Weekly message July 7, 2011 


This is what you have heard many times, there are many out there giving you the story of what is going to happen. They mean good at most times and all they want is to give you hope and a reason to love for the future.


I am here to say that the future is not known, we have expectations, possibilities, probabilities but it is not known completely to any of us.

The one thing we do know is that your is going to ascend, how far she can go will be dependent upon the circumstances at that time.


There are many light workers assisting her and the expectation is that she will be able to ascend fully.


This will mean for all of you as humans that you will be able to move into a 5th dimensional frequency. All of the humans that are not ready to fully ascend with mother earth will move into this frequency.


The ones that are ready to fully ascend will move with mother earth, and most of them will return afterwards to the new earth frequency to become the teachers of .


This is what can happen.


The changes this will bring to you as humans are great as the new earth frequency will allow for a greater abundance to flow and the energies will support a new way of thinking and living upon earth.


Many of you are working toward a cosmic ascension as we usually call it, the complete change of the physical into a of light. The ones that are ready for this will move with mother earth as I previously said.


At this moment there are not many who will be ready for this.

The focus of many is on their ascension, but there are too many that do not understand the process involved in this type of cosmic ascension.

When you look at some of the examples you have they are all in the past. There are none at this .


The teachings that are available are most of the time based upon the past and are not what you at this time.


The energies at this time allow for a faster process of ascension to happen, this because the frequency of mother earth is changing. As she is getting ready for her own ascension more and more higher frequencies are becoming more easily available for you as humans.

The higher dimensions are becoming more easily available as the veils are disappearing because of the earth's ascension process.


This is why new information can be more easily reached at this time.

The ones that ascended before you, ascended in a 3rd dimensional world and it took the many lifetimes to reach the higher dimensional world frequencies as the veils were thicker at that time.


At this time you have more available than ever before and as the frequencies on earth have been raised the process of ascension has changed, what was working in the past might not work anymore at this time.


Now back to the false prophets, there are not only false prophets but also many who like to take advantage of the situation at this time and they will offer you many new processes that they seem to bring in.

This is where your discernment will come in as you follow the path to ascension.


The number one rule is to look at what they teach and what the path of the is.


What are their intentions?


Are they guiding you towards your own inner being or are they making you reliant upon their information only.


Many of you are looking for answers as to what your purpose is at this time and who and what you are in spirit.


It does not matter what you are in spirit, all you need to know is that everyone comes from the same place, God or Source as we name it.

There are many different beings out there and you all have a need to be part of a group at times, a need to know what group you belong to in spirit.


But this should not be your main focus as it will become clear once you reach these parts of your own source being, become more of your source being on earth.


You might have been part of many groups and most of the times you have been living on many planets within your universe.

But you have had lifetimes within other universes and as you become too focused on what you were in this universe you might miss out on what is available within other universes as a source of information about your own source being.


You are a Source being that has lived many times within a physical body and within a light body upon many different planets and within many universes. You are still a Source being that came from the ONE SOURCE.


It is your ego that wants to know, it is duality consciousness that wants to know, LET IT GO.


Within the rules of the Law of One there is no difference between one being or another, each has their own path and will follow that to their own guidance.


Even us as ascended masters, beings of light, we are no different than all of you, we are all coming from the same Source , and we are all on our own path and follow our own guidance.


Yes some of you are more evolved than others, but it is the way they bring this out that matters. Are they telling you they are and in this way telling you that you should listen to them because they know better, or are they willing to assist you and find your own guidance as to what is better for you.


There is a great need for discernment at this time for all of you as many channels are coming out with their messages and they will all be at certain levels of their own connection with the channeled beings and their own connection within.


What is right for you at this time is not right for others at this time and you will have to discern this for yourselves as you reach higher levels of your own Source being.


This is what ascension is, it is reaching every part of your being, your full Source being and become fully that Source being within the physical reality upon earth.


Ascension is not about leaving the earth at this time, it is about bringing the ascension to earth at this time.


It is about a focus on your own ascension process, as the ascension is personal for each of you and will be different for each of you as you move toward the full connection within your own being.


It has never been about one size fits all as each of you have your own path to follow.


Yes some things will be needed for all of you, but the timing of when to do this will be different for all of you.


Now we are nearing the end of the no rules period, the time on earth where the frequencies allow you to move through many of the processes in a way that has never been possible before.


This is because of the within you universe and upon your earth as the earth is readying herself for her ascension process.

Once the earth has ascended the ones that were not ready to fully ascend will be within the 5th dimensional frequency. This is a slower frequency than what many of you are experiencing at this moment.


The process of ascension will be easier than within a 3rd dimensional frequency as more ascension teachers will be available to assist, but the speed you are experiencing at this time will not be there.

Let me explain this a bit, the earth is moving beyond physicality herself, this requires bringing in the full source energies of the earth. Her own Source being.


The same thing is possible for humans as the earth's frequency is rising to the point where she can fully integrate her own Source energies.

The ones that are not ready for this will be moved during the earth's ascension into the 5th dimensional new earth frequencies. These are still physical frequencies. So this will still be a physical reality.


This will be most of the human population that is going to be moved.

All the changes that are happening on earth within you do have an effect as to how many will move beyond the physical limitations and how many will move once again within the physical limitation reality.


As the frequencies are becoming higher more will still awaken and move onto the path of full connection within their own being, becoming their full source being upon earth and this will affect how many are going to move.


The changes that can be made now will have an effect on the new earth reality as well as it is still being built at this moment and all that you can change now will be taken to the new earth reality.


This is my message for today.


I Am .



July 7, 2011



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