17 July 2011


Welcome beloveds we are the high council of orion and we come with further messages of support and love at this time. We note that more and more humans are beginning to move towards centred life experience and we send much love and blessings to all. Many are unaware of the strength that they have deep within their BEing and we you to find this strength through your .

All across the planet the energies continue to increase and expand, planet earth is expanding and so are its children. Dear ones is the growth that you came here to experience and we guide strongly that you embrace this . For many it means moving out of familiar territory where the life experience you have had so far no longer resembles what is coming into creation for you. We guide strongly to ground your energies as you move into the to start your journey of heart living.

Many across the planet reach the stars in meditations and we celebrate and send much love to you, we are ecstatic to reach so many of you at this time and send much love for your faith and trust in YOUR journey to truth. We guide strongly the to ground the energies that are experienced and guide strongly that ignore the grounding of energies may cause some physical symptoms to occur within the human body. The energies are higher than they have been during the human life time of those across the planet. We have guided the speed of expansion be tailored to what each one of you can feel comfortable with for a reason. It is important that many do not get carried away with the higher vibrations, this can cause many to feel unsure of the way forward, unsure of what they do and they may fall back into illusion as they do not FEEL their truth.

The continues to be upgraded and reset at all times, as you move through the layers of illusion you will be able to carry more and more at a higher vibration. Many find that this can have physical symptoms that seem to make them feel nauseated or dizzy. These are classic signs that grounding has not taken place. We have guided on the need to identify which part of the human cycle is taking place and to go with the flow. When sleep is needed it is needed dear ones, to push past the sleep, to carry on with what you do may see many out of balance. The sleep is where the processing of energies and information is done dear ones. To miss out this step is take a step backwards in the expansion of energies. Do you see our analogy dear ones? Do you see the importance of accepting, absorbing and grounding the truth that resides within you heart?

Many humans across the planet feel excited at the new connections that are being made and this is rightly so. The human race has lived in the veil of illusion for so long that the joy of connecting back to source and truth can be overwhelming to many. It is for this reason that grounding is needed. We have guided on the need to interact with mother nature, this is grounding without being conscious of grounding dear ones. For as you walk on the earth of the planet you naturally ground. It is important to spend time out doors in nature at times of major and we guide you to regularly walk outside barefoot. For many of you this will be difficult as many live in cities and built up areas where walking barefoot has never been considered. We guide you to find somewhere to walk and to walk there regularly. For those who live in extremely built up areas we guide you to take nature inside to you. It is important to be surrounded by all realms at this time of major change and allow the realms to help you.

For many a renewed interest in wildlife will signify the realm trying to connect with you. We guide strongly for you to go into the silence and ask the question of whom is trying to connect and why and listen for the answer. It may be that many of you have looked out of your windows and decided it is now time to alter the garden, you are connecting back to nature dear ones. Many will have connections made in dreamtime, we guide you strongly to decipher the codes and symbols in your dreams.

The visions/ dreamtime is where many realms first access human consciousness in the human BEing. Taking symbols and ideas from the mind of the human so that the human can then interpret what is happening. We guide you strongly to take the symbols into the heart space and listen for their meaning. Once more we guide strongly on UNITY. The ascension process is now moving to UNITY. This is further expansion of human consciousness and we fully appreciate that for many this is not a concept that is accepted. WE ARE ONE. That means that all is part of all dear ones.

We guide strongly that if you see competition, if you feel envy and other negative emotions towards another human BEing then you are in illusion. There is NO competition , there is only UNITY. Across the planet there are lightworkers who have now moved into this way of BEing. These are the lightworkers who are working in new ways, who are not seeking to define their work as UNITY is not defined, it is expanded. For a human to expand they must seek to move past definition. To help illustrate our point dear ones , let us use an example. Many across the planet start their journey into truth by learning about energy. Many start of learning a small course that alerts them to the energy within their BEing and they learn about the human energy system. Many humans get to this level and then do not expand further. They practice on their friends and family but apart from this circle they will not show the world who they are. We guide strongly dear ones that these humans are seeded with fear. Fear stops them showing the world who they are. Weed these seeds out dear ones and have faith and trust in the process that is the human life journey.

ALL can work with energy for you ALL ARE ENERGY. There are no rules of , for energy is within and around each human BEing alive on planet earth. Energy has no rules dear ones, it moves and is always moving, there are no rules of how it can be used, these are seeds of fear created by illusion to slow down the expansion of the human BEing. If our words trigger you dear ones, please process with your hearts and take our words into the silence within. It is time for the human race to move forward and to embrace UNITY.
Where an makes rules regarding the use of that energy there are seeds of fear. Where an defines the energy they use, there is fear. The illusion creates the rules to “protect”, to “help” all under the guise of love but in reality out of the seeds of fear.

To work with energy and to be contained by rules states to the universe that there is fear present within your very BEing. The universe is energy, that energy is not good nor bad it just IS. It is human interpretation of energy that will direct it. If you believe dear ones that you can use energy in an inappropriate way you are in illusion. Animals, plants and crystals are energy and they do not follow rules dear ones. We guide you to ask who put in place rules? Who do they serve? If you hold the LOVE that IS firmly within your BEing then energy will flow as it does. That energy will be LOVE for it IS. Do you see our analogy dear ones? It is human interpretation that alters that flow. For when there are seeds of fear within a human that human is contained. A contained human is a human who is not living from their heart centre, they have moved back to the mind centred life experience. For in the heart centred life experience there is not fear there just is LOVE. LOVE IS dear ones, it is not defined it just IS.

We acknowledge that for many lightworkers our message of guidance will trigger and we guide you to look at what has been triggered. All emotions that are negative come from fear and we guide you to look inside and find those seeds of fear and weed them out.

All realms are now showing how they work as ONE. Many channels will be connecting with other realms as channels of starbeings will channel messages for Archangels etc etc. This is being done deliberately to show the UNITY of the universe. Dear ones it is not one channel for one realm, that is human containment. It is ALL realms being available for help and support to ALL humans.

Messages through various channels across the planet earth will start to show this dear ones, be alerted to this and see it for the wonderous expansion of your BEing that it is. UNITY dear ones, for WE ARE ALL ONE.

We are the high council of orion and we are your brothers and sisters of the stars. We come to guide and support you at this time of vast change in human consiousness. As always dear ones process through your hearts. LIVE through your hearts. We love you. ALL ARE ONE