God said:

Was it not always the simple youngest who won the day in fairy tales? The older brothers thought they were smart. They knew , and the young brother knew nothing. Yet who was a fool? Not the young brother. He won the gold, the ’s fair hand, and the ’s domain. The older brothers were vanquished and often exiled. What were they exiled from?

It is not wise to know too much and think you are ahead of the game. Simplicity carries the day. Complexity is too smart for its own good. Cleverness is not in your best interest. Cleverness outfoxes itself. Cleverness does not take a straight path. Complexity is not simple. Complexity is craft.

Innocent, you don’t know everything. Innocence is open-hearted. Innocence is open to what comes. Cleverness presumes and peeks behind doors.

Be the innocent young brother.

Who is more innocent than I? I am on one-track, and that is the track of love. I did not figure everything out.

I just went ahead and created the world. The world righted itself, and gravity was born, and paths of the , moon, and stars took their places. The planets and such aligned themselves and went like clock-work. Seas were watered and salt added, and began and all manner of things arose.

The greatest of all were human beings who arose at the snap of My fingers. How can it be that human beings are the greatest of all? It can be because I fashioned you after Myself. I made you from patty-cakes and gave you dominion over, well, everything. I did not make blueprints. I did not plan. I said, “I want human beings,” and so appeared who took over the challenge of the Garden of Eden. A rib was wrested from , and Eve was joined to him and they became one the way two tree trunks sometimes entwine and lock in an embrace. Two trees as one, -embraced.

Numerous as you may be, you are One Indivisible Whole. You dance a quadrille. You lift your arms, and you lift your eyes, and you align with the stars as you dance. From My heart you came. From the stars you came, and you swing the Universe together higher and higher until all is in motion to the beat of My heart. All exists in My heart, and all put their ears to My heart and lean in My direction. We swing and sway.

What other direction is there than where I am? Who else is there to hear? Birthed from My heart, you are My magnificence. You are My beautiful Being, My beautiful Earth Being infinitely from My heart and to My heart, whirling and swirling the love in My heart and making love manifest like pop corn, like love popping all over unbeknown to itself, so natural, so honest, so innocent, a flower of love reaching to the sun and showering its rays everywhere like the light of the sun or the mist of the sea.

Where can love be found if not in your heart? Where can love not be found where I am? And where am I not? And where are you not, simple young son or daughter?

What is worth a hill of beans but love? What remedies all? What overtakes all and makes all beautiful?

What do you think life is? It is not a contest. Life is an opportunity for love to know itself. There is no grandstanding. Love, simple, elegant, love for all and all for love and the world at your feet. How do you do?

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