30 July 2011


We come to and support as many are struggling to absorb TRUTH and detach from illusion. Many humans across the planet are cycling between the TRUTH in their heart and the illusion and all that it teaches. Many are locked in a cycle within themselves that sees vast amounts of frustration and effectively blinds them from the true power that they are. We are here to the way through and to help end the cycle of TRUTH, illusion, TRUTH that many have been going round and round for some months.

We note how easy it is to believe the illusion and how deceptive the illusion has become over the past few weeks. The money illusion is one that has many humans locked in a battle of wills with themselves. How many of you reading our words do not believe that you financial situation will get any better as you do not SEE a way forward? That dear ones is the crux of it all, many humans confuse the need to SEE with the need to FEEL. For many the teachings of illusion have been very strong, humans have been trained for so long to SEE only with their eyes and hear only with their ears. The world of multi media has also begun to train humans once again that the eyes are the only way to absorb information. Images are bombarded out to the population of earth at an astonishing and ever increasing rate. How many of you reading our words take regular time out to be still and to enter the silence that exists within? How many of you refuse to take in the teachings of the illusion?

Many will answer our questions with belief that they are wary of the media, that they can SEE what the media is up to and we guide dear ones this is but half the way to detaching. As long as you spend a good proportion of your day immersed in the images from the internet and the advertising that you see around you on your journey to work then you will be in the realm of illusion. Many of you use and we guide you to be aware of the depth of illusion that is taught around them. In these sites you can be whoever you want to be, putting up the smoke and mirrors for all around to hide who you are in essence. For many this is a but a fun way to be and takes them out of their “ordinary” lives. But be aware dear ones that the illusion has also sought to teach via this platform. Companies who use advertising whether it be to sell you the latest soft drink or to fill your mind with ideas of consipiracy will also use smoke and mirrors. Many spend hours of their day interacting with a media that is created to keep them from their true power. You will not find enlightenment by spending hours growing crops dear ones in a virtual world. YOU will find enlightenment by going into the silence.

We guide now on silence as this is something that many humans dislike and will not seek out. How many of you reading our words are truly aware of the noise of the illusion? How many live in a place where they can hear bird song and the sounds of nature and that is all? How many work in places of employment where there is constant background noise? How many travel to work plugged into the latest sounds on their headphones? Do you see how illusion uses sound to distract YOU from YOU? Many humans across the planet fear silence, for many the thought of sitting in a room with other humans and there being silence is a nightmare for them. Many would try to fill that silence to keep the noise going. WHY?

Why would silence be an issue for a human BEing? The silence is where the answers are found dear ones. It is within the silence of the mind that all becomes visible. The illusion seeks to keep all busy, whether that be over celebrity gossip or world events and keeps all plugged into some kind of device as a way of overloading the mind. When the mind is busy with the latest tune, the latest video game it is escaping into illusion. Many humans across the planet interact with video games that allow them to create worlds, to create cities and invent new identities as a way of escaping the hum drum life they currently have. This is illusion robbing you of YOUr power dear ones. To find that silence within and to reveal TRUTH is to live the life that you fantasise. Only by DREAMING the life can you make the life real. Illusion teaches you to use dreaming as a means of escape, covering up the TRUTH that dreaming is how to create.

Many have guided on the use of dreams and once more we guide you to look at the concept and find the TRUTH. If you harbour grand visions of living a life where you are happy, content and do what brings you pleasure then you are half way there to creating it. What will stop the process is the FEELing that you are not worthy, that it is but a . The illusion has taught at various levels about dreams and has taught humans to dismiss them. How often does one human turn to another and accuse them of being in a world? Why would that phrase come up so often dear ones?

Dream worlds are where the life experience is created prior to bringing into in the reality that your physical is present. ALL starts in the etheric dear ones, that is the way of . Once more we guide strongly that if you can DREAM it YOU can BE it. Do not allow illusion to rob you of your power. Many young adults start off with a dream and that dream is usually crushed by the time they leave school. The adults around them will crush the dreams as their dreams were crushed under the banner of love. They will state that they will not be able to earn a living and point them into the “normal” way of earning a living. This will plant seeds of fear at a deep level and harbour resentment which again will feed the seeds of fear.

If you look around you and see the life you lead is not the life you envisaged when younger then only YOU can change this. It is not done overnight dear ones and it is this instant fix that will again plunge you into illusion. For illusion teaches that you live in an instant world, young adults now expect instant results. This is a product of living in a dream via , where within the dream world presented on screen something invented appears instantly. Humans now expect their dreams to manifest instantly and the seeds of fear are instantly sprouted when this does not happen. The universe works with timing, diving timing, in order for a dream to come to creation any number of people, places and events have to be brought in to create this. Diving timing will see the correct people, the correct place and the correct event come into creation. Many give up the dream before they have breathed life into the dream.

It is consciously and subconsciously created dear ones, understand that merely holding a positive thought in your mind all day will not breathe life into the dream. On an unconscious level if you harbour doubt and are steeped in the illusion of not being worthy then this will slow down or prevent the dream from coming alive. That is why we guide the importance of weeding out of fear and of going into the silence regularly. It is important to have all parts of self on the same page. Many of the seeds of fear are buried at such a deep level that it takes a great deal of work to uncover them. They can of course be uncovered when you are triggered, such is the teaching of illusion that it can be worked with. If you are triggered by an event, a person or by words then please look at this, these are the seeds of fear breaking their shell and beginning to sprout.

The feelings of negative emotion are the keys to finding these seeds. Perhaps we use the wrong words in using the words seed, perhaps this does not convey exactly what they are but we have no wish to plunge you back into the fear that is taught by illusion. Perhaps our words do not have enough impact but seeds they are and they can grow deep and wide within your BEing. At this time of heightened energies many seek to hold on to illusion whilst also denouncing it. Illusion can only be detached from individually, it teaches on such a level that each human will absorb the teaching at a different rate. Be aware dear ones that something that is obvious to YOU may not be obvious or even visible to those around YOU. Make no assumptions as to other humans, do not assume that a human in the role of a very visible lightworker has seen through the illusion as YOU do. That again is the trick of the smoke and mirrors. It is relatively easy to hide fear behind smoke and mirrors but impossible to hide the FEELing that fear gives off. YOU will know fear in another when YOU find it dear ones. They will trigger at your words and in some cases just your vibration. It is not unusual for lightworkers to trigger others by merely standing in their .

Know dear ones that the human mind has infinite capacity for creating scenarios that will never come into BEing. YOU as a race are currently dreaming, it is up to each individual human to detach from the illusions dream and start to create their own. It CAN BE DONE dear ones, illusion will teach you that you are up against the masses, this is smoke and mirrors. YOU cannot know how many humans across the world are awake as illusion has sought to teach that to stand up and show you are a lightworker is somehow a dangerous thing to do. Many are silent believing they are the only ones and they are not. UNITY dear ones is the way forward. It is time for each lightworker upon the planet to join in the light of those around them, to create the bigger dream by pouring more light across the planet.

Do not fall into the illusion of competition, illusion teaches that every human is in competition to prevent humans from joining together in UNITY. For there is strength in UNITY, the combined light of many humans together is vast. It is time for the light across the planet earth to join up, to link up and shine brightly in UNITY.

Detach dear ones from the end of the world scenarios, that is the dream of the illusion, what is YOUr dream? It is only by pouring your light and love through YOUr dream that you can breathe life into it. We are the and we guide you with our words at this time to help you move into who YOU are. ALL ARE ONE. All across planet earth must now detach from the illusion of singularity and move together as ONE. Bring your groups together, connect in love and light with each other and detach from the illusion of competition and of hierarchy. For in the dream dear ones all are equal, will you help breathe life into this dream or have the breath taken from you by illusion who seeks to snuff out the dream of the light? Each human across the planet has a choice even if they cannot at this point in their life journey see that choice. It was always there dear ones. Allow the process to unfold before you, hold love and light and compassion in your hearts and allow the dreaming to begin. We are here to guide ALL at this time, ALL ARE ONE.

The dreaming is the key to the new dear ones, do not allow the teachings of illusion to persuade you otherwise. Many across the planet have resigned themselves to their lives being the same as this day in day out, they have given up the dream, they have succumbed to the illusion of it being “too much”. For when the illusion builds the big empires you must crush and the armies that you must defeat then the mind is lulled into the illusion of a vast enemy. Realise dear ones that the TRUTH is the key to freedom, why does the illusion use such vast scapes to stop humans from uncovering the TRUTH? Because the way out of illusion is so incredibly simple, it is believing and connecting to your heart. To dream your dream is the way out. Its that simple. The illusion has you cowering from the institutions of the world having all your money, it has you cowering from the dangerous humans who are out to kill and maim other humans, it has you reaching for various vitamin supplements and drinking and eating the latest foods all to distract you from the simple TRUTH. If the TRUTH was not so simple dear ones why the huge illusion and smoke and mirrors? Many humans will believe the illusion is not falling such is the smoke and mirrors used at the moment. As long as there are humans who believe that the illusion is “winning” then there will be that chance. For YOU ALL dream in this dream dear ones, ALL take part whether consciously or not. Those asleep will dream along with others but not at the rate that those awake can dream their way out. Many are now waking up, it is up to the lightworkers who have dreamt their way out of illusion to show them the way home. Reach out to your fellow humans for ALL ARE ONE, do not allow illusion to pull you away from your life purpose, stand in your TRUTH for it makes YOU powerful. Do not believe the illusions teaching that the world is not changing, for many can FEEL the change. Work with this FEELing, spread the light that IS across the planet and work in UNITY.

Dream together dear ones, uncovering more and more levels of TRUTH as you dream at an ever increasing rate. ALL are vibration, nothing is solid, even YOUr science at the level it has evolved will agree with this. NOTHING is solid, NOTHING is predetermined. DREAM the DREAM of light dear ones. Support your fellow humans in this DREAM OF LIGHT. For it is only by dreaming it you can bring it into creation. We are your brothers and sisters from the stars. Connect to us in your dreamtime and we will show you the path to freedom. ALL ARE ONE.