God said:

It is love that surpasseth all . Love is not explainable. Love is its own level of . Love loves, and what more is there to say?

Only, what is often taken for love, bears little resemblance to love. Love does not ask: “What is in it for me?”

Love is not like customs that lets some people in and not others. Love does not pick and choose. Love admits all to its shores. The halt and the lame. The strong and hardy. Love welcomes all. This is what love loves to do, just to be what it is, immutable, irreversible, no-man-can-put-asunder-love.

Love is vast and knows not narrow shoals.

Love is not an island. Love is not isolated. It is a state. It is its own . Love gives no entrance exams. Love furthers itself. Love loves. It does not love in bits and pieces. Love is not particular. It serves no other purpose than loving, loving for love’s sake, loving for My sake, loving for the sake of love and love’s for all. Love has no shopping list. We are talking of love far beyond personal love. It might be called impersonal love, and yet there is nothing impersonal about it. Love is to . It travels and never leaves. There is no regulation to love. Love has no standards, and, therefore, it has the highest standards of all. It is love, and not a caption or semblance of love. Love falls on all.

Like mist, love falls on all. Love is irrespective of titles or wealth or anything at all. Rain and mist fall on all, irrespective of station in life, and so does love. Love does not dilute itself or give itself out only in certain directions. Love fills every nook and cranny. It could be said that love is its own man. It does not take orders from anywhere except from itself, and its order is: “Love everywhere. Love . Love everyone.”

Love knows it has the whole world and beyond to love and everyone and everything in the world and beyond. Love has no limits. Love has no considerations except its going out and loving all in its path, and everyone and everything is its path.

What reward can love have but to be itself? What is greater than love?

Certainly not ego. Ego is fussy. Love is not. Love aspires to nothing but to everything. Love puts an X on every door. Love peeks in every window, sits in every , blesses every corner in every house, and kisses every pebble on the street.

True love does not discriminate. True love never calls a halt to itself. True love never forages for scraps. It needs nothing. It has everything. It is everything. True love loves to spread itself everywhere without exception.

True love asks for no thanks. It is not wounded if you do not love back. True love goes everywhere but invades nowhere. It is unobtrusive. It does not require accolades. It is simply strong stalwart love that sings its song to all. It does not have a loud voice. Its voice is sweet.

True love is not an imitator. It is original and true. It camps everywhere and is happy everywhere. Love had no boundaries. Therefore, it is boundless.

If you do not see love everywhere, you are mistaken. Look again.

If you cannot at the present give out love fully to everyone everywhere, and that is likely the case, then don’t miss all the love that is flowing to you. See it, and acknowledge it, and your own outpouring of love will grow before your very eyes.

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