God said:

You are at your happiest when you take . Seemingly staying the same is a drag. Go forward with full intention to step high.

Never do you want to stay on the same rung of the ladder.

Climbing, you are happy.

So always you move forward. A human being is a being who moves forward. A human being is not meant to crawl into a safe pit and stay there. No, human beings are ever meant to be on the rise.

You are not to let anything stop you from . Nothing. If you have to crawl, you move forward. If you have to swallow pride, you move forward. When you are in a pickle, and don’t know what to do, move forward. Move out of the pickle you are in. Whatever it takes, rise above it.

Look, the weather changes. Everything changes. Minute by minute in the relative world, there is change after change. You are part of the relative world as well, and it is for you to grow by the minute.

You are to flourish. You are My rose in bloom only never think of yourself as wilting. You keep blooming in My heart.

If I made wishes, I would wish today that you would accept the bounty of who you are. You are potential, and yet you are far more than potential.

Of course, I do not wish. I have no need of wishes, for I have knowledge, and I know, I know as well as I know the palm of your hand, that you are a being of love, of fulsome love. I know you are more than promise. I know you are the realization of all My dreams, yet, of course, I think big yet I do not dream, or, We can say, that none of My dreams is wasted. I do not dream. I know. I know how powerful are My thoughts. You may not yet accept how powerful your thoughts are, yet, surely, you can recognize the validity of My thoughts. You are My thought, and you manifested. As the sun rises to meet the dawn, you are My thought walking on .

You are to the manor born. You are Heaven-born and Heaven-bound. You go from Heaven to Heaven. Earth is a step on the way. It is an island you go to. But not for just a change of scenery. Not to just get a tan, but to grow and flourish. This is what to evolve means. On the island of Earth, when you climb a mountain, you put one step after another. This is how you scale the mountain-top from which you see the whole pattern of life and recognize where you are and how bountiful I AM. And how bountiful, then, that you are. You are from sea to shining sea.

You are not a wanderer. It seems so to you because you don’t always see where you are going. You are always going from here to here. You are always learning to play a guitar of such tone and beauty that you can hardly believe it.

You play the instrument of life on My behalf. You came to Earth for Me. You will grow and triumph, yet you did not alight on Earth for you. There is no you, remember? There is I, and you are I. There is One I. This is not a miracle. This is what has always been, and, yet, time after time, you pass Oneness by. Why is that? Why can’t you believe in yourself as a Holy Being of God’s who is here to brighten the world for My sake?

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