12 July 2011


Karen Doonan

Welcome we are the high council of orion and we come to help support and you through the shifts in that are occurring at this time across the planet earth. Many struggle with these energies as emotions are now heightening for many. It is a time of clearing out dear ones, a time of allowing all to flow and that means allowing that which has been trapped within your hearts to go. Many are struggling with centred living and we this is due to not weeding out the seeds of fear within your BEing.

The mind centred way of living will tell you that it does not matter that you still have people, places and events trapped within your BEing, it will logically try to tell you than you have lived this way for years and survived so there is no need to now go within and clear all of this out. It will take you down the route of “too busy today” so that for many it will be almost impossible to “find” time to go within. The mind will fill up with a list of chores and tasks to do that mean once more a human day goes past with more unease but no release from that unease.

We note that many are not able to take time for themselves, such is the depth of illusion around “free” time in many human lives that there is never a “time out”. For many females across the planet this is a luxury that once they may have had but now no longer have and we guide you to look at this scenario and ask who this serves? Why would the illusion teach that you must fill in all your waking hours with tasks and chores? Why would there never be a moment for yourself to go deep within or even to switch off from all the chores and tasks? We guide you to disconnect from this illusion dear ones for in reality you have all the time that you need.

The mind will try to persuade you that those trapped in your hearts are meant to stay there. Along with the teachings of illusion a mind centre life experience will logically tell you that they do no harm and may even teach you that there is something wrong if you do not keep people, places and events stored within you. We guide you strongly to look at this scenario and see how illusion keeps you trapped in a lower vibration and disguises this as . Many are too full of fear to go within and see what resides within their hearts. As many never move past the first stages of grief it may seem impossible to start to remember the people held within your BEing without seeds of fear being triggered. For many of you will believe the teachings of illusion that state “best left alone”. It has been taught across the planet that once something is buried within your BEing that it should not be taken out and looked at, that it should not be “raked over” for fear of opening the same wound. Does our analogy makes sense to you dear ones, do you see how this keeps you trapped in a lower vibration?

We do not ask that the human race look into their hearts and relive the pain that is stored there although the mind may try to rationalise it as this. We ask you to empty your hearts of the places, people and events that are stored there so that they may be released and healed. Whilst you store within your hearts you block the flow of the LOVE that IS. This serves no one dear ones as you will be healed with the LOVE that IS and the person who has transcended will be helped on their way by the same LOVE that IS. We fully acknowledge that for many across planet earth our words at this time will not resonate, many are deeply in illusion when it comes to human and transcending. Many fully absorb the teachings of illusion which are that is the end.

We would like to guide further on human death and we guide you to look into your hearts and process the truth of human death dear ones. Death is the end of the physical and it is this physical representation of a human that you grieve for. Death is NOT the end for the , the and energy of that person are eternal, energy does not die it continually moves and changes. All that has happened in a human death is that the energy of the human has transcended the physical. This can be for any number of reasons, no human on earth has access to the reasons for anothers incarnation on the planet earth. No one can know when another is about to die, it is not predetermined as all can rewrite their scripts at any point. This is done at a high level and does not filter down into the conscious mind of the human concerned unless they are able to go into that space themselves. This would be highly unusual for a human at the level of consciousness that exists across planet earth at this time.

We wish to make clear that whilst we guide that another cannot know the timing of another transcending that does not mean that those who have a very close emotional bond will not be alerted to that transcending. The two scenarios are completely different. Many humans have experienced the pull of the soul leaving the physical and have felt the passing of loved ones or humans they are closely connected to at the time of transcending. What we guide is that prior to the event when the human incarnates on the planet there is no way of another human knowing the life span of that human.

The illusion teaches separation in all things and is densest around death and transcending of the human physical. Even the word death for many humans is enough to trigger deep seated fears to emerge and we ask why? All who incarnate on earth know that when that incarnation takes place at some point in the human life journey they will transcend the physical and move on. When a human being enters the physical plane of planet earth they are taught very early on in that incarnation that death separates and that death is something to be feared.

Many of you are now questioning how our words of guidance can help with the ascension process as death is to many humans a subject that they avoid at all costs, it is precisely for this reason that we wish to guide on it. To ignore a part of the human life process because it brings up feelings of unease is to allow illusion to sneak in. If there are shadows dear ones shine light on them for they may harbour the seeds of fear planted by illusion. All seeds of fear wish to be allowed to grow within the darkness of the human psyche. The place where a human stores the “worst fears”, this is a place where the human is uneasy about visiting and the less this place is visited the more the seeds of fear can take hold. Do you understand our analogy dear ones, do you see how illusion works against you. Whilst you have fear within your BEing you have the potential for illusion to pull you back in.

For many the heart is the place of darkness, for many humans the heart is a place that is hardly ever visited, there is no need to visit the heart in mind centred living as the heart is never brought into the equation. For many who live in the mind centred life experience do not need to check in with their hearts. Theirs is the life experience that is always processed by logic, the heart is not asked how it feels for the brain has already decided that logically it makes sense so the human goes along with it. Many have lived this way so long that going into the heart would be akin to going into a dark cupboard with no light.

We guide you to within to your hearts and dust off the cobwebs, put the light on inside the cupboard and have a look around. Seeds of fear needed weeded dear ones, for once you allow the LOVE that IS to flow freely through your hearts you will experience a great release. No longer bound by the storage within your heart the people, places and events will be transmuted into the LOVE that they always were. You will feel lighter and freer then ever before and you no longer carry the weight of grief and negativity that you once did.

The energies across the planet earth will trigger many dear ones and it is this trigger that we guide you to work with. If you feel yourself filling up with tears or anger or hatred then take this as the guide to where you need to look within your BEing for the seeds of fear. No negative emotion can be present in the human body unless seeds of fear have germinated. For many at this time of chaos and world change those seeds are being replanted at a rapid rate. We guide there is not a point where a human can stand back and say “ok I have weeded, no more work to do “ for many will find that they are uncovering layers of fear. The fear will have been planted generation after generation and the humans who have incarnated now on planet earth could well be carrying the fear of generations within them. Many of you have deliberately chosen to incarnate into families that fear is strong within to do this work. For many the layers of fear go on and on and we guide you to work with it. Continue to weed, continue to allow the LOVE that IS to flow through your heart and watch as the world changes around you.

Many of you will find that those asleep around you will try to stop you from doing this work. Many humans are triggered with the words of death and will try to prevent you from talking or discussing those who have transcended. Be aware of their need to prevent you from doing this as this will bring up seeds of fear for them. But it cannot be healed unless the heart is open dear ones so we guide you strongly to do this work on your own. If discussing a human transcending is triggering those around you then we guide you to allow it to BE. Work with the heart dear ones, hold the space for those who feel the fear most intensely and allow the LOVE that IS to flow through you.

For many across the planet it will BE the way that you begin to live your life that will be the key to those around you healing. For many have undergone transcending humans in a variety of ways and it is by moving through this, by showing those around you that LOVE can live in your heart that the healing process will be continued. Think if you will as it being a ripple on a pond effect. As you begin the healing process your vibration will heighten, you will FEEL the heightened vibration and you will be able to FEEL the energy of the human who has transcended the physical so much easier as grief is not preventing the connection. That will allow others who may be asleep to see that it is possible to live a human life experience and the transcending of a loved one and BE.

Human consciousness is expanding dear ones and the changes are now beginning to ripple across the planet earth. As this heightens and expands the depth of emotion that many can access increases. See this not as a sign of failure but as a sign that you are moving through the layers. Deep healing is being processed across the planet dear ones, many are able to access SELF at a deeper level than ever before. As human consciousness expands the level of human suffering will decrease as the connection with source is made by more and more humans. They will be able to hold the space for those who are still asleep and this will continue dear ones.

Do not look at this process as a huge mountain to climb, look at it as clearing out your BEing, sweeping the cobwebs from your BEing and allowing the light that lives within to shine out clearly and brightly to all around you. Human BEings are pure beings of light dear ones, that light is found within your hearts, as you clear away the debris you will allow that light to shine dear ones and you will be freer. Move into your freedom now dear ones, allow the veils of illusion to be penetrated by the bright light that you ARE.

We are the high council of orion and we are your brothers and sisters from the stars. We guide at this time to help many move through the dust and cobwebs of their hearts to find the shining light that is a beacon within. None of you came here to live a life of slavery and drudgery dear ones, freedom is your birthright but only YOU can take that freedom to BE. We love you, we have always loved you, WE ARE ONE.