19 July 2011  

Karen Doonan

Welcome beloveds , once more we come to and support you at this time of massive and unending change and heightening vibration. We realize that many are now able to resonate with our words of and we wish to the deeper changes that are happening at a cellular level across the planet.

Many of you are now beginning to experience the physical changes that are occuring as you move towards the centred life experience and we are here to guide on these experiences so that you are able to stay out of illusion and you begin to question what you are experiencing. For many the most obvious change is the ability to connect to other realms at a deeper level, for many of you this will be an experience that you will try to check and try out over and over as you begin to absorb how straight forward and easy that it is. It was never difficult dear ones, the level of trust and faith in your BEing was such that you were not a level that would permit that previously. We cannot guide strongly enough about the trust and faith in the process of heightening vibration and the clearing of the .

For many it will be the clearing of the heart that poses the greatest hurdle yet dear ones it is not the mountain that many fear that it is. The mountain is born out of illusion, illusion has taught the lesson that everything has to be striven for , worked hard for and is difficult to achieve. How can it be difficult for a human BEing to BE, for that is what you were designed for dear ones, that is in essence WHAT YOU are. We guide strongly to detach from the illusion of difficult or hard as the journey into the heart is just that a journey. It is not difficult nor easy it just IS.

We guide that many of you are now beginning to experience connections are a more rapid rate than ever before and we guide you to absorb and have faith and trust in your abilities. As we have guided before many are now able to channel other realms and it is vital that you allow this to be fully absorbed at heart centre. ALL is connected to ALL dear ones and the channels chosen by the different realms previously were done so out the need to communicate across the planet. As more and more humans are heightening their vibration more and more will be able to connect and as ALL are ONE the choice of channel will be many. We guide that at present many who channel are being connected to other realms but are not allowing the realm a voice. We guide strongly that if you channel Angelic realms and are connected to a star system to honour that connection. ALL are ONE. ALL realms are moving from channel to channel to prove this to those across the planet. There is no other way to show more rapidly just how connected ALL are than do this.

Many humans have made the conscious decision that they are not allied to any particular star system and will only accept the connection to various realms. We guide you dear ones to take this into the silence within and ask the question why? Why does it feel safer to connect to the angelic realms than the dragon realms? Illusion has taught that there is nothing outside of what human eyes and ears see and hear and we guide you strongly to detach. Many humans will have a stronger connection to a specific realm but have connections to ALL realms. It can be no other way dear ones for ALL ARE ONE. Do you understand our guidance? Do you understand our analogy?

ALL are connected dear ones. Illusion has taught that humans can belong to one star system and not another and once more we guide this is illusion of separation. ALL ARE ONE. Many humans have spent lifetimes on various planets, an affiliation for one star system may indicate that was the most recent memory but ALL are ONE. Do you understand our guidance dear ones? The universe is multi dimensional therefore at any point you can connect to YOU exist for YOU cannot not exist. Energy is eternal. We fully appreciate that many will not resonate with our guidance at this time and we guide for you to let it sit within the silence and allow the truth to be revealed to you.

We are aware that many are triggered by our guidance and once more we guide that any negative emotion that is triggered is done so by the seeds of fear. At this moment across planet earth the illusion is planting seeds of fear at a very deep level within those who are still asleep. We guide you to be fully aware of this and to check regularly for seeds that may have been planted. It is vital through these times of vast energetic changes that meditation and the connection to the heart is made regularly to keep the connection strong. Those who are asleep will try to pull many back into illusion as the vibrations of humans across the planet heighten.

Many humans are now beginning to experience dietary changes and the way that their body is now processing fuel and we guide you honour the changes. Many humans are now forgoing foodstuffs that once they would consume in favour of completely different ones. Be aware dear ones that as you begin to harmonize the heart with the rest of the body you will be drawn to the foodstuffs that are correct for your body. This is a process that will be ongoing for some time and may cause some confusion in the early stages as those who have gotten into "routine" and who have been in illusion with regard to the fuel for their body will be snapped out into truth. For those who carry a heightening vibration we guide plenty of rest and pure, clear water. To drink fuel that is not pure, clear and as natural as possible may lead to various symptoms that are unpleasant. We guide you to honour your body, do not fall into illusion and believe the teachings of another over YOU. YOU are the expert at your own fuel needs and they may be completely different to the human next to you. That does not make YOUr choice wrong nor their choice right. This is about the individual needs of each human body. Each will differ as no two humans are exactly the same.

Once more we guide you dear ones to honour the need of sleep for the human body. Many of you will struggle with the new vibration as it adjusts and levels out, the easiest way to harmonize the vibration is through rest and sleep. We guide you strongly not to force any changes, there is no rush dear ones , this is a process.

We step back now to allow you to absorb out guidance, we are the high council of orion and we are your brothers and sisters from the stars. ALL ARE ONE. We are honoured and blessed to connect to you at this time in human evolution. We love you dear ones, we have never not loved you. Please process all our guidance through your hearts. ALL ARE ONE.