13 July 2011

speaks of the in all of us

Welcome my beautiful children! It is I, Isis, speaking through this child once again. It is always a pleasure whenever I can have discussions such as these.

Today, dear ones I wish to discuss the feminine energy that is in all of you. In every person, male or female, lies feminine energy. All of you carry both male and female energies and both energies are required to be balanced. There are many of you, especially you men that deny their feminine energy. They want to show how macho or manly they can be to the world. The very sensitive person, can see through thier guises. There are many females in the world that are not feminine at all on the outside and put up fronts as well that are more masculine than anything. It is important for all of you accept and embrace all that you are.

We all know the females play a large role in creation. Yes it is the man that offers the seed of life, but it is our body, the female body that nurtures and grows that seed into life. This is all very wonderful indeed. As this tiny replica of both parents is growing, so is the female/male energy within its body. This tiny creation that will soon be born, is hope for a better future, as is each generation.

Hope dear children is an important aspect of your lives. Everyday you wake up, you are allowing hope into your life. All of you are so very precious dear ones. Embracing the feminine side of yourselves is an important start to waking to yourself, to your inner self.

Both male and females have the ability to nurture, create, give birth to new ideas, compassion, love and many other wonderful aspects that make up your feminine side. Have you noticed dear ones, many young men are more sensitive to feelings and emotions than ever before? Have you noticed more young people of either sex is showing more compassion and love to others easily? They have allowed this feminine side of themselves to shine through and into their daily lives. This is wonderful to see. And it holds promise to warmer future for all of you.

This child I am speaking through, used to teach at a Native woman's centre in the city where she lives. She was given a comment regarding the Goddess Witihn, and how the Goddess has failed us. She easily addressed this subject to people who have never heard of this term, or never heard of me. Each and every woman, regardless where they are in their lives has a goddess within them. These women forgot they are the bearers of life, they are the backbone of their families. They are the ones that begin teaching the children as soon as they are born. Many women are the silent ones behind the man's success, but they need to know how strong they are. The goddess within all of you needs to shine more often dear children. You can read, and learn through history of your world, how much women have contributed and the strides women have made. This child only needed to remind them what they already knew and she taught them I AM affirmations which has encouraged some of them to see the goddess within themselves.

Take a moment dear ones and recognize that goddess that is inside of you. She is there and she is beautiful. She has much to offer. The Goddess within you is very strong. She is capable of giving and recieving love, she is merciful and compassionate. Your Goddess has so many beautiful qualities that are waiting to shine, to be set free. You don't have to apply make up or dress in your prettiest, or nicest clothes, you only have to believe in yourself dear ones. And it is okay for a man to be sensitive and to show this side more often.

I am here always dear ones if you need support in this. I gladly will walk with you as you bring out your goddess. Take time to reflect on how far you have come, your strengths, and qualities that you have accumulated along the way. Learn as much as you can about yourself dear ones. Accept all that you are and grow. There is much for you to do and to become. I look forward watching you every step of the way.

and so it is, Isis