Seek the common good, but be not common.  Be as a path finder led by sure courage and a willingness to find a way that can be travelled easily without too much hardship.  Seek again that within you that will light your way into tomorrow as you light the way for the ones who will follow.  They will come and be grateful for the sacrifices that you and others have made so that their way will be made easier and safer.

We have revealed the dangers for what they are and that is the fear of children, not the calm and certainty of those of maturity and a strength that has been developed through their many experiences in life.

Come, come, come and we will lead the way past your pain and your fears to a Land that awaits your return.  This Land is your true home, once forgotten, but now remembered.  With this remembrance comes a peace and a joy in knowing that a safe harbor awaits your return and arrival.

Enjoy the journey, miss not the beauty around and the joy of discovery.  Keep joy close at hand and all dangers will disappear as you approach them along the way.

Many talk of a worldwide depression, but few talk about the sinking of Mankind into a dull depression in their minds and emotions.  This is the true depression that has resulted in these outward projections of unstable community, profiteering, lost revenues, and failing economies, both at an individual and at a group level.

No longer can the young ones see a way out of this dilemma.  They have been deceived by those greedy and devious old men who control your financial institutions by the control of those of weakness within your government institutions.

Where is the vision of the common good?

Once there were a few men who were divinely inspired who spoke of mans potential to do good works, to create equitable institutions, to administer justly and with integrity.

They gave a gift of a vision of a new tomorrow in which men would be divinely inspired and work as agents of God to create communities where the common good flourishes.

A few listened, but over time all their good works were perverted and now a new philosophy of the common greed is professed.  These new voices are by those of weakness who use cunning and deception as their tools.  They have poisoned Mankind physically through artificial substances and emotionally by controlling the worldwide communication grids to project your visions of fear and pain.

A few resist, but their voices become unheard more and more due to this increased control, by the ones of darkness.  As a result, you are now experiencing a worldwide crisis due to a paralysis of fear that has been controlled and directed by a few.  These few are indeed foolish and will not succeed.  For they will soon be exposed for what they truly are and what they have truly done to their fellows and there will be hell to pay, not just for them, but for the many that have been led upon this path toward destruction and decay.

Fear not, a collapse is inevitable and necessary.  We know you think our words are cold, but we are not the ones participating in this futile endeavor.  We have given warnings over and over in many different cultures and times and so few have listened.  Instead, they have chosen a path of heartache and misery and potential denied.

Now, has come a time of great awakening to what has really occurred.  No longer will Mankind be deceived by false statistics and information.  Now, citizens will use their own God given talents to discern and see what is true and what is false.

No longer can the easy path of irresponsibility continue.  It is time for every human to take responsibility not just for the quality of their own existence here in your world, but it is also time to see to the quality and continuation of human communities.

You can no longer look to a few, for this is why you have come to this dangerous intersection in human evolution.  Human community is a joint effort and a joint creation.  All must participate, all must be responsible, all must act to perpetuate the common good.

When good becomes common, then these troubles of Mankind will cease to exist.  When courage arrives, then movement will occur.  Movement toward a world of loving kindness and shared responsibility.  A future of honest and just resource distribution and use.

No longer can a few horde the riches of this Earth while many suffer poverty and pain.  What good is it to be a ruler in Hell rather than a in a Heaven on Earth?

Look within yourselves to your own strength and wisdom and the power to transform and transmute matter.  Be a leader and lead the ego. Create a good that is so common that those in future times will wonder how it could have been otherwise in the world of Mankind.

All is not lost.  There is still hope as there is always hope within your world of Man.  The Light dims more each day, yet this too will result in greater Light to enter your world in the form of future workers to reinstate the common good, which has all but been forgotten and replaced by what you may term, the common greed that has resulted in great imbalances among Men.

We see this as another step toward the realization that the seeking of material goods is pure folly and leads only to the destruction of your human community.  A few have convinced the many of a false path, a path of chaos and the destruction of all that was and is still good within a few who have been bold enough to speak up against the current trends that push Mankind into a deep and dangerous darkness that will result in the total annihilation of human communities.

For these men of weakness have not just destroyed whole nations, but in their blind seeking after control of human minds to instill fear so that their evil plans cannot be seen but by a few who speak up and are as voices in the wilderness.  Not only have these men destroyed all trust, but they have destroyed their own families and themselves, although they cannot see it now, but soon the day of reckoning occurs and they will be revealed for their crimes against the human spirit.

Their accumulated wealth will mean nothing to those who starve not just for clean food and water, but starve for the freedom to express their humanity and goodness without fear of reprisals.  It is sad that it will come to this, but people will learn from this and will no longer be so easily deceived by these few who do ill intent and twist and turn and change laws to imprison the last voices of reason and love.  These men will be judged by God as well as their citizens and no more will tyrants rule so effectively.

Remember the common good.  Have faith again in each other and your God given abilities to create any future that you wish.  No longer play the victims and blame your leaderless leaders, but seek new visions.  Let the Light of Liberty again burn bright and light the way back to your inherent right to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."  For these words were inspired by the higher angels of Mankind's being.  Inspired, lived for a short while, but soon forgotten.

No longer can evil caste its dark shadows upon the Lands.  It is time for new beginnings and a new committment to connect to and bring up and outward what is best within our humanity.

End this cycle of terror and come again to your senses and see others as co-creators and co-operators, rather than competitors for your imaginary values that you have placed upon the Earth's resources.

Pray for guidance and believe that a bright and glorious future awaits Mankind at the end of this cycle of enslavement and intimidation.  Connect again to your hearts light and let your brightness light the way for you and your fellow travellers.  Be not afraid, but be bold and fear not those of darkness who deceive and feed you false information so as to control you and move you to do their bidding.

Be bold and say no to those who spread mis truth and mistrust and show others a different way.  Say yes to those who show a way of helpful co-operation that will lead to the building of new human communities.  Let your Light out into your world of darkness so that others can see not to be afraid.  For, the Light will reveal the truth and yes, the truth will set Mankind free and again be able to build a common vision of a future that brings with it the joy in living and a natural love of one another.

Be no longer irresponsible, but be one who creates rather than destroys.  Stop the fighting so that you can begin to see the similarities of your hopes and dreams.  For just a few to dream of a better tomorrow is not enough, many must join in this enterprise for the good of all.  Yes, the good of all will be the call of the future.

One day Mankind will look back upon these times and understand that it was just a part of God's plan, perhaps not a pleasant part, but a necessary part toward loving kindness.  For the old ways and mental and emotional structures must be destroyed before new creations can take their place.   It is the never ending cycle of creation and destruction that is directed by the Hands of God.  We see this in nature, so why is it that Man has deluded himself that he is no longer a part of the Earth and its cycles.

The Earth changes, lands appear and disappear, forests change, animal as well as human populations migrate.  Can't you see that human community is as the cycles in nature?  Nations rise and fall.  Those of Light begin the great Nations and those of darkness, destroy them.  This is a natural cycle of change so that men can learn from their experience.

Now, we are at the part of the cycle where the dull of mind and emotion rule and are concentrating on this greatness of yesteryear with word only as they lead the Lands worldwide toward a complete social and ecomonic collapse.  Fear not!  From these ruins will emerge a new strength, a great wisdom, and a willingness to build more equitable and enduring structures in which that which is best in your humanity can grow and prosper  and Mankind will live in a mature and responsible way and your age old dreams of justice and freedom will be realized.

Have faith in yourselves and faith in a future in which men and women can look each other in the eyes, shake hands, and come to agreement on how a world can be created that sees to the good of the many, rather than the good of a privileged few, which resulted in this misuse of your God given power and gifts to create your human communities.

See again and feel again that Joy, that Strength, and the Love which is now dormant within you only waiting for you to open the doors of your prisons and walk out into the Light of a new tomorrow.

Focusing on goodness:

This matter of controlling ones thoughts is very important on the spiritual quest for understanding.  The mind is constantly assaulted by images all around it and chooses the ones that best fit the current mental pictures or constructs.

If one is viewing negative behaviors or practices constantly, than one will create the same through ones own though processes.  If one concentrates on the goodness in Man and his many accomplishments that have led to the expression of good or goodness within your human communities, then you will join others as a co-worker in the building of the good.

This concentration or focus upon goodness or ones hearts-light is among one of the greatest accomplishments of Man.  One is constantly assaulted by negative images of cruelty and betrayal and this weakens ones will to continue upon the pathway of Light that will lead one again back to oneSelf or Soul which in turn will reconnect one again to Gods Light.  From this place does all possibilities arise and from this place will good choices be made for ones own future as well as that of the future of human community.

Look to your Soul to be your Guide and not your medias, governments, religions, or institutions.  For they have yet to progress or evolve enough to lead one back to yourself or yourSelf.

Spend more time in quiet contemplation whether in prayer and meditation or just by sitting in a quiet place amongst the trees, near water with ones feet firmly attached to the ground and ones heart connected to Heaven.  Be in a calm and peaceful state and allow the transforming and transmutating Light to come and fill your being and cleanse you of these false implanted thoughts and feelings that distract you from your own power and ability to create physical reality.

Come to the realization that reality is a creation of the mind that can be flavored by ones emotions.  Those of love, leave one content and satisfied and in balance with Heaven and Earth and those of fear leave one in an unbalanced, unhealthy, and weakened  state of being.

Yes, one can stop negative creations by the act of bringing Light to oneself and projecting out a positive or health giving and community building creation that will cancel out the other negative fields.

So, what that wise one in spoke was true and what we have been saying to you these many years.  You can cancel out out human disasters–war, famine, plagues, natural disasters and replace them with the calm, balanced loving images that are created from a harmonious living that comes out of a respect and love for both your Earth as well as your home in our Heavenly Realm.

Be as the director of a film and create awe inspiring and health giving images of a future in which those of maturity, responsibility, and a loving concern for each other are the rulers and no longer the persecuted.  Leadership expressed and accepted as the norm rather than the exception as in your current communities mode of operation.

Imagine a world in which men tell the truth and keep their agreements and join together for the common good.  A world without borders, yet where all borders are respected.  A world in which the strong are allowed to serve their soul purposes and are able to reach out their hands in friendship and trust and pull up those who have been lost within the dark regions of their minds and emotions.

A world would evolve into a place where love and sincerity reign supreme.  No need for greedy endeavors, only an open and honest commerce based on true facts so that real solutions can be found and implemented.  For how can one form a partnership based on lies and deception which is the current human mode of behavior.

Straight and honest communication will lead Mankind straight to the Heart of all hearts.  That place from which all life emerges and flows out.

We see a day of reckoning and redemption.  First, begin a few to practice mature and responsible living and when others see the effect that this has had upon their personal and communal worlds, then others will see that, yes, this is a possibility to live in a kind and honest manner and join with others to insure for the good of all Mankind.

It's only a decision away.  Just a choice to live ones life from a place of love rather than a place of fear.  Love will come and wash away the accumulations of fear that have sickened your planet and its inhabitants.

Yes, it is love that is the key to ones heart, which is the key to our Heavenly Realm.  We wait patiently at the hearts door.  Who will open and enter and join us in our Realm of Joy.  For, it is in joy that we live and in joy will you enter and return to bring not just a message of joy, but Its presence to dwell within your Lands.


By kindness, we mean a spirit of giving not just of oneself, but the giving of the gifts of Spirit to Mankind.

Kindness is the flame that burns away the mire.  Kindness is that which is so sweet and lovely, yet few will open their minds and hearts to its gifts.  Kindness brings with it Love and with Love comes the redemption for all who live within your Earth Realm.

For men refuse to love one another.  Instead, they insist upon that which divides not just themselves, but divides whole communities.  We often hear that our way is the true way and the only way to redemption and to God, yet God has created all ways so that each can choose according to their liking or temperament.  Each can choose that path which brings them the greatest fulfillment and happiness and who can say that their way is greater, or shorter, or more direct, or the only way to Gods Light, when Gods Light is that which lights all ways and illuminates the heart paths for all Mankind.

In kindness, we say,  "Go and be merry and let none deter you from your chosen path through this world."

In kindness, we say,  "Fear not that you have chosen a wrong path when God has walked them all even before the time of your departure."

In kindness, we say,  "Fear not for those who have lost their way, for they have only been lost so that you may find your way back to them."

In kindness, we say,  "Be generous and helpful to all whom you meet upon your lives path.  For one day you will meet again and your kindness will be returned."

In kindness, we say,  "Be kind and kindness will walk by your side as you travel through life."

In kindness, we say,  "Love all as you would wish to be loved and never forget that all are loved, as all will love one day."

In kindness, we say,  "Be not harsh with your words, for your harshness will be as a hindrance to those who walk after."

In kindness, we say,  "Let your hearts light shine when your path enters the darkness of others, so that those who come after can better see their way."

In kindness, we say,  "Love even when all around you say that you are foolish and will meet a perilous end.  For only those who refuse to love will experience peril due to their own self-imposed blindness."

In kindness, we say,  "Walk, walk, walk and pause to view the horizon so that you do not loose your bearings and take a longer time to complete your journey.  For all journeys have a beginning and an end and all will meet at their final destination and that will be with themSelves."

In reality, we travel in circles always meeting ourSelves from time to time.  Out of reality, we are the Circle and never meet or leave, we just are always with ourSelf and always on our own path.

We say to all who will listen, walk with us who walk with God and fear not the way.  In Reality, there is only one way and that is the Way of God.

If you choose to see your way as separate, than you will truly be separate from yourSelf.  If you choose to see your way as one of many that all end at yourSelf, then will you begin to understand that you have been walking in circles leading nowhere, but in a sense, everywhere.  You have entered the circle and become lost in yourself.  Now, can You enter the Circle and after centuries of wandering, you have found Your Self.