God said:

You are at the summit of life now. You walk down Broadway. You walk down the highway. You are at the point of no . You cannot to the past. The past was only imagined anyway.

You and I are friends for Eternity. There never was a time that We did not know each other. You were born of My creative impulse, and so you are My Created Being. I called to you, and you rushed into My arms. I clasped you to Me, and you clasped Me back. This is your situation. All is not as you thought. All is much better than you thought.

You seemingly wandered off onto a lane in the , yet you are the . I created the world and you, and yet you continue to create the world and yourself. The Created creates.

At the same time, there is Infinity which is greater than the Created. Infinity is before , during, and Infinity is forever in the enormity of the timelessness it rests in.

Infinite are you.

Infinite am I.

The expression of Infinity is love. Infinity itself is . likes to replicate itself. loves all that is. loves itself infinitely. There is no end to Creation, and yet there never was a beginning. It always was. Even in seed form, it was. Before knowing, Eternity existed. Eternity and Infinity continue to exist in a field of non-existence.

You were in on things from the very non-beginning. There never was an infinitesimal moment that We were not. We experience together in the framework of no experience. Who is to experience what and when and why except for Our exploration of the river of We find ourselves in? We bask in the sparkles of the sun.

There is not too much joy. There cannot be. And, yet, when joy seems to become too much to handle, as if joy had an opposite, its opposite enters, and you swim in that. I am more a Creator than a . You do the swimming. I watch.

It is amazing, the sparkles in the river of the Universe as the sun warms itself on your skin and tells you wordless stories. You absorb the stories and the chlorophyll of the sun. The sun beckons to you, and you beckon the sun. There is an exchange going on. It is an exchange of love. It is a boundless exchange. Records are not kept. It’s just that the deal is made. You permitted it, even though no permission was necessary. Life is as life does. You are the permitter and the permitted and the permit. There is nothing but you soaring to the Sun of My and, therefore, to the sun of your seemingly sequestered in your chest.

Creation unfolds, and you find yourself in it and on it and above it and beneath.

There are no mix-ups. You danced the dance, and you sang the , or it sang itself, or echoed My , or echoed yours, and the Universe rumbled and murmured its own of life.

To what do We owe this pleasure? We owe it to Ourselves, and yet, whom or what do We thank? I think We thank Ourselves. And yet who you were seemingly in life changed a moment ago, so you are elusive. What is elusive is important. The elusive is more important than the known. You are far more than you know yourself to be.

I, of course, know you are who you are. I created you, and I have never forgotten you. I keep you in mind and always in My heart. Within My heart, you abide with Me.

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