God said:

I inveigle you to come to Me with in your hand, like a hat, or like an offering, as a guest brings a box of chocolates or a cake. You bring your to Me, and you hold it out, and you say: “Here, God, this is for you. Here, God, this is yours. You gave it to me to keep for You, and I have kept it. You did not want me to keep it aseptic or wrapped in plastic where nothing could enter it. You wanted me to keep giving it away on Your , and, so that when I place it before you, you would be happy that it had been used and given away freely.”

You say, “God, it is a little worn. I hope you don&;t mind.”

Of course, I don’t mind at all. That’s how I like it. The unused pieces of your heart are sterile. They are rusty not from wear but from disuse. I am an economical kind of God. I like hearts to be well-used and well-used over and over again.

Hearts are not meant to be prim and proper. Hearts are not meant to wear a starched collar. Hearts are meant to be very pliable, to be worn even inside out. Hearts are not to stand on ceremony. They are not meant to be decorous. They are meant to be easy-going and plump. What a heart I gave you, not to be saved, but to be used.

Of course, a heart cannot be used up. It flourishes with use. A heart is meant to be popular, a hail fellow well met. A heart is meant to be welcoming, humble, and generous. A heart is meant to be glad, very glad, for the opportunity of serving fellow hearts on My behalf.

On Earth, you with a wonderful heart that beats inside you in tune to My love is meant to be rampant, galumphing all over, making friends on hill and dale, a knowing heart that knows how to give its love and is not shy to, a rollicking heart that rolls in laughter, engages in play, frolics like a lamb on grass and gathers grass and doesn’t worry about neatness or any kinds of confines, an eager heart to offer itself everywhere, not minding if it is taken or not, a heart that knows its place is everywhere, has confidence to know that all other hearts, no matter what they may seem like, are its kin, perhaps long-lost but now are found.

How My heart beats at the love you have given and the joy you have found. I take joy in all hearts, crazy mixed-up hearts, stumbling hearts, shy hearts, hearts that bump into yours, hearts that lose all bounds, hearts that dance to beat the band, hearts that fall all over themselves, hearts that can’t stop laughing, hearts that never miss a beat, hearts that fall all over themselves in their joy at meeting other hearts, hearts that swing and sway, hearts that go out of their way to offer themselves, hearts that don’t know anything else but to be hearts raring to make music, good-natured hearts that want to play and yet play no games, hearts that sit aside so that other hearts can sit up front, hearts that offer themselves without restriction, hearts that know what life is about, and hearts that know enough to seize the moment and overthrow it with joyfulness.

I am looking for hearts. Are there any hearts here? May I see a count of hearts? Raise your hearts so that I may see them and take them into My heart and have a jamboree such as all hearts have been waiting for.

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