3 July 2011

M.N. Hopkins (Faith Restored)

To you who have come here this day, we wish to thank each and everyone of you for this kindness that you have shown to the one we have chosen as our , so as to make these words available to others.

For we know your pains and your secret fears and bless you this day. We wish each and everyone of you the calmness and certainty of Spirit and the love of one another. For you have allowed yourselves to be mis-led for countless centuries and now have an opportunity to heal the sins of the past. We speak to you this day out of sincerity of intent.

We make an offer of God's Light and Love to whomever will accept this gift. For, we are messengers also of a higher power and have neither the wish or intent to force our gifts upon those whom we come in contact with.

For Love is born in and the gifts of Spirit are given to those that ask and seek to do good works in this world of .

For, you have been mis-led and taught to fear freedom. For, freedom is a danger to those forces which do their best to destroy all that is good within the human spirit. We wish you to be brave and open up your minds and better yet, to still your hearts and allow this gift to come to you. Fear not, we are here to watch over and protect those who are here this day.

Choose that in your life which you would like healed and never forget, all can be healed through the gift of the open . There are no limits to it's power. For it's power comes from God or that which is the Essence of All There Is.

What will we speak about this day? We shall talk of love and we shall talk of the need for kindness in all human endeavors.

We see a world today that is lost within it's own sadness. We see a people who are quite confused and unable to see clearly either themselves or those around them. We see a total lack of leadership within your human community. We see Man as misguided and mislead and lost within a world that makes little sense and gives little comfort to it's inhabitants.

We wish all a clarity of sight and feeling, so as to know what speaks of truth and what speaks of falsehood. We wish all a calmness and a certainty of being that can only be expressed when one is living in an honest, truthful manner. We wish all a happiness and a joy in living that is now even rarer than the most rare of precious jewels. We wish all freedom from fear and fear from their tyrants. We wish all a light-heartedness that brings with it a great power, a great wisdom, and a calm confidence that all will go well in one's life and in the lives of those around them.

We only ask that you calm your minds and listen to our words and even if for a short while feel the power, the strength, and the loving kindness that is just behind and within the words.

We wish you to experience truth and honesty for just a moment so you can see and feel the difference between divinely inspired words and those of the dark deceivers who prey on human weakness and seek only their own rewards with a total lack of concern for others within your human communities.

We ask you to be brave and take a giant leap of faith and transform your fear into love. We ask and we give freely. We do this because this is our way and the way of those of our Realm.

We do not ask that you give up your humanness, but actually you will experience that as you become more god-like, you will become more human and more human in the true sense of the word, not according to the current interpretations.

For interpretations they are since we speak a different language. We speak the language of the heart which sings of beauty and Mankind speaks the words of ego which speaks in a childish and self-destructive manner.

We ask you only to open your hearts and your minds to the love and kindness and the Divine White Light that comes from our Realm and be transformed and transmuted into a new human being that is balanced and healthy both mentally and physically and expresses oneself from a higher emotional frequency.

We ask that you balance God and Man and by so doing, create the next step in human evolution. For when the Light and the darkness mix, the Light will dominate and have the greatest influence. A flow of Light into darkness will transform the darkness into Light.

The ones of darkness only deceive and have no real power in themselves. They deceive and manipulate others to betray themselves and others. They are small and weak just as the human ego and are powerless to influence or corrupt those of Light. Those of darkness fear the Light, yet those of Light have no fear. So, whom is the stronger?

So, perhaps you will come to understand why your governments, your institutions, and your religions all have failed. They all speak empty words that have no real authority or power behind them, yet you all have allowed yourselves to be deceived and betrayed by the very ones you thought could help you and because of this you have all suffered so.

Now is the time to transform yourselves and come to understand who speaks words of truth in loving kindness and who speaks words that continue your imprisonment within your dark, joyless worlds of fear.

Be not as those who speak of love and freedom and encourage that which is weakest within others only so as to manipulate them for their own purposes. Accept not the words of those who speak of peace and freedom and propagate death and destruction within your world. As a great prophet once said, "You will know them by their fruits."

Free yourselves from this grand deception and look at the actions of your leaders and not their words, but be not as them and accept not their tyranny.

Seek not the ways of greed, of death and destruction, of domination over others, but seek the ways of Spirit that brings the gifts of God to Man that are to be used to strengthen yourself and to be shared with others in the hope of creating a better world. A world that is ruled from strength, not weakness. That is ruled by Love, not the fear of ego. For ego only seeks what is best for ego, whereas God seeks what is best for all Mankind.

So, can you now see and understand why you are as you are and your world faces the problems it now faces today?

We have said enough for now. Think and reflect upon our words and come to your own decisions. For it is Mankind that is responsible for the creation of human community. Create from a place of strength in Spirit, create from a place of love, create from a place of joy in living and you will slowly begin to see a change within yourself and others and one day you will come to understand the truth of these words that we have offered to Mankind.

Now, we have a time when leadership is so needed within the world of Man, yet at the same time so feared and mistrusted. Leadership in itself is a fine quality and one that is necessary if Mankind chooses to continue down this road of evolution they have all chosen. Yes, chosen even before the time of Mankind.

Leadership is a quality that can be encouraged in the youth, but to do this, first those elders of strength and wisdom with the gift of leadership must come forward and take the lead. For it is not enough to say the words, for the youth will only be confused by the distance between the words expressed about leadership and the lack of of true leadership.

Yes, leadership can be encouraged and even developed, but unless those with true leadership qualities take the lead any program to teach leadership will be a failure.

For Mankind in it's irresponsibility have chosen the false and empty path of words spoken by men of little or no conviction. One must believe strongly in the values that one is teaching to be effective. One must take many risks and be prepared to handle a backlash of criticism and outright lies directed toward the ones who take this most special role of leader.

A strength is needed and a wisdom that is not inherent in your world. A strength and wisdom that will come when one again realigns him or herself with Spirit. Then a flow will begin and the individual will receive the gifts of strength, of wisdom, of clear and honest communication that is necessary if any program to teach leadership is to be successful.

The leaders must not only lead, but must co-operate amongst each other. The time is early and few with true leadership abilities or potential are now within your world of Man, but more will come as the need for leadership increases.

We wish not to discourage or dissuade anyone who has entered this pathway to leadership, but rather encourage you to continue your efforts and lay the groundwork for future generations. Every effort must begin with a sincere desire to make a change. Efforts to teach or encourage leadership can take many forms. For it is not the methods or techniques used that is as important as the qualities or characteristics of the instructors or teachers.

For, how can the children learn to be leaders unless they can see and imitate the actions of those with leadership qualities. Children see through the lies and resist any attempts that are not the result of honest communication by those who are not afraid to be themselves and show their true natures. This self-honesty is so important and so rare within your world of Mankind. First, you must be honest within yourself, then you will automatically be honest in your relationships with others.

We ask those who will listen to lead the way, to look within themselves, and to accept their weaknesses while at the same time accepting their strengths. To fear not and forge a path through now unknown territory so that others can follow later and continue the work that you have begun in this time.

Reach out and grasp the hands of those who now live their lives from a place of leadership. A place where men are living in honest communication and with a spirit of co-operation and be glad that you were some of those who helped to build the foundation upon which the structures for future generations were built upon.

Be proud and know that your efforts were not wasted and that we of our time who have benefited are grateful to those who have made it possible for our future world of co-operation and love of one another to exist. Continue your work and be not discouraged. Know that the future you envisioned so many countless centuries ago does exist and exists upon the planet that you call, Earth.

We will talk to you about the need for leadership within your world of Mankind.

For leadership has become a rare quality amongst men. Today, we see children ruling your governments, your institutions, in fact all of your organizations. Each seeking their own power or prestige without any concern for the others. They act in weakness and are open to corruption that takes many forms. They speak about being responsible and following the laws or rules of their nations, while at the same time having no respect for the laws or societies codes of proper behavior and behave in a criminal manner. It is no wonder that criminal activity continues to increase across your planet.

For the leaders now are but a reflection of the sickened state of Mankind. They have chosen to negate their responsibility to the community by representing what is worst within humanity rather than reflecting outward what is best within the nature of humanity.

A leader is someone who has taken the journey to Oneself and found their own inner strength and wisdom and now wishes to share this gift with others.

A leader is someone who has the ability to create an environment in which people feel safe and willing to let down their guard long enough to open themselves enough to allow their own inherent strength and wisdom to come up and forward out into the world of Mankind.

A leader is one who helps others to work effectively together to bring about changes in a more productive manner. The common way of today is to fight amongst each other for control of the group, which is a terrible wasting of that could be used to create a better system, a better device, or better communication which will lead to better community.

As a leader, a true leader, one has the ability to organize one's thoughts and emotions and concentrate on what is best within oneself so as to help others to bring out what is best within themselves.

A leader must be strong to reach deep down into another and pull them up and out of their own darkness.

A leader must have access to the Light before being able to lead another out of their emotional and mental darkness into the clear white Light that heals all sins and returns one to Oneself.

Many of you here today have a natural ability to lead others in a good direction. And what is that direction? Back to your Selves. This ability must begin to surface and be used more often if Mankind is to survive the dark days ahead.

For true leadership is so needed within your world of Mankind. The children must be allowed to use their abilities and encouraged to bring out what is already there. In a sense, leadership cannot be taught and yet it can in another sense.

These qualities of leaders are within all persons just waiting to be released and encouraged, but encouraged by those of strength, not those of weakness. For the children must have living examples of leadership in order to see these qualities reflected outward into human community.

So, we say to all those here today, be not afraid to show the world what is already a part of you. Be not as those of weakness who speak empty words and seek only their own selfish interests.

Allow your natural abilities to surface and refine your skills with practice. The world is so in need of people with true leadership qualities and abilities. You have an obligation and a responsibility to set an example for future generations so that the direction of Mankind can be turned from that of fear direction to that of a direction toward love.

For, a true leader is he or she who has opened oneself to the Love of God and shares it with others. Any other way is the way of the fear-filled deceivers who manipulate for their own profit.

So, be not afraid and think on the children and the ones yet to come. For without your efforts, a future filled with true leadership will not be possible within this world of Man.

Mankind now is ready for a major shift in consciousness. The shift will not be an easy one as some like to profess. Rather, it will be within it many years of hardship and difficulty. It did not have to be done in this fashion, but due to the unwillingness of many to do the work necessary to bring about this change, it has already been decided that other more drastic measures will occur within the physical realm to bring about the needed changes in the human personality structures so as to make it available in the years yet ahead.

For, if life is to continue than those who make these decisions have no choice but to act now. There will be many natural disasters, even more than have been experienced up to this point in time.

For Mankind refused to consciously change old mental and emotional structures that hold the current civilizations in place to those that allow for more freedom and creativity to flow outward in an effort to bring the necessary changes about. For Mankind can no longer continue to spoil and defile the Earth and one another.

Slavery must stop! Not just this outward expression of slavery, but the inner expression that has been maintained by the ego tyrants. For one must first free oneself before freeing others.

For the conditions now seen in the societies are nothing more than an outward reflection of the sickness and ill feelings that dominate the internal psychological and emotional structures.

We will keep Spirit out of this. For, it is Spirit that rallies all good and positive forces to overthrow the ego tyrant and help the individual to once again sit upon the throne of his being and rule in a benevolent fashion. Once this has been accomplished, then the outward landscape will change and transform into one in which Mankind can again create a world in a freedom that is almost non-existent today.

For now Man tries to control each other and a few nations feebly attempt to control all others in the guise of peace and prosperity, when in reality it is death, destruction, and the enslavement of whole races which is their ultimate goal. These men are so weak and sickened by their own greed that they now turn upon their own citizens in a feeble attempt to gain even greater control so as to turn their supporters against each other.

It is truly a madness that has taken over the control of their minds and emotions. Self destruction of not only themselves, but of a whole nation. For the truth cannot be hidden forever and once exposed for their true motives, the citizens will arise and demand an end to this madness. This will not only occur in this land, but in many lands. For many have joined in this grand deception and many will pay the price. Not just the guilty, but all of Mankind.

For in truth, one cannot separate oneself from the other. All will be affected, as all will pay a huge price. A total breakdown will occur from this lack of leadership and a new leadership will arise in time. One that seeks the good in all for the good of all.

Yes, we understand your conflict. Do you go along or do you do what you feel is the right thing to do in your heart of hearts? You already know the answer to your own question and we dare not interfere with your decision making process. For, how will you grow in strength and wisdom if we help you to avoid living the life experiences that will teach you the lessons in wisdom and give you the strength necessary to continue your journey toward the Light.

We will say to be not afraid and be as who you are. That will be your greatest strength.

This is a step by step process as you thought earlier and changes that occur too quickly will only result in chaos or disaster. A being must have time to adjust and see the differences made in their personality structures. An awareness of what has occurred and what will occur is necessary if their work is to continue in a calm and productive manner.

For Man at this time is deep down within a layer of darkness and cannot truly see the joy in living or even a need to express a joy in living. This will change in time and Mankind will again express in a loving way, but not this day.

We bring hope to all who will listen and encourage all to live their lives from a loving way. We know that this will occur in time and in truth, we offer these words to future generations.

Be not impatient, but wise and continue down the road of Light-hearted freedom from fear.

Once more we come to offer some words of comfort and hope for future generations as well as those now within human form. For, we see a future that comes from a sense of knowing that which is true and lends itself toward the greatest expression of oneself. We see a future in which Man once again acts in a responsible and mature manner and watches over his world with a loving gaze.

That time is not so far ahead and can begin now if Mankind so chooses and takes the necessary steps to establish a world of honest living. For this choice is offered in all places and in all times, but begins from the point of now. For in your now is your greatest power and your greatest happiness. Both past and future are further away from your center of power and that center is your heart, which lives in the now.

Nightmares, sickness, pain, all that is negative and stops one from expressing their center of power lies in one's past. This concentration upon the past is one of the greatest tragedies within the human experience. The more one concentrates on past pains or hurts, or wrongs done to one by others, the more solid these pains and fears become, thus giving them greater power over your everyday living.

The future is also a non-reality, but one that is fluid and easily formed into one's dreams or desires. So, the future is formed today from either one's pains, illnesses, thoughts of injustice done upon one by others, ego fears, the lies of others that have influenced your thinking and emotional patterning over the years or from a place of love and calm confidence. That place being your center of power, that place being your heart.

From this place comes all possibilities of happiness or the joy of living. So, if one but lives today in one's heart center, than one will automatically create a future of happiness and love for and from the others. The concentration of one's thoughts now shifts from the past to the now, from which all happiness and love resides and begins the creation of a human expressing that which is best within oneself today. This will set in motion a new kind of living, not just for one, but for many others.

So, look to the now and the heartache of yesterday will be replaced by the happiness of today, which will further form the happiness of tomorrow.

For now is a time of great changes not only within the individual, but within all of Mankind. Man has for too long taken the path of least resistance and in his haste has brought great suffering upon himself as well as all creatures who inhabit your world.

We can see a time of great upheaval, even greater than what has been occuring for the last twenty years or so. We wish all a less dramatic entrance into their own true being, but unfortunately Man refuses to listen and make the necessary changes within himself that will effect the outward landscapes in a beneficial manner.

So, now the great upheavals occur so as to teach Mankind what is of importance and what is what you might term, children's games.

For there is no true sense of reality in this age and Mankind moves further and further from it's true nature or natural way of being. There are educations in everything, yet few have any real knowledge of themselves or others. The blind do truly lead the blind toward the perilous.

We have wished these words to be as a healing balm to be used to restore good sight and the ability to see what is truth and what is falsehood, yet few can truly see as the eyes were created to see the outward landscapes that are but a reflection of Man's distorted and unbalanced view of what he does to himself and others in his everyday living.

The self-proclaimed prophets say black is white and white is black and those of limited knowledge believe these words of falsehood and proceed toward their own destruction.

We say to all who will listen, "Be brave and use your gifts of discernment and clear seeing to know who speaks of falsehood and who comes to you to speak in words of truth."

Come to understand that no real changes will occur until Mankind can see clearly and free it's common mind from the countless centuries of misconceptions and misunderstandings of what their true nature is and what it will allow or disallow. Free your minds and free your hearts and all will order itself in a way that is both pleasing and beneficial to the senses.

Seek peace and peace will follow. Seek inspiration and you will be inspired to lead those who now lack inspiration, but yearn for a richness that is unavailable through the efforts of Man and his imaginary institutions and organizations that were created in reality for a few who are expert in deceiving the many. Seek not an allegiance with these weak and false ones, but continue to touch to our Realm and bring to those who are longing and willing a strength and wisdom that has shown it's face from time to time within the world of Mankind, but rarely revealed itself to more than a few.

There is a reason for this and within this knowledge lies wisdom and one's freedom from the illusionary pursuits of Mankind. Seek truth and truth will grow within your being and color your everyday life with beautiful hues and tones. Though you do not fully understand this, one day you will.

Be not disappointed that few have taken the help that you have offered. For more will come in time and more will receive the offerings of God to Man. For the one's who will do the harder work in the transformation and transmutation of Mankind from ego man to God man are too young to take the lead, but lead they will one day. Not just the words will inspire, but the gift of Grace to Mankind will be the real inspiration or healer of all that now ills Mankind.

Now, we have a new opportunity to speak to all who are willing to listen to our words. For within the words is a feeling of comfort, of calm confidence in oneself and that one's future will unfold in a way that considers not only what is best for the individual, but what is best for all that this individual comes into contact with.

We say to all who will listen. Be not afraid of one's dreams. Be not afraid to express into your world of darkness that which is best within yourself as to bring a new Light upon the Land, so that all those who come in contact with you will begin to see not just their individual lives clearly, but also the world around them clearly.

For without clarity of vision, how can one create anything of beauty? See clearly what you have become so as to make whatever changes that will be necessary to become what you could be if only you allow yourselves the freedom and open yourselves to new possibilities of living.

Seek not fame and fortune, but seek happiness and the calm knowing that you can have a good and positive effect upon your world of Mankind.

Blessed are those who seek the good and translate it into a good for all they meet. This is the way of future generations. A way that will lead to the continuation of the species of Man. Not the current systems of ill-will and deception in an attempt to do what one thinks is best, but in reality only doing that which is most damaging to oneself and others.

Be not as the false ones and suffer needlessly. Seek that which is best within yourself and help others to find it also. A way will be made. Trust in the power of the words to move men's minds to their hearts-light. Once the heart and mind unite, then will we have a world of wondrous creations, a concentration upon reality, and a fulfillment of one's Soul purpose.

So, fear not and take the lead and worry not within the pettiness of your fears. Live within the world of fear, yet be apart and able to touch upon the glowing Light, that Light that will bring you back to your good senses and lead you back upon the path that will assure you a place amongst those who carry the torch of freedom and lead the way to the heart's way.

For now, few can truly see the need. For few are not bound by the chains of ego. Be not afraid to show what freedom you have and lead the way to a better tomorrow.

See others as companions and co-workers in this journey toward the Light. Seek not fame and seek not fortune. For these are traps or detours to keep you from yourSelf.

Seek always that which is best and most beautiful within yourself and share it with others within your world.

Feel the joy of living, the joy behind and within all of creation. Feel and be healed of the past and the stupidities of today. Concentrate not upon weakness, but upon the strength that lies dormant within yourself. Awaken the sleeping giant and take him to your heart.

Be of the One and be in the One and walk the child to manhood. Then will a great change come about and wisdom and love will once again rule upon the Earth.

So again,we are able to speak to you in a way that you will understand and understand this: We are here to help you to inform others of what is possible to do when one has opened oneself to the hearts-light and found their own inspiration that will lead them to their lifes calling and greatest happiness. And, we do not mean a calling in the old sense of this word, but a calling from one's Self to one's self.

Once the voice that speaks of truth, that speaks in loving kindness, that imparts words of wisdom to the recipient has been heard and understood, then a flow begins from our Realm to yours and the ones who hear these words will be inspired to live their lives as was ordained in the beginning before the ego tyrants had taken control of your individual and group minds.

The heart still has the power to over-ride the mind and bring back the hope of a future in which reason and faith once again influence the actions of men.

For now in your world the opposite is true and few can see the truth of this. Those of darkness proclaim to be those of Light and those of Light are not even given a voice within your communities. Men truly pay a great deal of currency to hear evil consul while those with words of wisdom have their words go unheard.

There has been such a concentration on the darker side of human thought and emotion that that which is healing and builds up strength within the human personality structures goes unnoticed. So, the sick care for the sick and only those who abandon or are abandoned by your become well and whole again.

Now, in your world the voices of fear sense a change of concentration and gather their forces to maintain their disorderly order. Mankind acts in a self-destructive manner as if caught within their own traps.

No longer will lies and falsehood bind together human community. Mankind now seeks a better way and one that will insure a future that allows for a creativity and expression of what is best within your humanity. No longer will the hollow words be accepted while actions are allowed to be reactive rather than proactive.

A great awakening will occur over time and those who survive the dark times will come to understand that it was the lack of honesty and integrity and ethical behavior that brought Mankind to these perilous times and no longer will those of limited power be allowed to assume positions of power and responsibility.

Leaders in the future will be true leaders with the gifts and talents necessary to lead Mankind back to Itself. No longer will Mankind be driven by lies and empty words, but by those of true inspiration and direction. No longer driven by fear, but directed by loving kindness which will be an outward expression of an inward hearts-light.

Have faith in yourselves and believe that one day Mankind will again have direction and systems in place that actually work and that have a co-ordination of actions with words. Then, will this chaos and confusion no longer exist and men will free their minds and emotions to be used in a way that will allow for the building of strong and healthy mental, emotional, and physical structures.

Though Mankind will suffer much during the transition toward the transformation and the passage will be painful, the end result will be a state of being that will be as compared to your current structures of illness and dis-ease.

See again that we speak so clearly to you and others. Not the confused words of Men with their many misunderstandings.

Now, you will listen to our words once more and more and more again. For, the time has come to reveal more of who we are and why we have chosen to speak these words through you.

We are the ones who have spoken words of wisdom and understanding to Mankind for countless centuries with the hope that more will listen and by this we mean to not just listen with one's ears, but with one's heart. For we are more than four. We are many and our numbers will grow as more in your world choose to hear our words. For, we are the ones who come in the still of the night to help relieve some of the many stresses that have been created by Mankind.

For Mankind lives within a world of folly and refuses to accept that they are here for reasons other than those imagined. For Man has become poisoned and maddened by his own needs. He no longer sees the beauty that is all around or sees the reason why he has come to this world.

Now, fallen and wishing only for power over others in a futile attempt to control the environment around him when in actuality, all is out of control as long as ego rules.

Come to understand that one is a part of that which brings Light and understanding and not that which brings only darkness and despair.

Recover and renew your willingness to make a difference in your world by accepting your limitations as you accept the unlimitless. Yes, the unlimitless is all around you and within you quietly waiting for the day when Mankind will awaken from this false dream of lust and power over the other. For what power is it to destroy his world rather than to accept and benefit from the natural and the supernatural power that lies all around and within Mankind.

Man seeks mostly the dead and decaying ideas of old rather than to embrace new possibilities for his future. He not only foolishly attempts to enslave others, but by so doing has made himself a slave to his own ego with it's delusionary dreams. For what a price has been paid by all these countless centuries.

There was all that was needed for Man's survival already in place. Now, there is less good available due to an overpopulation along with the greed of a few who fight for greater control of the world's resources. Those few will meet a perilous end, but unfortunately will create a perilous future for the many who refuse to accept the defilement of themselves and of the Earth.

Now, we come to a time of joy. The joy in knowing that your tomorrow will be full of happy and quite pleasant experiences with others.

You are now releasing some old sadness of your own along with many sadnesses that you have taken on from others. From time to time this cleansing must occur if we are to continue upon the path that leads us all to a better tomorrow. By all, we mean all that have come this day. For, you have chosen to come each for your own reasons, yet you all have one common goal in mind and that is the creation of a better tomorrow, not just for yourselves, but for many others.

For, you cannot see just how important you are and how many others that will be touched by your Light as you open up more and more to the help from our Realm to yours.

For, we bless you all and wish each a happy existence here in this place. For it can truly be a land of great warmth if you all wish it so and do the hard work necessary for it to become so. We can help and will help you in your efforts as we once helped the one called, S. For she was one who had brought a great joy to many and is remembered for her joy which she served as she served others.

For, we come in contact with all of great joy and help them to help others. For, we lack human form so must work together with those in human form who ask for our help. We love to share our joy with others and delight when one is open to us and understands that one's actions are as important if not more important than one's words.

Deep down hidden in all of you is a well spring of great joy, just waiting to be discovered and brought to the surface.

We help you find these life giving waters so that you can share them with others and quench their thirsts, if even for just a short while. For water is that which gives life and this land is rich with the gift of good waters.

But, unseen by many are the good and pure waters that lie hidden within every human being just waiting to be discovered, unearthed, and brought forth to quench the thirst of those who find this prize, but also all those who you wish to share your cool, clear water with.

For, you each have an unlimitless supply, yet you all thirst so for these waters that bring with them good health and psychological well-being. S was a simple woman, but she understood this and gave freely of her happiness and joy in living. You too have access to this same happiness if you only will be brave and remove the dams that keep the waters from flowing up and outward into your everyday environments.

Now, we say: Be not afraid to feel the joy that visits you this day! Feel it and be glad that you were given this opportunity to experience this gift of joy.