July 10, 2011 by

The awakening of humanity into its natural fully-conscious state will occur as planned, because God’s Will is always realized. Your intent to is an essential and irreplaceable element in the plan, because you are all one with Him eternally, and there is only one will – the unified Will of God and all of His creation. Your doubts and skepticism are part of the state in which you have been having your unreal but painful experiences since the of the apparent separation. The unreal does not exist, except as figments in the mind of those who chose to replace Truth with illusion, and as such it is as though you had closed your eyes, blocking out the world around you, and focused on the images in your mind, pretending that they were real.

But a state like that can only be momentary; the Light of Reality shining on your closed eyelids cannot be ignored, let alone removed. It is constant and unrelenting and you are all feeling it – and more intensely in each passing moment. To express the grand moment of your awakening as a particular date that will occur on your calendar makes no sense, because time, as you know, is also illusory, and the illusory cannot be made real. To present divine events as occurring at specific moments in time is meaningless, and distracts you from your awakening process by focusing your attention on unreality.

You need to focus on Reality by allowing the knowledge you each hold deep within yourselves to float up to the surface of your awareness, bringing you glimpses of the divine Kingdom where you exist in eternal and constant Union with God and with each other. Focusing your attention there leads you towards your awakening and to the dissolution of the illusion. It involves letting go of fear and judgment – illusory concepts – and opening yourselves to accept and embrace God’s Love for you. His Love is Reality and sustains you totally, always. To deny that is to support and renew the illusion, strengthening your belief in fear, insecurity, suffering, decay, and death. Attending intently to the illusion, as you have been doing for eons, erects a veil, a mist, a screen between you and Reality, which appears to be impenetrable and which you choose to believe in, making awakening more difficult for you.

To awaken is to see only love or calls for love in others, and to respond to them only lovingly. To do that means that you cease judging and blaming others, and that you recognize that not to do so is an attempt to distance yourselves or hide from the judgment and blame you believe you should be directing at yourselves. The way to do this is through self-acceptance and self-forgiveness. God accepts you and loves you completely – because you are perfect, just as He created you. If He loves you, then it obviously makes no sense to entertain thoughts of self-judgment and self-rejection, because He understands and knows you far better than you do yourselves.

Acceptance of one another is essential, not of your inappropriate or hurtful human behavior, but of the divine essence that is your true Self. Acknowledging each others’ divine essence is to acknowledge the Reality hidden and disguised by your human bodies. Focusing on Reality in this way intensifies the awakening process for everyone, not just for those with whom you physically interact. As more of you become aware of the need to do this and practice it, the process effectively speeds up, shortening time and bringing the moment of your awakening closer.

The awakening is a done deal; nothing else is possible because the dream from which you are to awaken is illusory and can only disintegrate. Focus on Reality, on the fact that you are all God’s divine and dearly loved children, protected eternally from harm or suffering. What you are presently experiencing will pass and your joy will be supreme. Nearly all of you are also experiencing moments when your doubts, anxieties, and skepticism completely cease. Recognize those occasions as moments of Truth dissolving part of the illusion, and as the start of your move into Reality.

Your loving brother, .