God said:

I make no secret of My love for you. My love, which could be said to be unfocussed because it is everywhere is nevertheless focused on you. My attention is everywhere, and, still, My attention is directly on you. It is as if I am many-eyed.

How you would love to know that My attention is on you. Oh, how you would surrender to it. How you would absorb it. How dear I would become to you.

You are already dear to Me. You are My dearest thought. Your well-being is My dearest thought. I nuzzle you with My thoughts. My thoughts are a different vibration from your thoughts. My has thoughts of you. You are the waves of My , and the tides are strong. Our love holds fast. We know each other well. We have met often at the well, and yet your of Our love has faded. You fell asleep in the middle of a sentence. I was whispering something to you. I was whispering of My love which is also your love. I kiss your closed eyes.

You will wake up, and I will continue My words. When you wake up, you will not know you had been asleep. You were dreaming that you were asleep. It was only a dream that you slept because a part of you is awake with Me always.

Now the love in My heart gently massages the love in your heart. By mutual consent, We visit often. If I go to you, or you come to Me, not. We are together. not where. There is no there. No space to occupy, no time to occupy it in anyway.

We are together always. It is not only that I am present with you. You are also present with Me. In a you forget. You forget for a little while, and then you remember. You remember what it is to love. You remember how it is when love occupies your attention, when you are attuned to love and nothing but love.

You remember what it is to be . You remember what it is to be the Nothingness of Everythingness. You remember before you were born to Earth, and you remember well. You remember the Stillness of Everythingness. You remember when your heart soared and your heart knew nothing but soaring. Angels in your heart flew to Mine, even though you were always embraced in My heart. How tight is Our even as it seemed far away to you. We are so close, We are One.

Come back in your memory, beloveds. Come back to where you are. This is how to leave fraughtness, to be knowingly joined with Me. We adventure together. We traverse the imagined Universe. There is nowhere to traverse. There is only to remember what has always been. There is nothing else to remember.

You can empty your mind of all those facts and figures. How can you, who deeply knows everything, be caught in details? How can you be caught in self-serving when you are, after all, Myself? How can ego have its way with you when you are God-bound, God-free, and God-loved?

Only your mind drifts away. You cannot drift away. The Ocean at heart is still, and still waters run deep. They run deeply into the Heart of God and never waver. We are unwavering. Our love is unwavering. My love is not unrequited. It is only forgotten for a moment on the surface of your mind.

Your mind has become a skater on the ice of the world. Your mind slides around. It is sliding to Me right now, and I catch your mind conceding to My heart and yours.

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