29 July 2011


Welcome beloveds and we come to communicate with you once again. Many are now moving into and we send much love and blessings to you all. At this many are still moving between living from their hearts and living from the mind, we guide you to be aware of the illusion and its propensity for rapidly moving humans from heart to mind. Many of you when faced with your deepest fears will instantly move into the mind. For many this will happen without a thought and we wish to guide how to stay in the heart at all times.

For many across the planet at this time there is vast change happening in all areas of their outer lives. For many of you reading our words there is change not only at a physical level within your human body but the change radiates outwards and is now appearing within your relationships, work and . All is as it should be dear ones and we guide you to focus your intent on your heart centre. As these changes begin to make themselves known to you it is vital that you stay centred. To waiver and fall back into illusion will make the experience harder than it is and many falter at the opening stages of new.

We guide you strongly to stay in faith and trust the process. Chaos and destabilisation may appear to be rampant across all parts of your life at this moment but that is borne of illusion and we guide you to stay with it. For many our words will make little sense, for how can one function and know what is next when they are surrounded by chaos. Dear ones there is an eye in the storm that rages around many of you, that eye is your HEART. For within the heart there is calm, in the heart there is peace and that is where you must take shelter as the storm begins to rage around you.

How long the storm rages for depends on how willing you each are to give up that which no longer serves. For many of you reading our words the storm has raged for months and many can see no end to the chaos and confusion. To these humans we ask patience, we ask you to go within and connect at heart level. When the storm begins to drain you, when you feel like giving up and crying then go within dear ones for there you will find a never ending depth of strength. Peace and calm can be found within, it is not found where illusion teaches which is outside of you. Nothing that is outside of you has not been created first of all inside of you. Do you understand our analogy dear ones?

Illusion will seek to teach you at this time of storm and chaos that all is lost, that all will be taken from you and we guide you to detach from this teaching. How can something that is YOUrs be taken from YOU without YOU allowing it? YOU create YOUr life experience, therefore as creator YOU have control over it. The illusion will seek to teach that you have no control and that you are at the mercy of all outside influences, detach from this teaching dear ones for it serves no one but the illusion.

Many have tried to stay heart centred and fallen back into mind, so deep is the teaching of illusion around them that they find it impossible to find this new world that everyone talks of. YOU will not find it in YOUr mind dear ones, logic will not help you out of the old and into the new. There is a new way of BEing that is sweeping across the planet and it involves the heart. If any of you find it difficult to be in your heart centre then you are being controlled by illusion through fear. Fear may be implanted within your BEing so deeply that you fail to recognise it for what it truly is. How many of you reading our words feel comfortable connecting to the heart? If there is even a shimmer of discontent at the thought of living within your heart then there are seeds of fear dear ones.

We note the reaction to our guidance on money and guide once more that illusion is so deep around this teaching that many will find it impossible to absorb the truth about money and its use across the planet. If you have been taught from a young age by adults around you that “money does not grow on trees” then you have deeply implanted fears and they need to be weeded out. Illusion will teach of conspiracy theories that will keep you locked into the mind centred way of living. Many of you will spend hours trying to work round various theories within your mind of how to earn your living and to gain money to support your families. All the while you do this, pour into your mind, create the various scenarios illusion has pulled your power from under you. It takes the mind into scenarios and the mind is busy, never switching off, trying to come up with different avenues to help the flow of abundance.

The TRUTH is that every human is supported by the universe. That is a TRUTH and we guide you to take this into your heart space and ask the questions. Once a heart centred life experience is balanced out and absorbed then it is relatively straight forward to accept the abundance that the universe will offer to you. It WILL offer abundance for the universe has abundance at all times. Illusion teaches that money must be earned and it must be fought for, that it is a commodity that is in scarcity and only the most deserving will gain. That plants seeds of fear of worth dear ones, each and every one of you across the planet is worthy for all are equal. Whilst you spend vast amounts of to outwit the banking system and your employers you take your focus off the creation of your life experience. You are sidetracked for want of a better word.

For many reading our words this will enrage you and we guide you to look at the rage. We acknowledge that for many across the planet earth there is concern about keeping a roof over your head and feeding your offspring. We can show you how illusion works dear ones, we can guide you to solutions but we cannot solve this for you, YOU are the creator of YOUr life experience , it is down to YOU to make the changes. It is by moving into heart centred living and allowing the TRUTH to be revealed that you can see through illusion and focus and pour energy into the creation of YOUr life experience. NOTHING is impossible, NOTHING is solid in the planet earth, all is smoke and mirrors within society that is based on mind centred living.

If you look at your and see it empty and have no idea where the next pound is coming from then look into your heart. ASK the universe to help and then step back. Worrying takes your vibration down to a level within illusion. To rush around and pour anger into the BEings around you will take your vibration down. NOTHING is impossible dear ones, you are contained by your thoughts and most of all by your FEELings. Illusion works to use those FEELings to make you FEEL worthless, hopeless etc etc. These are negative feelings that will have you pull negative scenarios to you. YOU vibrate at a level which pulls things of the same vibration to YOU. To elevate your vibration is to alter what is attracted to YOU.

We guide that many will not absorb our guidance as the illusion around them is too strong. For those we guide going into the heart and FEELing our words. Do not merely read them and dismiss them. If you have created a life experience in illusion then the only way out of illusion is to create from a different source. That is from the heart. If you continue to think the same thoughts and do the same thing every day then the outside life experience will not change for the inside has stayed the same. Do you understand our analogy?

It is a leap of faith for many and we acknowlege this but many are now questioning the validity of all in their lives. It is up to each individual human to discern their own TRUTH. That TRUTH is only found within the heart. No amount of searching outside of YOURside will help in this process dear ones, no shortcuts. This life experience is about YOU, its about YOUr FEELings and YOUr actions. If they do not change at a deep level then the life experience YOU have will not change either.

No one will save YOU from YOU dear ones apart from YOU. Do you understand our words? Illusion teaches that you are at the mercy of external influences and we guide you to detach. YOU always have choice. YOU can accept this teaching and carry on or you can question and change it all. CHOICE dear ones is entirely up to YOU.

We are the high council of orion and we are your brothers and sisters from the stars. Whether or not you understand or believe our guidance we believe in YOU. We come to guide and support ALL who are willing to question the human life experience. ALL ARE ONE.