Julie Miller

July 18, 2011

Blessings dear ones! It pleases me so to be able to come forth this one and speak unto you.

As we are approaching a great change around this beautiful world, you too are changing. You have been reaching for the Light and finding the God that is within YOU. God is in each and everyone's hearts. God or the Creator has always been with you dear ones. This merciful being has never left, even though at times it may seem so.

I am talking today dearest children about . is important at all times in your life. Maintaining and Hope is important. Every time you wake up my dear ones, even when you wish to stay in bed, that is Hope with you. and Hope go hand in hand. Many talk about giving unconditional love and living through your hearts. Those messages are very encouraging and very true. I am talking about having Unconditional .

When you have Unconditional Faith, you are believing Unconditionally in someone you wholely trust. An example of this if I may, my partner . Many of you believe Unconditional in his teachings and what he stands for. You have faith in him and that faith is unwavering and Unconditional.

Unconditional belief you can have for yourself also dear ones. You are walking in the path of the Light. God's Light shines down on you always, even when you don't or can't feel it. You are learning much about yourself that you never knew before. If you resonate with what it is you are studying and learning, and to you it speaks truth; believe in it, trust your intuition and do not second guess yourselves. So many of you second guess and I know its terribly hard sometimes not to. When you second guess or rethink something, that is your Ego working. We of the divine and other beings of the higher good are encouraging you to move past the Ego and work with your .

There are many different kind of people. People of different ethnicity, culture, beliefs, colour, way of thinking, etc. With all those differences and more, you all have at least one thing that is the same, each and every one of you has heart that looks like everyone else's heart. And all of you are encouraged to live through heart with Unconditional love for all mankind.

Dear ones, before I end this wonderful conversation with you, I would like to add when you are believing Unconditionally and you come across others that do not share your ideas, go out of your way to NOT become defensive. It is advisable to thank them. You thank them for their opinion. You learn from others that oppose you as well dear ones.

As we close, i am asking my divine partner, Archangel Michael to join me with surrounding you with our combined Unconditional Love, Light and Support. And if you need any additional help with your own faith, please do not hesitate on asking for me, and you know very well Michael will be at your side in an instant if you call on him also.

Until next time, it was indeed pleasant dearest ones, Archeia Faith