Julie Miller

Manifestations and dealing with personal issues with Archangel Raziel
July 17, 2011

Welcome beautiful children! I am the mysterious Archangel Raziel or so is noted. I come to speak through this child on a few areas that I work with and where I can help you. What I would like to help you with is your manifestations and dealing with personal issues.

A manifestation is like a , and for some it is a . The difference is in your words. Many of you pray, with words, "I wish, I want, I ask etc,". When using manifestations, you put yourself in the place of already having what it is you are asking for. Intead of telling the Universe, God or whomever you pray to what it is you want, you imagine, visualize already achieving what it is you are seeking. As you visualize or imagine bring what you see into words, address to who you pray to, but say, I am seeing myself surrounded by the beauty of nature, I see my family and me living more comfortably, I am seeing myself living happily, with joy, bliss and harmony with a loved one, etc. Picture it as already have happened. That is what your day dreams are dear ones, they are visual manifestations, not silly nonsense. It is advisable to work on whatever it is you wish to manifest as often as possible. This child does hers every night, as part of her routine. We do hear you dear ones, we hear you crystal clear. When you do visualize then make what you see verbal, make sure dear ones the words, and come from your . What you ask for is for the purest of good and intent.

Manifestations can be used when dealing with personal issues that have a lot of negativity. But before you do it is a good idea to address those issues. What is it that is causing unease you need to ask yourself. What is it that is holding you back from becoming all that you can is another. These are exampled dear souls. I am positive you are creative enough to think of questions for yourself to answer. When you question, question with your heart. The answers will not come like someone standing next to you telling you, but the answers will also come from your heart. All that self-doubt is your EGO and you need to learn to ignore your EGO that causes so much self-doubt which ends up causing you to assume and possibly .

All the personal issues you have dealt with and are dealing with now can be looked as lessons, as that is really what they are. They are lessons on how you cope, how you manage patience, ability maintain balance on all levels or not, and how personal you take the situation. I have to admit there are many that are very serious and can cause set back for many dear souls. But the quicker you can see the lessons and accept them, then you can move on and leave the pain behind. These lessons prepare you for events that haven`t happened yet. What you have learned from past situations that were difficult, are yours and they can be like personal badges of success. Some lessons I have also witnessed go through a repetitive cycle. That only means the lesson hasn't been learned again and the situation will repeat itself until that `light bulb` goes off and the person recognizes the cycle, and goes through steps to stop it from happening again.

I can help you ease these personal issues. I can help guide you to other solutions and to see what is there for you to see. Some of the lessons that have been learned by some of you dear children required a major life . What I mean by major life , is a of jobs, , removal of negative influences, becoming more in tune to who you are, etc. These are big changes and takes courage to make these changes happen. was not built in a day and the changes that take place that assists you to become more spiritually minded will take time also. This is when that big word, PATIENCE comes in. I will guide you dear ones, never worry about that. You are not alone on this journey of self-discovery. There are many close by willing to help if you only ask. Remember we cannot physically intervene, but we will help guide you to the choices you are to make.

It was a pleasure to speak to you today and I am looking forward to more of you calling to me for guidance and assistance.

This message today includes a rainbow of light and love that comes from my unconditional heart that radiates to you.

Archangel Raziel