God said:

Let Us come back to simpleness. Oh, to be simple again. Simple is without ego. There is no parade, no brass band, no pomp. is like a new-born lamb and grass and sky and a farm-house.

How complicated life often seems to be. How complex.

You need not search for the big word. A simple word will do. A simple word will do better.

Oneness is reduced to simplicity. I would like to say that Oneness is enlarged to simplicity. Simplicity is deceptively simple.

Today will you have an intention to be simple? Yes, to be simple-minded. Do not try to figure anything out. Just stroll through life. Be open to whatever comes. If it rains, enjoy the rain. If it is sunny, enjoy the sun. Do simple arithmetic, if you like, but no problems.

Imagine if this were your first day on the day the itself was born. I think you would do handstands and somersaults. You would roll in the grass. You would embrace the trees. You would hop over rivulets. Your would reach the sky. What would the Earth hold that you would not be delighted to see?

And, when you saw other human beings, you would run over to them with alacrity.

Imagine if you did not know language, how honest life would be. You would point, and touch, and your eyes would open wide, and you would communicate. Your communication would be untrammeled. It would be unsophisticated. You wouldn’t have learned too much yet. You would be simple. There would be no conventions for you to follow or to attain. You would attain yourself without trying. You would be innocent rather than knowledgeable.

When did the arise that complex was better than simple? How did the arise? Give it back. Give back the . Choose simple across the board.

What if there were no rules and regulations? What if they had not been thought of yet, and no one was obligated to be but what I created them to be? Everyone would be simple. There would be no wasted conversations or time that was not beautiful.

Hearts would meet first-hand. Your eyes would look into everyone’s eyes, and you would see Mine. You would put a hand over My heart, and you would feel the beat of My heart. You would put your hand over your heart, and you would feel the same beat of My heart. Hearts would be hearts. They would be indistinguishable.

You would have no lines to learn.

You wouldn’t have to learn courtesy and manners. You would simply be courteous and mannerly.

You would lead the way by letting others go first.

You would share. You would share love the way the sun shares itself.

You would not know of obstacles. They wouldn’t occur to you.

Everyone would be your sister or your brother, and you would be theirs.

You would not stand on ceremony. Every act and deed of yours would be like poetry. You would stand on metaphor, and it would all be true. If all were true, nothing could be false. You would be true to yourself. There never would have been the thought or possibility otherwise.

Grass would be green, and hearts would be true. Everyone would be good-hearted.

You would be grateful for every tidbit of life. You would be grateful for everyone. You would be grateful for yourself. You would be grateful.

What on Earth would you complain about? What on Earth would you analyze? What on Earth would there be to analyze or complain about? Complaint would not have been invented.

You would be natural. It is against nature to complain, as if you were owed something. You would be more giving instead. No longer speak of not understanding this or not understanding that. Is someone supposed to hand you understanding of the Universe? Is someone supposed to put love in your hand, or are you to give love out as you were created to do?

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