27 July 2011

Channeler:  Pep St.Wolf

Message from Paua'Alowa – 26th July, 2011

Discover the love that resides within your heart for love is the only frequency, the only currency and the only way to be in the new world. We do not dictate that his is the way, we merely show you and explain to you that this is so just as we discovered many millions of years ago. Do not hold your heart for it will not break. The illusion tells you that it will, and for many of you your emotional connection to fear is so strong that it has felt that way for you, however, you must also that you have had many of relationships in your and yet you still exist, a loving a complete human.

Even those that commit violent acts, and those that show no remorse for them, can still live in a place of love; they have just chosen the illusion at this point of their evolutionary cycles.  We are all capable of living only from and in the love. A heart ‘break&; from emotions of love, but it can succumb to the emotions of the illusion. By giving all of your heart, all of the time, with the purest and most intent, you will know just how far illusion has dragged you down in the past. Do not despair. Love completely, for by doing so you are honouring your connection to the divine and your existance within it.