God said:

Listen, you have responsibility. You have responsibility to lift the world higher. It is not for you to sit around with your feet up and be waited on. I ask you not to grumble one more time. I ask you to remember. To remember Me and to remember that you can cast a high vibration. And why wouldn&;t you? Why wouldn&;t you want to uplift the world?

You can do better than to complain. Who are you to complain? Let it not be said on your gravestone: “He was a great grumbler. He complained well.”

Think of what you are doing. It is not smart to find fault. It is not smart to be the and the Pea. It is smart to be pleased. It is not hard to find fault. You have been doing it all your life. It doesn’t take brilliance to be dissatisfied. If it did, you would be brilliant.

It is not extraordinary to find that essence to be dissatisfied about. It is ordinary. It is boring. Come, find another way of looking at things. Find a way to make yourself happy.

You want Me or someone else to make you happy. That is your job, beloveds. making yourself happy by stopping a moment and raising your sites. Look higher. There is a sun and a moon, and there are stars, and there are rainbows. Anyone can do what you have been doing. Look what you’re doing. You have been looking at molehills.

It may be comfortable for you to find fault, and yet you may need to get up from the sofa of complaint that you have been lying on. Is this really the best use of your time? Is this really the best you can do? Enough moaning and groaning and trying to be existential. Haven’t you had enough? Enough of being the quintessential expert on how the world should rotate for you?

Stop twirling the world idly with your left little finger. Stand up and hold the world by your two hands. Give the world a chiropractic adjustment. Do anything but complain. Surely, you have something better to do.

Why is it so important to you to grouse about this or that? The eggs weren’t cooked right. The toast is cold. The wrong person got elected. The world is going to pot.

Well, get up. Find another hobby. Complaining may suit you, yet it is does not befit you.

Right now, dedicate yourself to being a joy-finder, a joy-giver, a fan of joy, and a disseminator of it. Let no gripe pass your lips. No one likes a complainer.

Come, be a sprite now. Let your thoughts fly with wings and be for the betterment of the world you live in.

If you lived in an apartment you didn’t like, you would either move or repaint it. Where are you going to move to? Where is there to move to? Better get those brushes out and start painting the world. Color the world . Don’t slouch. Make a difference to the world.

Plant a garden. Wash your car. Sweep the sidewalk. Walk lively. Teach yourself to smile. No more glumness. No more pulling the world down. Complaining isn’t smart. Did you really think it was?

Now, stop thinking about yourself so much, and be the inspirer you were born to be. Uplift the world. To do that, you have to uplift yourself. No longer allow yourself to be baggage that must be carried. Start carrying yourself and light the stars so that all may see from a higher frequency. Emit a higher frequency now. You can do it. Make no excuses.

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