22 July 2011  

Channeler: Karen Doonan

Welcome beloveds we are here to guide and support all in this journey to wholeness. Many of you have fallen back into chaos as the energies move to expand your BEing and to pull the veils of illusion from your eyes. For many the journey into the heart has proved to be harder than thought and we guide you all at this time. The journey dear ones is not harder nor easier, it just IS. What is happening to many is that they hold on, to hold on is to let the pain fester, the journey into the heart dear ones is to clear the heart, to let the wings of the LOVE that IS to blast through your very BEing, healing each part of you.

Many are still holding on to that keep the veils in place. NOTHING stays the same dear ones, if you feel that you are going through a drama or crisis that is back again then illusion is at work. There is something that you are holding on to tightly at a deep level that is trying to stop you from seeing the beauty and joy all around you. Dear ones we guide that your outer reality is but a reflection of your inner reality and this has always been the case. When you find yourself in a situation that seems unbearable, painful and one that you wish to run from then you must look for the seeds of fear, for they will be buried deeply, it is these seeds of fear that is blurring your vision.

Many across the planet struggle with those who are still asleep trying to pull their vibration back down again and we guide you to go within and find the love and compassion that lives in your heart for these humans. These are the humans who will try to fill you full of fear, the humans who inform you of media events, who are keen to point out to you that the world they live in is a dark and dangerous place. They know no other way of BEing at this point in their dear ones and they FEEL the difference in your vibration. This further stimulates the growth of the seeds of fear within them and they are taught firmly by illusion that change is equal to more fear.

We guide you strongly to detach from trying to enlighten them, this may result in your vibration lowering as you try to see things from their perspective and this leaves you open to illusion and its teachings. The human life journey is unique and individual dear ones, illusion teaches that all must follow the same path, there is no need to pour valuable into enlightening those around you. We fully understand why you would do this but dear ones we guide strongly against it. This journey is about YOU and YOUr reality, if another human has a completely different reality then so be it, that is their journey at this point in their life. Many will go on to awaken later on, some as we have already guided will never awaken in this human life time. No one has the information of whether a human is ready to awaken and to what level. We guide you to concentrate on keeping your vibration high and love and compassion in your heart.

Many humans question this guidance and see it as somehow abandoning their kin, you do not abandon them dear ones, you hold the space for them. As you expand and heighten your vibration they will begin to do one of two things. They will either start to awaken, they will start to question their life and their ideals, or they will fall further into illusion to justify their life journey to you. If they do the latter then it is vital you hold the space for them. That does not mean to enlighten them dear ones, that means to pour love and compassion through all interactions with them. That pours your vibration through theirs and it also lowers the force of their words. Words are powerful dear ones, when you lower your vibration and get into altercations with those of a lower vibration then all vibration is lowered.

We guide dear ones that all are coming along well. The level of human consciousness is heightening and many are now able to access more and more levels of truth. We guide you to process and absorb all new levels of truth until it resonates fully into your life experience. Many humans do not adhere to this guidance and find themselves once more in chaos. It is an experience dear ones, do not berate yourself at any point, when you have learned the lesson of absorption and resonance simply accept and move on. This is not about getting it right nor wrong dear ones, for there is no right, no wrong, there just IS. This is about finding your way forward on this human life journey. YOU have been kept in the dark for so long that it will take time for many to accept their truth.

It is vital dear ones that you accept the truth of who YOU are. That is not for us to guide on nor describe for who YOU are is unique. We do guide however on accepting the truth of who YOU are. If this is not absorbed and resonates fully with your very BEing then you may find that the path of progress is much slower and you may fall back into illusion. Dear ones many are still struggling with the concept of a larger world, a larger universe and we fully accept this. Many will never accept the truth and we accept this as well dear ones.

The universe is supporting all at this time as major shifts are occurring within many humans across the planet. Once more we guide there is no rush, no race , there just IS. There is no winner nor a loser dear ones, this is a human life experience. This is a process, we guide those who FEEL they have to expand at a rapid rate to look at this thought and take it into the silence within them. Somewhere within your very BEing dear ones are seeds of fear in relation to the expansion. If, as many of you feel, you need time to absorb, to fully understand what is occurring inside of you then so be it. We are not guiding any to rush head long into awakening. For this is a process that you will undergo at the pace that YOU decide dear ones. No one can make you go any faster than you FEEL comfortable with. Many of you have not absorbed this truth and have fallen into the illusion of speed and rush. We guide you strongly to detach from this way of BEing and just BE.

For many of you reading our words you may feel as if you have no connection to anything around you, many feel completely disconnected to what they term “their life”, yet in this space dear ones is your opportunity to CREATE, to BE what YOU want to BE. The universe waits for YOU dear ones, the decision of what you wish to BE is YOUrs. Many who are now in the void are beginning to awaken to the power of now and who they are. Many others are allowing the illusion to dictate what they do as they lower their vibration and the fears come rushing to the surface. Dear ones the void just IS. It is the place in which miracles can be created and it is also the place that nightmares can be created. The void is the darkness inside of YOU, it is the silence in which you bring forth that which you want for YOU.

For many fall to illusion when entering the void, we guide you strongly to detach from illusion and to illuminate the void, the creation with the light that shines brightly within you. It is not a deep dark scary place to be unless you imagine it so dear ones. Do you understand our analogy? Do your words show you how easy it can be to allow yourself to fall in vibration? For many humans it is difficult to BE, many of you now reading our words will resonate with them. It is taught by illusion that to BE is wrong, it is to be idle, to be lazy, that a human must continually be doing something. When humans enter the void, the place of stillness and creation all that is needed is to BE. To allow the dreaming , the creation of what YOU want to materialise. But that is done through stillness, through contemplation, through FEELing what is right, what is truth for you. Lots of running about will take you away from the power of the void dear ones and we guide you to detach from this teaching.

Many are now beginning to use their power, they are now realising that they do not have to be controlled and contained, that they have freedom they did not realise and we send much love and blessings to you all. Many are now beginning to realise that the creator of their life experience is indeed themselves. Again dear ones we hold you in our hearts wrapped in love. This is the dawn of a new age for all humans. The “new” age is awakening dear ones. Do not step back into the illusion, when you FEEL as if you do not know which is your next step then go within, the answers will always be in your heart dear ones, for YOU created this life experience and YOU have all the answers YOU need within. What will stop you reaching for those answers and finding them is FEAR. That is the tool of illusion, it will try to persuade you that those around YOU know more than YOU. It will try to persuade you that your heart is not the seat of truth, that the brain is the seat of power. We guide you strongly to detach from these teachings. The truth is always found within the heart.

We step back now to allow you to absorb our guidance and we guide you to process all our words through your hearts. We are the high council of orion and we guide and support all of humankind at this time of major change. Connect to us in your dreamtime dear ones, find us within your hearts. ALL ARE ONE.