19 July 2011  

Ray Dawn

Hello to you Dear Ones, it is Lady here to speak to you in this way.
I and the of love are here and wish to speak to you this message.

Come unto the waters of your essence, your divine resonance with your essence. This essence is your truth, your light, and your way to your core. In this core is all that is needed on your journey.

I and others of the Ascended Masters are always here speaking this message to you; this channel that we are upon is in resonance with all that is, is the message that speaks to you beyond the of illusions.

At this time upon your Earth all creation is at a pause, a whisper of the unfolding of each of your hearts focus. As this focus is coming to center, a crescendo is happening, a wave is meeting your shores, the shores of your heart.

This core in your heart is always open, is always in resonance with all creation.
To find it is the part that brings struggle, for it has always been there, it speaks softly, without conditions, like a whisper and can be hard to hear if you are searching to hardly.

To search is what has brought you to this edge, this edge of reasoning, of finding the answers. Know that you have the answers to all questions in each of your cores!

This movement of coming home is swift now; it beckons you to enter your heart, to find the way thru the suffering, the darkness of .

Why do you despair what you truly are? For you are not the struggle, nor the despair, these things that seem to hold your essence at bay are the workings of the minds hold upon your internal wisdom. To be in struggle is to be in a state of not allowing who you really are to be known to you.

Why you ask is it so difficult?
It is difficult for you have been conditioned that it is otherwise from ease, from grace. These terms you hear over and over now, ease and grace.

Do you deserve to be in ease and grace? Of course you do! For you are all equal to the eyes of all. You are all wonderful beings who each have a song to sing, who each have wisdom to share and enjoy with each other.

Who is wrong, who is right? That is not the matter. The matter is the heart and it’s wisdom, joined with the minds abilities to decipher the information that is all around you, always it had been this way!

Now is the time where the 2 meet. Now is the time where the joining begins, for as it does you are filled with your essence. Let down the guard to your heart!
Let down the guard to your secrets, for in this you will be reborn into the grace that is you.

Begin now to awaken this knowledge, for it will bring you everything that is needed, swiftly you will open the doors to this here!

We are not holding the doors closed, we are here to hold open for all children, for all beings that wish to return home to this state within themselves.

We are you; you are we, no separation. There is no separation of this between us, we are One, eternally.
Remember why you came here, you chose this experience, lift yourself from the mire to see the truth of who you are…

Again we beseech you to awaken from the slumber of forgetfulness, this mire has been upon your world for eons, you are here to fulfill this process of remembering this truth of the nature of reality.

It is all quite easy, but the mire of forgetfulness has swayed you into believing you are not strong, that you cannot make the connection to your wholeness.

This is the illusion we so speak of; this is the struggle for centuries.
It is quite easy to see now, open your eyes to this and honor your wisdom, your strength, your courage, for you are all great beings, beyond your capacity to understand with the minds hold.

Open the doors a bit more in this instant, for today ask to see clearly, ask to see beyond your conditioning, beyond excuses to this knowledge within…

We say these things to you to open the doors further, to help lift the veils to your greatest glory here upon the Earth, your expansion to remember your greatness within.

You are the seed of eternal beauty, of empowerment, of courage, use this strength now, go into your core and see who you are, no excuses!

We know the struggles you have faced here, we know the power seems withheld from you, this is illusion!

Be in the center, be in your core, let down the guard to yourself in your heart and let it sing!

Let your song be sung for all to hear, no excuses, no worries what others might think of you, it is your time now to be heard, to enjoy this time upon the Earth.

It is time to have courage, to speak from your heart, your essence and to allow it to flow freely from you into your outer world!
That is all that is asked now; from your heart it asks you to allow this flow of divine energies to have an avenue of escape!

This avenue is for each of you, yours to claim. Your creative essence is seeking a doorway to express your true nature. Find the way that works best for you. Each of you feel this and know it is time, but the excuses, the fears hold that at bay sometimes.

We ask you to let go into the naturalness of this process. Just ask yourself to open to this quickening. Ask yourself to allow your creative essence to flow freely and not what that looks like!

You need expression, this is your joy, allow it in whatever way feels right to you, it is your gift to yourself and to the outer world, your part in this play!

We see each of you as the divine in essence, as the perfection of all nature. It is time to allow this grace to be born anew!

Do your part in allowing the heart entrance into this world here and make no excuses to why you cannot! It is time to just be in this state of allowing your essence to shine forth, to have expression in your daily life.

So to be at oneness with all that is, you must be in your essence, your truth, your courage and fear not what others think! Be an inspiration to all creation and allow your flow, your timing, and your creation to manifest thru you…

It is your time to shine forth in your joy of creation, with the grace and easement that is your nature, all flowing into one symphony to cascade into this crescendo of celebration with All that is!

We see each of you as the dear hearts that you are radiating forth into this world gaining momentum, gaining ground to be reborn here, it is quite exquisite to behold.
We honor each of your journeys home to your gifts, your wisdom, your glory!

Be in this essence that is you, allow more and more in each moment and be not afraid to express your creation for it is needed; all are needed here to bring this forth into this world!

We love each of you and honor you deeply. We hold open the doors to remembrance. With each breath you take you are allowing this nature to be easy and we know in truth this is your mission here upon the earth.

Believe without a doubt that all is going smoothly, all is aligning perfectly to allow the entrance of your essence into your outer world, look within to know this, in the whispers you will find it, in the softness, the stillness you will know this as truth.

We ask one thing of each of you, honor who you are, your essence, explicitly, for it is your time to shine forth here, into your outer world!

Judge not what that is, how it will look and just allow your essence like the river, it flows freely, unobstructed to the ocean. It forms no resistance to its nature but enjoys the journey home.

We leave you with the memory of honest Love for yourself, this is the beloved, you are this , and it is the truth of who you are, creative essence.

Find your expression and be not afraid of your creation!

Be wise in this endeavor to allow yourself the honest respect you try to give others.
Give all this love to yourself and watch it cascade out from you into the outer world.

With easement and grace you are now in your flow of life, although you feel you may falter, you are always at center; learn to distinguish this fact in more moments of your daily life!

Ask for my service and I will be there to help you know and feel the difference, when you need a boost. Call on the divine love that is yours at anytime…

We love you all dearly and you are in comfort and safety of this emerging tide that will wash away the debris upon your world.

As the day turns to night and night turns to day the balance is always right here for you, in everything, it is simple this path home. It begins in your heart, so fear not your power there, allow the door to open to you and be the beloved that you are….

We thank each of you for your service to your truth, your light, it is your signature that combines with the symphony of life!

Enjoy the symphony and remember all must play their part in it, focus upon yours and allow your creative essence to flow freely…

Until we speak in this way again, enjoy the journey and let go into now…
In Love we Are…

copyright 2010 Ray Dawn all rights reserved
Feel free to re-post as long as credit is given to channel and her website is included, Blessings!