By M.N. Hopkins

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You must free yourself.  We can only show you the doorway to your .

Love all who come to you for the gift of Grace to Man and not too harshly.  Give freely of our gifts to man and wish all a happy and soul-fulfilling future while living in human form.

For your job is to help others to reconnect to Spirit and once again ignite their hearts-light.  These writings are just a means to this end.  A good means and a sound means that many readers will understand and use as a walkway to their –that Self that has not broken it's connection to Spirit or what many in your world call, .

So, continue to write and with these words come a healing, an understanding of what it is to be both human and God united in one body.  And here and there will be felt that which lies behind the veil of the words and they will understand the meaning of what you do for others by bringing this Essence for good works into your world which suffers so under the rule of the tyrants.  For now is the time for the words to florish and spread out to many across the globe.

Seek again the peace of Spirit, the calm in the eye of the storms that Mankind has created.  Be not so sensitive to the pain, but be giving of that which brings the greatest happiness.  Continue to feel our strength, our love, our calm, and share it with all who are willing and able to express these qualities out into the world that Mankind has created for themselves.

Be not afraid to take a leadership position, for this is the reason that you have come to this place in this time. Know that we are with you in our hearts, which are connected to the Heart of all hearts.  For this is where this power comes from.  Not from us, not from you or others, but from the Creator of All Realities.

You can only help to introduce them to this power and how they will or will not use it is a deeply personal decision.  More will come to understand now and more will now come to you.  For, the young are eager to break from the chains and the pains of yesterday.  It is in their nature to search for a new way or new ways.  They will see and feel the difference in themselves and in others and know what is spoken in truth and what comes from the voices of ego.

Reconnect to Spirit in a way that detaches you, yet at the same time immerses you more within your world of Man. For, as more Light enters your realm, so will more feelings  of uncomfortableness.  For, the truth of the current means of living will be fully revealed and Mankind will be forced to choose between that which gives the human organism the best hope of survival into the future or that which will and has led Mankind down this road of destruction for so many centuries.

Conflict or connection to Spirit–to that which brings the calmness and certainty of Spirit and the Love-Light that illuminates and brings with it the inertia necessary to propel the human experience into the future.

Fear or Love?  A choice to be made for future generations. No longer will Man be allowed to imprison their better natures.  The gates will be opened and the water of Spirit will be as a flood upon the land giving life back to the arid landscape that which has for far too long been neglected and abandoned by Mankind.  So, be pleased that you could have been of service in these difficult years toward the transition.

Hello and welcome to those who have come this day.  For, we welcome you to listen to our words and to enjoy the experience as it unfolds.  For all things of beauty have their own time to develop before the fruits are ready to be shared with others.  Do not wish for instant gratification, for this in the long run will only lead to ruin.

Seek to learn from all those around you.  For God will speak to you in a simple way, a way that you will understand.  Within every thought is a message, within every feeling there lies either within it or just behind it, a gift of Light.  Even behind your dark thoughts is a Light that will if allowed,  be revealed and as it reveals itself, will at the same time reveal the darkness that you have allowed to poison your body and mind. Once seen and understood, then easily released so that there is room for new, lovely creations that will in time develop and transform your lives from ones of quiet despiration to ones of joy.

For, with the gift of Light comes a calmness and a joy in living that is not natural to your worlds of dark determination.  For with the Light comes a healing of all that needs to be healed within the human personality and physical structures.  Once healed, one will find that the heart will begin to come alive and vibrate with this Light that comes from our dimension–what many in your world refer to as Heaven.  We just refer to this place as our home.

Once the individual releases the hurts and troubles of yesteryear, he or she will find that they become more aware of their everyday living environment and will be able to see those around them with loving eyes of kindness.  will return and what was so difficult to attain, will already be a part of your being.  Others will not have changed, for they will still be filled with darkness.  It is you who has changed.  For change is one's personal responsibility and cannot be imposed upon another.


Perhaps, after they have seen the changes in you, if you choose to remain on this path that will lead you to a better tomorrow, then perhaps they will be inspired to seek the heart's light also and begin to live with a calmness and certainty that few in your world now can experience.  More than the freedom from fear, which is felt as calmness, is the love and kindness that you will feel begin to grow in yourself over time.  You will begin to and finally understand that you are the one responsible to take the steps that are necessary to progress on this path that we often refer to as, the heart's path.

So, do not be afraid.  For no harm will come to you.  Yes, we see and feel your fears and understand this to be the defence mechanism that protects the ego.  The one we call, the ego tyrant.  More like a three year old child who is out of control–like the ones you sometime see in your everyday living.  This child with proper training and discipline can be controlled and in time, will develop into a responsible adult, just as you will, once you have decided to take a hand on your egos and help them to develop into aides and helpers, rather than the destructive creatures that you have allowed them to become.

For most of your social problems are due to ego.  It's as if you are all three year olds fighting over a toy and demanding that you get all the attention from others.  We find this ego competition in all your professions and in all relationships at this time in 's Evolution.  There has been so much pain and suffering caused in your world due to the fact that as long as you each allow your individual ego tyrant to rule–yes, and ruin your lives, then a spirit of co-operation and the fulfillment one feels when one is truly loved and understood will not be possible within your world.

We now ask those who will accept our gifts and join with us in helping Mankind to create a better tomorrow to now, do so.  For the door is now open and the way made easier.  Please accept the gift of Light we now wish to offer and feel what is possible and what will be possible for each and every person who is now within this room to experience.

We have come to show you what is posssible and wish you to fully understand that the building of human community is a effort and must be done by you who are now in human form.  There is no one who will wave a magic wand and bring about a joyous world for you.  You must decide individually if this is the path you wish to walk to the future on or if you wish to remain in this nightmare world you have all created for yourselves.

We ask you to join with us, those of our heavenly dimension to bring a bit of heaven into your world.  You all have free will and the freedom to choose, even though the ego may tell you otherwise.

Now, feel what is possible and if only for a moment feel what we feel in our realm.  Live in peace and live in love with yourself and others.  We bless you and wish you every happiness.  Allow your fear to be replaced by love.


So, we have another day to express these words and bring another message to Mankind.  Will it be one of hope, that sings to those of glory or one of sincere concern that will lead one to a true and loving concern for others?  We think that it will be the latter.

We wish to speak to all who will listen in the hope that these words will bring about real and positive changes into the everyday living environment that humans inhabit.  For these words are real and bring with them a comfort and an offer of sincere help to all who have lost their way and floundered in a sea of despair.  For, we wish all happiness and a sense of belonging in your world.

For too long a few have convinced so many that life is hard and unsatisfying and that joy can only be obtained after death or upon leaving one's physical body to a place called, Heaven.  We say that, yes, heaven exists, but not only as a place, but as a state of being.  For, when one opens oneself to Heaven and It's Divine energies, then one opens oneself also to the Earth and It's beauty.  For, Earth is your home for now, but can be balanced within oneself and experienced in one's everyday living.  When done, with this experience comes a calm and a joy in living.

One can honestly view one's own weaknesses as well as those of others, while at the same time seeing one's strength and ability to create one's world in a joyous manner as well as seeing this ability in others.  One can never forget one's connection to God or to the Earth or to other humans because this connection is no longer an intellectual or philosophical issue, but has a definite reality of it's own.  One can see and feel the truth of our statement and come to see that yes–we are of both Heaven and Earth and can express the characteristics of both while living in a human form.

We become God and Man united within one body and have become whole and able to broaden our experience of physical reality as well as unseen realities.  We become messengers of hope to all we come in contact with and not only through our words, but because we are being according to our higher nature or better nature and those around us or near to us will be able to feel and see the changes that have occured within our human personality structures and come to believe and have a new founded faith that these changes are truly possible and also available to us.

Then, it starts and they too experience Heaven and Earth and live this experience in their everyday living and before long many, many more will begin to live in a more responsibe, mature, and loving manner and within time, we have a great transformation occuring within human community and they will come to hear glad tidings and they will walk away as children again.  Reborn and reformed into one of uncommon abilities with the skills needed to help in the transformation and transmutation of human community.

Seek peace always and that calmness that comes when one again reconnects to Spirit.  For it is this simple act that will bring to one the greatest benefits.  For, when one reconnects to one's Soul, one automatically reconnects to God, since the Soul has never lost this contact.

It is the individual who is driven by ego who no longer can find that peace, that love, that wisdom that is always available to those in the world of Man.

We can help all who ask of us for help, but we have not the power to interfere with others unless asked.  For to impose upon another with one's will is the way of ego and not the way of those who live from the heart's center.  For the heart is the giver of all love and all peace in freedom.  The heart is directed from one's Soul center, which is directed from the Center of all centers and that our many friends is that which you call, God.  We have no terms for God since God exists beyond all terms and is the Creator of all the terms of existence.

We ask you all to be brave and touch again upon your hearts-light if only for a moment. to feel the difference between one who is heart directed and one who is ego directed.  There!  Now!   Some of you have found the prize.  For those who have not, we will have other days and other opportunities to win back this prize and enjoy the calmness and certainty and the feelings of love and true concern that you will have for yourself and others.

This is why we have come this day and why we come anytime we are asked.  To help you to again find yourSelves and by so doing, you will again find what you call, God.

It is so simple and yet you find it so hard.  Break out from this prison of your own making and feel the the freedom that is all around you and within you.  Be not afraid.  No harm will come to you.

Grace is a gift to be shared with those who willingly wish this gift to be bestowed upon them.  We think of Grace as a Beautiful Being that seeks to share her wealth with others.  It is in Grace that all sins are healed and all wrong doings forgiven.

For, it is in Grace that miracles occur and continue to occur within your realm of dark and light.  For without Grace, would the human race have come to a halt countless centuries ago.  For without Grace, we would surely have a hell on Earth.

Grace takes the children in her loving arms and continues to reassure them that they will be loved and cared for one day, not just by Her, but by all others.

The gift of Grace to Mankind is a gift of love given freely and accepted freely.  For can terms be given when a mother holds her dear child in her arms and grazes upon him or her with kindness and with love and a hopeful optimism that one day this child will grow into a mature human being with the ability to create and substain a good and fulfilling life for himself or herself and others. 

For deep within the human consciousness there is still a hope that shines divine.  A hope in a better and brighter future not just for their own children, but for all children.

Now the children are neglected and suffer so the sorrows of others.  For many have forgotten the need to love and care for others in a kind and gentle way.  This goes agains't all common sense or good sense and this attitude has been growing in your societies.

We can see a future when this attitude is no more and people have a genuine and loving concern not just for the children, but for all others.  That will be a happy time and a time of deliverance from the sickness of today to the vibrant health of those of tomorrow.

Grace is for all, yet all do not recognize or receive this gift.  It is in Grace that all sins are healed.  Yes, this is true, but it is the person who wishes that this gift be bestowed upon him or her to make the effort and pray as a child with a quiet confidence that there is such a gift and this gift will be received.  For Grace is given freely when the person opens oneself in freedom to receive this gift of gifts.

For it comes from a higher source and penetrates and permeates the darkness that is within a man or a woman.  Once open to Grace, then there is a freedom from fear and a freedom to love both oneself and all others.  For when one's fear disappears, then there is no fear of others and what they may or may not do to you.  Without this fear, only that Self which is truly you remains and nutures and loves the false one that you call, ego.

Once one comes to one's rightful place as a ruler of one's life, then one begins to see oneself and others in a different way.  No longer as competitors, but now as co-operators.  For life truly is a co-operative effort by all involved in this game of humanity.  One no longer sees the other as a threat, but now as a working partner whose job it is to build a better world for all Mankind.

God offers this gift of Grace to Man, but few will accept it and be transformed from one of dark determination to one of light-hearted freedom from fear.  For, it is truly fear that is the great deceiver and destroyer of all that is good not only within oneself, but in all of Mankind.  It is fear that chains one to the past and imprisons one's thoughts and emotions. 

When Grace comes, all fear desolves and the door to one's personal prison opens and the individual has a choice of the freedom to walk out into a world of unlimited possibilities or to stay within their prison of limited thinking and begin the expression of that which fears not the ego or the ego's of others.

For in love is there no fear and in a state of no fear, is there freedom to love.  To love one's self as a child and to love others as one would love oneself.

In freedom, one severs the chains that bind one to sickness, sorrow, and pain and one re-engages the connection to one's Soul, which connects one to God.  This begins the flow of these life giving and health giving thoughts and emotions–Love, kindness, and a peace that brings a comfort not only to yourself, but to all you come in contact with who are open to this possibility of living one's life from a place of freedom from fear and one's own self or ego created imaginary fears.

So we say to all who will listen.  Seek Grace and fear no more and be reborn into a world of love and light-hearted determination.

Wisdom will we speak of today.  For what is wisdom and to whom does it apply.

Wisdom is a finer knowledge that is a result of many years of one's living experiences within human form.  To have acquired wisdom, one must have actively sought after this prize and worked diligently to attain it's mastery.  For wisdom is only for those who have paid the price of many years of living within human form.  For even the angels, so full of Light can be lacking in wisdom if they have never chosen to visit the Earth Realm.  For, wisdom is a concept that was develpoed within the Earth Realm by those who have visited here many times and have gained the knowledge of nature along with the living knowledge of humanity.

There is no other road to wisdom, but a long one that has been traveled by a few.  Yes, those few share their knowledge with others to make their way a little less perilous, but not in a way that will interfere with one's development toward being a complete human being.  For the one's of wisdom act as guides, as teachers, and benevolent participants in this journey that you call a human lifetime. One of many journeys.  For one must travel to the Earth Realm often to attain a mastery over himself before winning the prize of wisdom.

Many fail at this task, but in reality, there is no failure.  For there are always lessons learned and strength gained through one's life experience. 

We are here to remind you and others in a gentle way that wisdom is available to all who seek this prize.  And by prize, we mean a gift not given to all, but to those who train and complete the tasks given to them.  For, do not your athletes win prizes?  No one sees the long years of discipline and hard work that was necessary to win the prize, but the athletes themselves and those close to them.

So, do not misunderstand.  We are here to help those who wish to grow in wisdom, not to bestow this most precious and unusual jewel upon those who think that they can steal this prize. 

This attitude is so common today within the Earth Realm.  Those who promise the most ridiculous and absurd, acquire great wealth and power that is built upon lies.  People so want to believe these untruths and fall victim to those who prey upon the weakness in others.

We say again, there are no easy ways or quick fixes, only a slow, deliberate, step by step process of learning.  Yes, we can help you to open up and see what is possible and in reality, what the individual has already attained within a future time, but this effect will last but so long.  This is only a tool used to show what is possible to attain, if only the individual make a decision and do whatever is necessary to bring the changes about.

Now, you can feel the calm of tomorrow, today.  By tomorrow, we mean what has been created today to be expressed and put into a solid form tomorrow or in what your kind calls, future time.

These are human concepts and not ours, but to communicate with you , we must respect your world's means of communication.  For respect is a human concept also, but a very good and positive creation of man that is spoken often, but rarely used as it was intended to be used.

For respect demands honesty or a good communication between a group of more than one.  Respect is given to not only the individual, but also to groups of people.  Respect is not a given, but is built upon trust and truthful commuinication.  When the individual lies or a group lies, then respect is non-existant.  For how can one lie to a true friend and companion.  We see this as in truth, so common within your Realm of Mankind.

Respect is rare as all good and positive concepts have become rare within the world of Man.  This was not always so, but was a result of a weakness within the human personality structure, which allowed ego to take over, rather than that mature and loving Self that you call, the Soul.  We just call this Self, You.  Yes, you are this Self even though much of the time you are detached or lost from the better part of your human nature.

We have come back  to your time from our time to remind you all that you are as much a part of our time as you are of your time here on Earth.  The divisions of time as well as the divisions within you are the creation of ego.  These self imposed limitations do surely limit you and keep you from seeing and feeling and living from the unlimitless realm of future possibilities.  For, your minds have been so severely impaired by your cultural training and by your fears that have been taught to all by those of weakness.

When one comes to your world to speak to all in freedom and from that highest expression of their true nature, then the voices of fear assemble and speak so loudy and chaotically as to drown out a voice of truth.  When one attempts honest communication, it is met with an assault of dishonesty that flows from the stream of fear whose currents can take one under where one is lost in the deep depths and soon forgets the breath of life and warmth of the sun and that voice of love and reason that is as a cool breeze on a hot summer day and brings comfort or a relief from the heat.

This voice of reason, this voice of love constantly speaks to all who will hear, carried by the winds of time, eternally flowing until one day heard by Man.  Often, children can hear and understand this voice, but the ones of fear are quick to drown out the lovely music with the disharmonic tone of their fears.

We speak to all who will listen.  We ask all to listen quietly and calmly and to remember that time when balance was the norm and that time when balance again will be the norm for Mankind.

Listen now!  Listen to the sounds of life.  Feel the vibrations, feel the tones, feel the notes that caress and bring comfort to your human bodies and minds.  Remember again these beautiful notes that make up this song of life, this song sung by the most beautiful of voices, these voices that lie dormant in you, waiting to be heard again, these voices waiting to sing again.  Waiting to sing their songs of creation, their songs of love, their songs that awaken again that which is best within yourself and within all of Mankind.

Come with us to see the unlimitless possibilities for future years and future generations.  For the future time is fluid and very open for changes to occur.

It is Mankind that forms the future in a more solid, restrictive form and is more self-restrictive and afraid of making changes that deviate too much from the old fear-filled models of the past that hold your present time together.  It is Man who is restricting himself and unwilling to make the changes that allow for new flows of that will bring about less restrictive views of the future.

For Mankind continues to project the same old tragic dramas over and over again and does not see that it is themselves who perpetuate or continue these tragic games, rather than choosing to try new ones that allow for more personal freedom and creativity to flow while the building of your community structures are in process.  For it is indeed a process that occurs over time.

People have in a sense become lazy and allowed a fear-filled child to take the lead.  This fear-filled child or what you would call ego operates on a level of self-survival or selfish interest with no concern for others or the future of those yet to come.  So, in a sense we have an interruption in the flow of energy from our Realm to yours and a slowing of the creation of live giving, creative forms that adjust and adapt to current and future reality possibilities.

So, in a sense one can say that Mankind has some form of a serious illness that drains itself of all health giving, nutrious energies while at the same time doing great damage to not just his own inner and external communities, but also is doing great damage to the Earth Body.

A healing must occur if Mankind is to continue the age old journey toward his Self.  This healing will release these old hardened energies and create space for the clear and clean healing energies to begin to flow and from this flow a new being will arise and Man though tired and weary from the countless centuries of struggle will begin to see and understand the need for him to take care of his own body and being within the world of man.

There will also be an awareness of a new connection to the Earth Body and the nutrious and strength giving energies of the Earth will begin to flow up and into Man, while at the same time the flow from our Realm of Light will continue unabated.  Then over time Mankind will heal the wounds of yesteryear and know deep down within their beings that now is the time of creating the future.

Now will be a time of loving concern for oneself and for all others in the human community.  Now is in your time as now is in our time.  So, now, why don't we begin and continue to work together. Now!  From now is the greatest power, from now the greatest possibilities.  From now, we begin and from now, we end.

From now on will we co-operate and build structures that are healthy, that are strong, that are life giving and life receiving!  See this possibility and see it from, now!

So, we see again that you wish to have information that you can share with others and share with others you can and you will according to your own wishes and the wishes of others that have joined with you to bring this information forward and outward into the world of Man.

Yes, it is a joint effort or an effort of many based upon the dreams of the future together with the hopes and traditions of the past.  It is truly a joining together of many, both seen and unseen for the good of the many.  These dreams are so dear to Mankind and so sought after that from time to time small groups come together to work on particular aspects of the dream, so as to make it a bit more solid in your physical reality.

For the time now is right for a coming together of several who have dreamt and longed after a world of justice, of kindness, of love revealed and accepted and that time is not soon, but now upon us.  A major shift will occur that will allow for the outward projection of curtain qualities that have before been left hidden and untouched.  Now, an arena has been allowed to show others what can occur when individuals as well as small groups are given the opportunity to show their better natures or what is best within themselves in a safe environment where the old way of fear and intimidation no longer exist.

They can see and experience for themselves the truth of the words that have been spoken over and over, so many times by so many messengers with the gift of Grace to Man.  Now, is the time for the practical application of the words so that others can see that these are not just beautiful words or metaphors, but words that explain a reality that is possible within the Human Realm. 

Now is a time of free expression, now is a time of finding again that which is best in yourself so as to help others to find this prize also.

Now is a time when the healing balm will be applied and the results will be recorded for future generations. 

Now is a time of building good, sound structures that can be used to share with others what has occured in this place so far from the centers of Earthly power in a place close to the center of Divine power.

Now is the time of expression, to show others what is possible when one frees oneself from the fears of the past and opens oneself to the fresh and clean energy of our Realm of Light and Love given freely.

Be not afraid and know in your heart of hearts that all goes well and all is possible now.  Project this calm, strength outward so that they can see and understand what can occur through the gift of the open heart.

Open your hearts and feel the calmness and certainty of this gift to Mankind.  Relax your bodies and minds and let the darkness of the past be released so that the Light of tomorrrow can enter your being and heal that within you that is most in need of healing.  Sit now and enjoy this gift given freely.  Know that this gift is available and offered constantly and need only be asked for with a willing heart.

Once there was a man who offered great treasures to Mankind, yet they refused these gifts of Light and Love.  He became confused and bitter, not understanding the nature of Mankind at this time in their evolution toward the Love and the Light.  He became despondent and withdrew from his work which was to help others to find their own strength, their own balance, and the part of themselves that gives generously and loves freely with no thought of a return to them of treasures.

He lost sight of the goal and the goal is to help others to uplift themselves and see the value of living one's life from a place of calmness and love for the other.  He wasted a gift and was unable to help many who sought his help and would have benefited greatly from the wisdom and strength that he was sanctioned to share with others. Be not as this man, but continue to serve, even when you think that the others are not listening or do not understand. 

For deep within all is a Light, a greatness, a longing to better not just their own lives, but the lives of many others.  Do not loose sight of this and continue on this path of Light-hearted sharing.  Know that somewhere within every person is an understanding of the words and a willingness to work toward the goal of humanity revealed and humanity transformed.

For many are stuck deep within their own darkness and cry for a strong hand to pull them up and out of this hell that they have created and allowed for themselves.  Be strong and be calm and reach deep down where few can and give them your hand in love and friendship and drag them up into their own Light.  Once in the Light, they will be refreshed and renewed and better able to avoid the traps of their own making.

See them as children in need of guidance and love.  See them with eyes of Light, eyes of Love, and eyes that see beyond the lies of Mankind to the truth of Being.

Be at peace and end these conflicts!   Live from your inherent strength and goodness so as to be an example to others of what is possible if one but take a hand on oneself or their own lives and concentrate more on what is best within themselves and others, rather than the current habit of concentrating on sickness and the dark side of humanity.

By concentrating more on that which is best within oneself, one concentrates on what is best within the human community.  By doing so, one brings balance to oneself and balance to others.

For now is a time when Mankind is lost within their own darkness and cries out with a voice so loud, yet few can hear since few are living outside of this darkness.  One must separate oneself to truly be a part of everything.  Once separate, one can see the truth and hear the cries so clearly.  Then, one has the opportunity to either go back into the darkness or stay within their new found freedom.  Then, one has a further choice to either share this gift of freedom or become lost within their own world of joy.

We say, be not as those who only seek their own gratification, but be as those who act from a place of great strength and kindness and know that the wealth of Spirit can never be exhausted or fully consumed.  These are concepts of those who live their lives within the darkness and have no understanding of the true nature of your world, of humanity, or of God.

Be as a Light upon the Land and help others to find themselves–their true Selfs by finding that which is best within themselves.  By doing this, they will see what is best within themselves as well as that which is best within others.

Share the gifts of Grace to Mankind.  Be not lost again!  Be balanced and the master of both Light and darkness.  Keep the flow from Light to darkness and continue to bring balance to yourself as well as others.

To those who have come here this day, we say, "Do not give up hope of a better tomorrow even though your mind will tell you and for some of you will constantly tell you that this is not a possibility within the world of Mankind."


For, we say to you who will hear us, that the future is yours for the making and that you are responsible in it's creation.  You have allowed your minds to be influenced by dark thoughts and emotions and have not truly opened yourselves to the beauty that is within you and all around you.

This is why it is so important to open one's heart to this Love that comes from a higher dimension.  Mankind has become lazy and directed it's thoughts to the words of little meaning.  We ask you all here this day if just for the moment to open yourself to the possibility of living one's life from the heart-light.  We ask you to fill your being with this gift of Light that we offer all who will accept it by bringing it into their being.

We say to you, be not afraid to love, be not afraid to reveal that which is best within you from time to time.  As you fill with Light, dark emotions will be revealed to you.  You need not admit these weaknesses to others, only to yourselves.  For others will not and cannot understand you fully.  We ask you only to be honest within yourself and from this place of honesty will love and kindness grow within you.

For, you have all chosen the path of lies.  Why not this day change direction and choose the pathway of honest living.  This will be a natural process and unfold step by step over time.  Do not rush, do not be too anxious, but proceed down the path of the heart's light with a calm confidence and a knowing that all will go well for you in your future years as you express that which you truly are out into the world of Man.

We admire your willingness and your courage–for few will truly walk the pathway of light-hearted freedom toward the future.  Rather, they prefer to concentrate their thoughts on the darkness of the past.


Free your minds from this concentration upon the pains and sufferings of your past and direct your thoughts upon a future that is free from this pain of your personal making.


For, you truly continue to create or recreate your problems over and over again by putting your focus on them.  Rather, concentrate your thoughts upon health by having a healthy outlook upon your own life and upon the world.

All pain and sickness comes from this concentration upon the past, whereas your health, your strength, and your happiness will depend upon the creation of a future where these problems no longer exist.

Believe in a future that brings you more happiness and it will be so in time.

Now, for you who have felt the difference and understand our message, enjoy your freedom from the past.  Feel inside your body, inside your mind, and most important of all, feel the warmth and calmness of your heart.  For the heart is the doorway to freedom for yourself and all others.

For those who have not allowed themselves this freedom, tomorrow will be other days of freedom, if you decide and wish it so.

We thank you all for coming and listening to our words.