God said:

When your is full of love, you do not have a list that you go through before you love. There are not certain standards that you impose on your heart. You let your heart be. You do not intercede on love’s behalf nor do you intercept or interrupt it. You simply radiate love, not just here or there, but everywhere.

It is not that you are intoxicated with love. You are simple unobtrusive love that knows no clock, that knows no determinant. Love loves because love loves. Nothing, not anything, vanquishes the love in a steady heart. You have adopted the world and all in it. You go steady with the world. Your heart is pinned to all. Your love does not go only to the most popular nor does your love go only to the most unpopular. Your love gives what everyone needs of it.

You do not name your love. You do not give it an identity. Your love is simply love emanating. Your aura is love, and your substance is love.

Just as your appetite for invariably arises and needs no prodding from you, so does your love arise. It arises on its own without urging.

It is not that you are thinking about love constantly. It is just that your love is constant. I say your love. Of course, I mean My love in your heart is constant. Our love occurs without machination. Ego and its pal judgment fly out the window. It is natural to love. Any impediments to the naturalness of love are gone. It is no big to-do to love. It is so relaxing.

Whoever comes to your awareness, your heart finds joy in. You recognize My presence in everyone. And so you give your love to Me faultlessly, seamlessly. It is so easy to give love when there are no perimeters around it.

If you have built fences around your heart, and you have, admit that you have, now you dig up those fences, or you simply climb over them or go around them. In any case, they no longer exist for you. You never needed those fences. You thought you did. You thought you had to keep love out or under your command. You thought you had to love only sometimes, and only a little bit, only when you were compensated for it, or had earned your love by your measures.

Now you know that your love is measureless, real, evoked by itself. Your love requires not even a thank you. There are no limits to your love. There is no heartache, for your love is given silently and totally. You cannot help but give your love.

No longer are you something special because you love. It is ordinary for you to love. You are love, and your love emanates the way a rose spreads its essence. You become the attar of love. This is all because you see Me everywhere, and you know what you see.

You would not leave even one expression of Me loveless. You have become the lover of the Universe. You have expanded vision. You see that every molecule is made of My love. Every molecule of My love captures you. In one sense, you are simply responding to My love. Someone may scowl at you, and yet you see My smile.

You do not honor yourself for this growing love. You are thankful for it. You enjoy it, yet you do not pat yourself on the back for it. You know that the love you give is Mine. You know – I speak not of knowledge but of richness of heart — you know that you are giving My love back to Me, and you think nothing of it.

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