God said:

The thing about being impatient is that you frustrate yourself. You also frustrate the very situation that makes you impatient. You fight. You resist, as if you prefer frustration to patience. Surely, you are choosing impatience. Choose patience instead. Choose to be more easy-going.

Whatever you allow to make you impatient is not going to last forever. It will go away by itself, or you will find a solution. Disband impatience now. Tell yourself mildly that it’s all right to have this situation for a while. If there is nothing you can immediately do about it this minute, you might as well resign yourself to waiting.

Find that which in the situation you can be glad about. If your computer is frustrating you, at least you have a computer. You still have your fingers to type with. You still have your capacity. What happened to enjoying this moment that is at your service? Must you convince yourself that this moment must be made of something else, or you will not tolerate it?

Who are you to pout at the because it is not obeying your command? Who are you to pout or stamp your foot? Why must the suit your convenience just now? Odds are that you brought this situation that has gotten your goat all on your own? Odds are that nobody created this situation but you. And, if you did not, nevertheless, you still need to ride with it.

Your car won’t start, or you locked yourself out of your car. You are going to be late to work. So, then, be late to work without engendering aggravation to accompany being late. There are greater frustrations than being late. Be glad for that which you can be glad for.

Impediments are part of life. Do not be so impeded by them. Do impediments have to rule you? Roll with the punches, beloveds. Use this time for some other means than screaming at your .

It may be your fate to be late to work, but it is not your fate to insist upon intolerant frustration and temper. Wouldn’t you rather be good to yourself? Why not be good to yourself? Why not choose patience as your means?

Go get a cup of coffee, or use the delay to talk to Me in a friendly way? Why not be a good sport rather than a tempestuous one?

If you are caught in a hailstorm, let’s say, why storm at the storm? Accept it instead. If you rule the weather, then make friends with it.

If you cannot sleep at night, you don’t have to cry about it. The world has said that you have to sleep this night. Maybe this night was made for not sleeping. It is enough that you find you cannot sleep. Don’t compound it.

Even if you are the most impatient person in the world, you don’t have to continue to be. You pay a high price for your impatience, for what is impatience but tension? Untense yourself. Choose calmness. You can do it. There has to be a remedy for toppling out of your Beingness, for isn’t that what you are doing when you choose frustration over taking something in your stride?

Is this situation worth your getting tense over? Is it really?

Do not impound yourself because something is against your will. Life delivered you the wrong thing. Well, then, make it right, or wait it out. You want a situation to change. Maybe it is you who has to change. Maybe you need to increase your tolerance I.Q. Will you do it for Me?

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