24 July 2011  

Channeler:  Julie Miller

Blessings dearest children! How wonderful it is to come through this dear child and speak. We are to speak about discovering you; your strengths, your abilities and to practice .

The discovery of yourselves is a neverending journey. In this lifetime it began when you were born. You were tiny, defenseless and helpless. But you knew how to let people around you know what it is you wanted. You knew how to draw attention. You knew what you liked and disliked, anything from taste, smell, touch, feel (emotion), and at some point by visual calculations. Yes, they were all very small and very basic, but you and others around you understood.

Now you are a little older and you are all at different stages of enlightenment. Just like growing as an infant, you go through different stages of development. The most spiritually enlightened person is still learning about themselves. Like I have said, its a never ending journey, but a journey of enlightenment has to start somewhere.

When you are starting to discover yourself, it is a marvelous adventure. You are finding out truths that you did not know exist, only guessed and assumed until now. Some of these truths can be very disturbing. All must be met, and accepted. To deny a truth in front of you is like denying you have a . We all know you have a beating that is full of love.

You want to learn your strengths and your abilities. What is it that makes you special. I have not met a dear human yet that does not ask of this. Most of you do this by networking, talking to others and comparing. That is a start. You take that to the next level and do some researching on your own. You might find you are interested in mediumship, crystal work, tarot, or any other numerous areas that offer you potential of self discovery. When you begin your own research for yourself, you are acquiring wisdom which in turn is allowing light into your body and soul. When that illumuniating light bulb goes off in your head after reading something that you find relates exactly to you, that is me saying "This is it!" or "Ah ha".

From the self research you do, you will begin to learn so much about yourselves dear ones. You will learn new strengths, new abilities and you will grow so much. You will awaken a thirst to know as much as you can about a specific area, once that light bulb goes off. It pleases me greatly whenever this happens. You will find from all the reading and studying you do, there will be leads to other areas and other knowledge for you to gain, like sub topics. Never fear to venture dear ones.

Through all the different venues of studying choice, from the Internet, books, magazines, videos, documentaries, etc., you must practice discernment. Discernment can be compared to that 'light bulb' going off when you find something that relates to you. Something you know without a doubt is you. You can ask yourself when you are learning something, "Does this encourage my progress towards the highest good?". If you use this and you answer yourself, "I think that is it", or "Maybe that sounds like me", then you need to relook at what it is you are trying to figure out. Discernement makes use of the light and love that is in your hearts dear one. True trust of yourselves. Light dear ones will banish darkness. It also will banish fears, negative emotions and angry feelings. When discernement is successful dear ones, there will be no doubt, there will be no second guessing, no cause for assumptions or making poor judgements. When you are able to see this clearly, you will see the truth.

A lot of incorrect discerment comes from fear. You are seeking an answer about yourself from articles, books, or other means; but at the same your subconscious fear of what you may find, will hinder your ability to see clearly. You must be fully prepared conscously and subconsciously for the answers you seek. You go into this journey with a full heart, with no expectations of what you may discover. Going into your journey with expectations can easily lead to disappointment and this can cause your growth to become stagnant. If this does occur dearest ones, you are then presented with lessons. All your journey is filled with lessons. There will be some that will require more attention and focus. Take your . Don't rush. No one but yourselves is in a hurry. Everyone will reach their full potential at their own pace, and no one elses.

It is soon time to depart dear souls. Please allow me to Illuminate your heart and souls with my golden light. I encourage you to continue your journey, ask questions, read, learn and grow. I am always with you when you reach an uncertain point. Trust in me dear ones as I trust in you.