Laura:Good evening SaLuSa, very nice to be with you. The first question concerns time. K. asks: “so my question is, why don't they report back to themselves from the future what the actual scenario will be? they could just come back from a certain in the future, let's say three months from now, and tell themselves what happened during those months, couldn't they? or let's say, a couple of days before , they could just go back to NOW (july 23, 2011) and report to themselves how exactly the process towards went? then there wouldn't be several possible scenarios for the future, there would only be one, the definitive one. and they could tell us that. that's what i don't understand.”


SaLuSa: is set in stone. This is a very complex question, and I can only give elements of a reply, which I hope would make you understand better what we are talking about. The incoming flow of energies never stops in your universe. Everything is on the move, branches off, ramifies, has its trajectory, its orbit, its rotation cycle. The Mayas have spent a great deal of time calculating the astral bodies in your galaxy. They had a great deal of knowledge. They knew of the cyclical nature of time, of its repetitive aspects. However in a tri-dimensional world there are certain limitations.


Perhaps we could compare the events upon Earth to a theatre play. The actors come and go, the décor is set and the script is written. However it all reflects an illusory, an imaginary world. It is a fiction. It is not reality. The outcome of the play can be influenced by many things, such as what happens to the actors. One of the actors can stumble on the stage and have an accident. Does this mean that the play will stop? The can be replaced, the script can be changed, the curtain can be pulled, or the décor may fall down and reveal the truth.


Similarly, many things can influence your past and your future. Time is just another illusion dear friend. By trying to be present into your lives, you can also influence the outcome of the end scenario. Raising your vibrations can certainly influence for that matter.

Do not try to forcefully act as if your actions were motivated by love, do not try to fool others and yourself. Be sincere if you can, be love if you can. Try every day to feel your with joy and love for your dear ones. See them as they are, not as you wished they were. Accept them for what they are and accept yourself for what you are. When you are connected to the never ending now moment, when you are in your , nothing can affect you, stand strong into your light and time will have little effect on you dear one. Only experiences matter.

Laura:Thank you SaLuSa. This is our next question: “If you've been passed knowledge of the of Light and have read of them, would it be considered wrong to go about daily life as usual? Because it seems to me from reading online that mostly the is going to sweep in, rehabilitate us, and ultimately help us like we've never been helped before. So would it be wrong to simply wait for that to happen if you don't fully believe in the GF?
I mean?  How to figure out what to do and how to do whatever it is the best/easiest way to makeprogress, be a good person?  I mean, I'd say I AM a good person but if I'm good, why is it tough sometimes, and why can't I use Law of Attraction to create it so it's not so tough? 


SaLuSa: We always encourage you to work on raising your vibration level while preparing for Ascension. What does it mean to prepare for Ascension? We have always encouraged you to lead a life directed by your heart, to remain in the light, not to allow negative emotions protrude into your actions, thoughts where possible, of course. Today we also recommend that your try to bring your attention to your thoughts, to monitor your inner life. What comes up? What do you see, hear, feel? What works for you and what does not work?


We do encourage you to come closer to yourself when possible. One can do this by trying to increase the awareness of the , of your existence in physicality. You live in a world where your life energies can be miles away from your . You are multi-dimensional beings remember that, dear ones. Your physical is an aspect in your tri-dimensional world. However you also are made up of what your naked eye cannot see, or only on rare occasions. These invisible bodies do live in the higher realms. When these energies, or chakras as some call them, are in alignment within your or at least in close proximity, only then are you truly living in the here and now. The search for you is to do just that: find a way of bringing your chakras closer to your . This is what I mean by everything sitting in its God given place.


In general, on your planet, you are living in a world made up of fear, anxiety and stress. You are into survival mode constantly. You let your emotions run your life. You are not really in control of yourself most of the time. Developing your presence should be your aim at this moment. We find that an increase in physical activity does help somehow the inner alignment. Go take long walks in natural settings dear ones. Walk away from pollution and noise. Being alone is also a good exercise. Then can you be truly bring you closer to yourself so to speak. Then can you observe yourself. When the energies run freely though your body, you are free. The emotional blockages and tension prevent the higher energies from penetrating your body most of the time. We recommend that you clear negative emotions, and try to meditate on your interactions with others. Think of the consequences of your actions and even of your thoughts. This will bring you closer into the right direction. This will raise your vibrations and facilitate your inner ability to love.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius and wish to inform you of our high admiration for you as you are coming nearer and nearer, every day to your Ascension. Great events are on their way dear ones. Brace yourselves.


Thank you, SaLuSa