dear heart…

for you are all One Heart

appearing to be "many"….


as always….i come forth…we come forth

from a space of joy…

for it is joy to share that which is the

truth with you…


when you anything

whether it be person…place or thing…

you bring it "home" to its true state…




you bring that "" to a neutral  state…

which in truth it already Is..

an event is any person…place or thing

that is arising in your Now Moment…


it is only your perception of what

you think you see

that is in of your

your embracement……….your  allowance..

your presence…


my reason for sharing this with you.

is because




love has no "agenda"

but to be that which it Is…


Love Simply Loves….


so when you extend forgiveness to anything

it is returned to its true state

~within you~


and You are All of IT…


so…precious hearts

you are always forgiving your self…!!!


~there is outside of you~

all arises from within your holy mind…


if you would but take this in


much will be revealed to you..


may peace be your only goal..

the peace of god that you already are

and have simply "forgotten" for a "moment"

in time..


and what is time for???


and what is that process???


to come to Know the Peace Of God

is who You Are..


with that we bid you adieu…

we are a circle of light

forth from the One Divine Mind

…..jeshua blends with denisa as do we all

as we as one bring forth these truths…


~we are The Voice of Love ~





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the way ~without hesitation~…..