God said:

If you were to come before Me today, what would you say? And what would you not say? Would you say anything at all? What would there be to say?
Perhaps you would be silent and just sit in the glow of My Presence. Perhaps you would just want to observe. Perhaps you would simply adore, and adoring would be enough for you.
You will have some idea of the adoration I hold you in.
Of God you adore. Of God I adore. You are of Me. We have mutual adoration. There is none other like it.

As you stand before Me, it is like your heart is swept into Mine. Your presence is swept into Mine. You become One with Me which you ever were, only you had previously dismissed that possibility as if it were a big come-on and not an absolute Truth. You do not sacrifice yourself to Me. You do give away your worldly identity. This is not sacrifice. You absorb yourself into My Self. You recognize Our Oneness. You merge with Me. You let go of the minnow and enjoin with the whale. The King and the Prince are One. You melt into Our love. We are like a kiss that never ends. Our kiss is infinite. We are on the same page.
In our embrace, there is no wandering. In Infinity, there is no place to wander. There is no place. We can poetize and say that no place is Our Palace. We live in a palace of golden light. We have come to this.
You have abdicated the throne of ego. You left the fancy clothes behind you, for now you have the True Gold, and need no finery. You have no need of gold embroidery to adorn you. Now you are the True Golden Light. Anything else is imitation. It is a semblance. Beloveds, you have won the pot of gold that is over the rainbow.
You are embedded in the Heart of God. You are stabilized here. In My heart is where We hold court. My heart is the court of love where Silence stands tall and love is known in its essence and where nothing else but love is known. My heart is full of love, and you are in My heart. Love is utterly still here. Our love encompasses the world. Sunlight glitters on the leaves of love. All bows to Our love, and so all grows tall. Bowing to love is rising. There is no lowering. Bowing is rising to Greatness. It is leaving the past behind, and so love rises like mist and overtakes the Universe.
There is a Universe of Love. It rests in Our heart. It is content here in the Heart of Love. The Universe is one-hearted.
How could anything so powerful as love ever have been submerged in pretense of awayness from Oneness? When was love ever not joined with love? Only in a fantasy. And yet that fantasy was believed in. Anger even arose amidst a field of flowers so vibrant and full of love that it was inexplicable that flowers so beautiful could bloom and that anything else but flowers could be noted. Thorns were an impossibility, and yet the thorn of anger arose to storm at itself.
What matters anything when We are love like the budding of a crocus in spring? What matters anything when love is in bloom, and it blooms in all hearts. Let this be a secret no longer. We are infinite love. There are no exceptions. There are stories of less than love. Such stories are fading. No one wants to read such stories any longer. Love has risen, and love is risen, and We are wholly love, and so what else can there be?

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