God said:

If you have had enough of what has been, get into more of what is. What is and what was are not equal. What is, is and what was, is not. What was, was an appraisal. It was a conclusion you drew. You attributed a certain value and then the case is closed. It was good, or half-bad, or not good at all. Instead of leaving your appraisal by the wayside, you kept it with you. You would not budge your appraisal. You had made a decision about it, and you kept it, as if your appraisal were true and only true. You would not waver.

Once you looked into a wavy mirror, and that&;s how you saw yourself, waving in the breeze.

No matter what I say, you resist. How can you be a beautiful being, you ask yourself, when all of your life attested to your not being a beautiful being.

Oh, how the world will change when you change your appraisal of yourself. We are not speaking of ego here. We are not plumping you up like a sagging cushion. We are talking about the true of you. I am talking about the true of you. You may be talking about a photograph that was all illusion.

You are not what you were in the past. You are not what you thought you were in the past. You never were what you thought you were in the past. Do not buy yesterday’s goods. Buy fresh thought today.

Do not rely on others in the world to encourage you. Encourage yourself. Encourage others. You are meant to stand tall. You are meant to rise above your old patterns of thought. They have been held onto enough. They have been held on to too long.

It is not that you have to be salvaged. You have to look anew. Open your mind and heart even a crack, and you will begin to see the light coming through. The light is there. It is burning brightly within you. You are a tower of light, yet a tower of light that does not see itself.

You made a bargain long ago that you would not be yourself. You made a bargain long ago that you would be less than yourself. You accepted the bargain. Therefore, I say you made it. You were waylaid, and you said, “Okay. That’s how it is.” And you accepted unworthiness as fact. You looked around, and you saw unworthiness. You looked in a wavy mirror, and you saw waviness. Wave goodbye to unworthiness. You are worth a ’s ransom. And, I, the , ransom you from false beliefs.

As easily as you were persuaded to false belief, now be persuaded to the true light of personhood. The truth is that you are light surrounded by a body. Your light is not dampened. Your light shines brightly, only you have believed in the shade around your light more than you have believed in the light. As you believed, you saw. Now I ask you to see yourself as you are. See with My eyes, and all you will see is bright light shining. Wherever you look, you will see bright light shining. You will see the sparkling of love radiating everywhere. You will be weighed on a true scale, and the world’s thumb will not be falsifying the scale.

To thine own self be true takes on a new meaning.

You hear My message to you. You are My message. I give you a message that you are to shine to the world and, so, you embrace the world, My message, and yourself.

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