Just a powerful ? Or…



By Y(I)shtar

July 28th 2011


There was massive, MASSIVE, last night!!! I was informed when I woke up this morning that my dream of the was not isolated! that, in fact, many people were on board ships last night! Were you one of them?


The I was on seemed to be made of stars or to the very least, it was lined with a row of stars on each side. I woke up feeling so thrilled! I was so happy in the dream too, and I woke up STILL feeling the love being emanated from this and the being inside.


I don't know how many others there were on that ship but I know there were others. It almost felt like a briefing or special meeting of some kind. I am still so excited lol, I feel this vibrating within me, I felt so empowered this morning, I cleaned my house from top to bottom even though I did the day before, went grocery shopping, paid the bills, went out to lunch with someone, came back and reorganized my patio, then came back in, reorganized my home LOL, man I just didn't know how to deal with all the amazing I was feeling, I did send it out but I still had more.


It seemed there was more then one ship too. In fact I am so glad this happened, I really needed it last night, I went to sleep feeling depressed because of some things, this experience though was amazing, because the beings knew I was feeling a bit down and asked if I was OK I said yes but they knew and said: Well cheer up, great things are ahead LOL.


The ships were massive! at least the one I was on was massive. Couldn't really tell if the others were indeed as large. They were to far away for me to see. Just so happy to have been on a ship again. And that there was contact on such a massive scale. 😀 See! we don't need , we have our own form of contact LOL. Although I would love for and even just disclosure.