God said:

You give Me . You make Me Who Knows Only happy. I am already smiling, and you make Me smile. Although I know true that is beyond occasioned by this or that, I will nevertheless credit you My happiness. My happiness cannot be added unto, and, yet, you add to My happiness. My smile cannot be wider, and yet you make Me smile from ear to ear. If I were a flower, it could be said that you make Me blossom from year to year. You make Me blossom infinitely. I smile a smile that has no beginning and no end. I am One Big Smile. You make Me smile. You make Me laugh. Smile back at Me, and the is happy. You, Who are made in My image, smile back at Me. Let Me see you smile now.

The way I see it, there is no not to love. Not is not exactly putting your best foot , you understand. What can the merit in unhappiness be? Whom does it profit? No one I know.

No longer make excuses for holding unhappiness to you. Blast unhappiness away from the face of the Earth. Imagined unhappiness exists nowhere else. It is a surface thing that runs amok on the surface of life, and that unhappiness belies the Truth of you. Unhappiness is a lie.

And so I say that you are My happiness. And so I say that you add to My happiness. You round Me out. You make Me fulsome. Even as you cannot add a single filament of happiness to Me, I say you do. That is to say that I am grateful to you for the richness you add to the world. The world would be bereft without you. What would occupy the world if you were not here, even if you may be here grumbling? Grumble away for the time and be done with grumbling and come over here and smile at Me and smile at the world and be a Happiness-Maker. Now is the time. I see you smiling now.

Happiness is yours. Why not? is happy, why not you? Why not be happy this moment of non-existent time? Just as you would choose to dance a tango, choose happiness. You are on the dance floor of life. Enter into the dance of your choice.

Why would anyone choose unhappiness? It makes no sense. Well, perhaps you thought you were obliged to serve unhappiness, as if you owed it to the world, as if you owed it to yourself, as though unhappiness were a life sentence and you would not be paroled.

Parole yourself. You have gotten good at dancing the dance of unhappiness. Now choose another rhythm. Come, come dance with Me. I know One Dance, and I invite you to the Ballroom of Happiness. I have added you to My dance card. Accept now. Why ?

Of course, My offer is good for all-time. Of course, My offer has no . My offer never runs out. It is beyond My understanding why or how you could ever say, “No, thank You,” to Me, or, “Thanks, no thanks,” or even, unbelievable as it may be, to not even hear Me invite you to dance with Me. My arms are stretched out to you. There is no one I would rather dance with than you. Easily, I am One Dance Partner for all. I accommodate everyone.

This is not a Masquerade Ball that I invite you to. It is the furthest thing from a masquerade. It is overdue that you take off your masks. If you have not been happy, you have been wearing a mask of unhappiness. True, you believed in it. You were sincere. And you were also mistaken.

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