God said:

What is existence without love? First of all, without love, there is no existence. Existence has to vibrate, and love is its vibration. The twang of life is love vibrating. The way violin strings create , strings are twanged by love. Nothing exists without love. You would not exist without love. You cannot be loveless. It may seem so to you sometimes. It may seem to you that My love is not enough or even that My love is not. Love has not kept you from ignorance, beloveds.

Love is intelligent. It is supportive of life. Love is the plank that life is built on.

You may think that I give too much attention to love. That is impossible. There cannot be too much attention given to love. It is truly the only topic worth its salt. Better to talk about love than to gossip or to speculate any absence of love.

You could not speak without love. You could not hear without love. You could not nod your head without love. Love is all, and you are love. There is no getting away from it.

You may have sequestered your love, put it aside, boxed it, stored it in a closet. Still, love will not be denied. And why would you deny it? Is love not good enough for you?

Perhaps you have misplaced your love with activity. Perhaps you have pulled a screen down over your love, blocked it out, hastened to rule it out.

Love is not faulty, nor is love frivolous. Cast your vote for love, and give some and have some. Aware of it or not, love is your bailiwick. Love is what you were made for. Love is what you are made of. Love is the libation of life. Love is what cranks up life and makes it run.

Respect love. Be grateful to it. Love is what drives you around. Love is your nature. Anything that blocks love is unnatural. Mechanization is not love. Love is not greedy. Love is ebullient. Love bursts from hiding and makes itself known. Do not give up on love.

Perhaps change your definition of love. You may have been off the mark. You may have been looking for love elsewhere than in your own heart. Look for Me as well. You will find Me in your heart. I am blazing a trail there. I am opening windows and opening your heart to your soul. I am quieting your mind which tells you so many things. Be simple-hearted.

Reveal love to yourself. Be your own revelation. Count yourself in.

Sing to yourself a of love. with love in your heart. Let love come out to . Where can it but in your heart? And sing love out as the melody of love to the world. The world is anxious to hear you sing. The world longs for your music of love. It keeps waiting to hear the tune of your heart.

If you would like to sing love, then sing love. Sing to your heart's content.

If is awkward for you to sing to the world, then sing to Me. Sing to Me of love, and you will be playing My song. I cannot hear it too often. I play My song in your heart. Play Our tune. Play it for Me, and play it for you, and the world will hear it, and the world will open its heart, and the world will start singing too. The world will sing for all it is worth, and its worth will be high, and love will take its rightful place in the affairs of the world. Let love ring out from your heart so that the world can begin.

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