28 July 2011  

Channeler:  Pep St.Wolf

Message from Paua'Alowa – 28th July, 2011

Clear your minds, turn off your 'internal chatter', sit in the beautiful silence of your and just listen. You will soon realize at your access to the brightest and most powerful parts of yourself, those that flows on and on through the timelessness of infinity, are found when the ego is subdues and the mind kept at bay. You need not ask any questions of 'go anywhere' for this again reactivates the mind. All you need to do is connect with , connect with the 'all that is' and just wait in silent patience for whatever it is that will enter your consciousness. Do not be afraid of what may appear, for that which appears in fear is there only to pull you back from your consciousness and lather you once more in the thickness of illusion. It is there to 'challenge' your truths, your commitment to letting go of fear and your ability to hold your highest vibration at all times. Do not fear it for whatever it is serves you non in the wider process of self-enlightenment.

Enter the silence of your soul in full knowingness that love and light is all you require to journey, explore, gain wisdom and make your ascension. By sitting in the silence you are actively re-connecting to the 'all that is'; the Godly-self, the creator, the infinite source. Should you find yourself distracted by your own mind, the internal chatter do not despair and do not worry. Just bring yourself back to the 'stillness' again and again and again. For some it takes practice, for others they find it easier; non is better than the other as all have learnt to do this at many stages throughout their many lives. Just relax and breath, enjoy your own company, the pure divine silence, and know that it will come. Using a beautiful crystal will always help and as long as your intent for pure divine to the 'all that is' is held, the crystal will assist in raising your vibrations to transcend the mind and enter the light of an infinite . White crystals such as quartz and selenite will assist your greatly, as will those that awaken and open the such as green aventurine, green apophylite, malachite and rose quartz.

Do not discount the power of sound in the universal connection for it raises your or drops your depending on the tones and intent. The repetition of positive affirmations is the perfect way to seize the mind whilst opening the heart and lifting the vibrations. Set a pure intent and repeat a word or short phrase over and over; watch and feel how it changes your , lifts your light body from within your physical density. Listen as the universe joins in on the words, assisting and magnifying the vibrations as it echoes your intent. This channel has been using a simple phrase: ' I am love, I am light, I am oneness'. Simplicity is the key to potent power. Let the words resonate from your heart, filling every cell, every centre, every auric layer and connect you to the great infinity. Feel the connection to and everyone. Feel how your affirmation resonates across the planet, into every soul and vibrates out across the universe.

You are never alone. Your feeling of loneliness only appears due to a feeling of separateness from everything else. Know that you are the light, therefore you are everything. No longer see others as separate, greet them as you would the light; with open and loving arms.

You are fulfilling all that you set out before you in your soul contract for this existence and realize now that you are completing it at an exponential speed. We smile, our hearts full of love and joy as we watch you become your full and most illuminated selves. Blessings on your day.