Laura: Good evening . There were a lot of questions for today. Shall we start with R’s question. said in a previous “"Our advice to these souls would be to seek within. Seek your answers within you."

 In what ways can we be doing this? Are there any specific techniques that encourage it?”


SaLuSa: Seek and ye shall find. Humans from are trained from a very young age to seek for answers outside of them. Children ask their parents for help and for advice. Later on, when they are adults, they forget about their inner life completely in large numbers. All true answers come from within. Thanks to the Law of Attraction you attract the experiences you need; you attract the spiritual teaching you need. One simple way to answer this question would be for you to try meditating or simply to be in a contemplative state a few times throughout your day. We would also encourage you to ask for guidance from your and from your higher-self. Again this is better done when one is calm and at peace. Ask for guidance in what is suitable to your needs and over the next few days, you should be gently guided into a certain direction. This can sometimes be done in very subtle ways. Your would know exactly what is suitable for you.


There are many teachings, meditation techniques, spiritual groups for many levels. One could try a few methods until one finds what is suitable and what resonates with you. In general we recommend simple exercises, such as bringing your awareness to your feet and to your breath, in order to have a connection with your higher self and with .


Help towards can only be done by direct contact with you. Physical presence of has an enlightening effect on people usually. The communication does not need to be verbal, something just sits back within you at its right place quite spontaneously and naturally. The energies just take their natural places and all comes back into a certain order within your . All takes its normal place, the way man is intended to function by God.

After Disclosure we will be delighted to spend time with you and discuss matters further. For the time being, we recommend you trying to be aware of your feelings, of your body, of your life force. This will bring you closer to your life , to your God spark, to your true self. Listen  from within, listen to your inner life and listen to the outer world while in touch with your own life force. This is a very difficult thing to do, because for thousands of generations it has been desired that your life force, your be pulled outside of your body. It is a difficult thing to do, because one has to undo the genetically programmed training from all the previous generations. It is part of heredity.


Your rate of vibration constantly varies throughout the day; you are going up and down the musical scales. It should be interesting for you to observe your inner vibratory movement and the rate at which you resonate during your day. The voice within can be heard only at a high frequency rate, when you are in resonance with love and peace. It is an interesting journey to undertake, but time is short. Events upon your planet are about to speed up very quickly, and you will all be very surprised by the many things to come.


As many of you are aware, we are working on your DNA while you are in your sleeping mode, when you leave your bodies and head out for higher realms. Your consciousness spends time with us, while our crews work on your body. Some of you remember these astral voyages, but the majority do not remember. The work we are doing also facilitates maintaining a sense of your true self; we are in a way upgrading your bodies. This should enable you to absorb the higher energies directed towards you during the coming months.


Laura: Thank you SaLuSa. The next questions is: “Will service-to-self individuals be able to obtain and abuse any of the new technology that the shares and use it for malicious purposes? Is everyone's safety assured in this regard?”


SaLuSa: This is an interesting question. In order for us to be part of your lives, we are waiting for your planet and its inhabitants to unify and to have a much higher rate of vibration. Be assured that we are doing everything we can to assist you in this respect. We know you are heavily tested in these challenging times. Rest assured that the first actions we would take will be in assisting Mother Earth in her Ascension. This in turn will make living conditions easier on humans living on Mother Earth. Our role will be firstly to help in the clean up of Mother Earth and in assisting her with her changes. We will also assist those of you situated in hot spots as it were; our goal is to get as many as possible away from any danger.


The technologies we will share with you will not be abused by any ill motivated individual. Our technology is not conceived for ill intentions, most of our machines and ships have a consciousness of their own and refuse to let themselves be used in order to cause any harm. This is a safety measure we will take for all the devices we will share with you. We are doing this more so in order to prevent accidents, rather than from fear of abuse by ill intentioned people. There will not be many malicious individual on the surface of your beautiful planet by the time our relationship would mature to a trust level. By then, most of you will have regained memories of their true identity and will know who they are in relation to the rest of their galactic family.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius and I am looking forward to being in your company. We shall all be rejoicing together once we will be allowed to walk in your midst. We will have long talks and will remember many past adventures. I am personally very much looking forward to these times ahead of us.


Thank you, SaLuSa