God said:

Because there is no time in , there is no pace. There is no speeding nor slowing down. Everything exists at the same time, rather, non-time. In there is also no space. There is spacelessness. There are no miles nor inches. There is no geography. No outer space even.

Timelessness and spacelessness go hand in hand. Or, rather, since they do not exist, they don&;t even go hand in hand. They just are non-existent.

The beauty of life on is that there is the and space. You like the vision of space you see, and you like the passage of time and the seasons. All these are beautiful. What is not so beautiful is your utter reliance on time and space as if they were the heart of existence.

By now you know that Being is the heart of existence. Being is regardless of spacelessness and timelessness. Being is the underlay, shall We say? Being is definitely the underlay. If there were no Being, there would not be the illusion of time and space. If there were no Being, there would not be the illusive changeable characteristics of physical . Your goes by the temporary physical laws. Because of Being, physical laws follow a continuity that certainly seems to exist and yet does not. On one level, it seems provable. One level is one level. In one believed-in minute, the exists. In another believed-in minute, the drops away, for the True Being has left the which was only temporary in the world’s laws anyway.

The physical world fools you. The physical world is not to be ignored, however. It is the playground you go to for a while. Enjoy the play, and remember Reality. Remember Me. Remind yourself that there is another life of Being going on in the background, and one that never ever leaves you. Nor have you ever left it.

Practically speaking, you have an accountability to both worlds, even though one is acted out only as if it were real. In the as if, everyone plays his part well. Everyone plays hide-and-seek. Everyone travels the same road in one disguise or another. Stay in the world, and leave the disguise behind.

No more hiding. Now just seeking. You are seeking to raise the Earth up to the level of Heaven. This is definitely possible. It is not only possible, it is happening. You are in the seeking phase of life. It has been said: “Seek and ye shall find.” It so happens that you will find whether you seek consciously or not. It is worthwhile to intend, yet you have been finding right along, and now you wake up to the fact that you have been finding yourself.

We can take that further. You have been seeking to find out where you are right now. You have always been in this non-place that you are seeking. You never left the harbor. You were on an imagined trip, beloveds. You were on a voyage of a , and now you wake up to the fact that the ship never left the shore of Heaven.

You had a long drawn-out dream created in the illusion of time and space. There was much to like about the dream. Your Beingness went along with time and space. Time and space were unreliable. Nevertheless, you went along with them. No wonder you had angst.

Now you enter into the of Being where nothing can happen, nothing but love in full measure, that is. How do you like them apples?

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