13 July 2011


Beloved brothers and sisters, we come to and support you as the changes that flux all around you may push you well outside your comfort zone and allow the illusion to pull you back down. We that if you are beginning to start to question the truth that is found in your heart then you are lowering your vibration. It is a time of vast change and the energies leading up to the full are pushing many of you further than you feel at times comfortable with.

We guide that you chose this journey of awakening and many chose to awaken rapidly. We guide you strongly to work with the of the moon and to allow all that no longer serves to go. By this we mean jobs, people, situations, allow it to BE and watch it all transform. Dear ones much of the frustrations that grip you are down to the not letting go, of trying to maintain your will over the will of the universe. Know that when frustration rises within you it is illusion teaching that YOU know best and in reality dear ones you do not have enough sight to realise what is best. The human race has a narrow field of what the universe is, many cannot accept there is a universe that contains other races and yet these same humans will try to maintain that they know best and know what is the best outcome. Illusion teaches there is only ONE way to have things happen and we guide strongly to detach from these teachings.

Many humans who now live from a heart centred life experience are realising the flow of the universe, the cycles that are within their human life experiences. Dear ones many will be aware of the cycles of the moon, cycles of the reproductive organs in the female but many are in the dark when it comes to the cycles of energy that are within every human BEing. At any one point in your life journey dear ones you are in a . Many of you try to push through the absorption and processing stage, this is the stage of the in which much information is being digested at various levels and the human body needs more sleep and relaxation to allow the energies to settle. We note that many humans will push through this tiredness, this need for sleep and fall back into the illusion that teaches that human BEings continually work and do. We guide you to look at this scenario carefully and note who it serves dear one. How can you process and absorb new energies and new information into your very BEing if you do not take time?

There is a part in the cycle dear ones where you spend a lot of time and energy dreaming and we draw your attention to this part of the cycle. It follows the absorption of the energies where you will have felt very tired and sleepy. The dreaming is important because before you can CREATE you must DREAM your CREATION. It is in many indigenous cultures across the planet dear ones, where those in the tribe dream and create the dream to be brought through into creation. All is created in the etheric before it is brought into the reality that you are in. This is part of the process dear ones and we guide you to be aware of it. Many who push past the stage of absorption and processing will also rush the dreamtime. What may happen dear ones is that you will not have absorbed the knowledge and energies at the deepest part of your BEing, as a result the dreaming wouldn’t have had the energy that it needed to be brought into the reality. Do you understand our analogy dear ones? Do you see how being aware of which part of the cycle you are in can help you use your energies to create your experience?

The next part of the cycle dear ones is the growth and expansion, this is where you are doing things, this is where you have ideas that draw your dream closer to you. Can you see how important it is to dream the dream fully? The universe will then send you synchronicities for you to follow to bring you dream into creation. All of this is a cycle dear one. Do you know which part of the cycle you are in at the moment? Not all humans are in the same part of the cycle as another human at the same time. We caution as to trying to move through the cycles at a faster and faster speed, the universe just IS dear ones and you cannot hurry what IS.

We note that many humans at this point in their life journey are experiencing frustrations and exchanges with those closest to them and we guide that this is due to the increase in the across the planet. We guide you strongly to go within and to find the silence that is there, access this silence and ask to be shown what the lessons are. It may be that as your vibration is heightening you are triggering those around you. This is not done on a conscious level but it is something to be aware of. To keep your vibration high and not let it waver and fall is done by BEing dear ones. This involves seeing your loved one for who they are and how deep in illusion they may be at this time. It is not your life journey to awaken anyone around you dear ones. The responsibility for awakening rests with each individual human.

We acknowledge that many find this hard to juggle and we guide you to let it go. It will cause more frustration to rise within your BEing to try to make the human at the lower vibration understand your life experience. It will be impossible for them to relate to this as they have not undergone the life experience that you have undergone. Do you see our analogy? Do you understand our guidance?
It is vital at this time of increasing energies across the planet that you detach from the illusion of separation and competition. We note how easy many humans fall into this illusion and we guide you to be aware of this. When you find your heart racing, your energy rising sharply and you find yourself at odds with another human you are both in ILLUSION. We guide you strongly to detach from these teachings.

We are not as our channel expected and has just realised through the differing use of language the high council of orion. They have agreed to allow us this communication through this channel at this time to help to highlight the need to detach from the illusions teachings at this time. Many humans are engaging in competition and this must stop. The energies are rising at this time and the moon energy is one of releasing. The universe supports this releasing dear ones and we wish to help guide and support how this releasing can be done.

We are the , we have made contact with this channel on previous occasions but up until this point have not channelled directly through her to the rest of planet earth. We will use other channels as they are needed and can hold the vibration. It is vital at this rapid change of energies that human BEings begin to live from heart centredness and detach from the mind centred life experience. There will be vast changes coming into creation and to be able to realise what they signify entails being in your hearts.

We accept that this channelling may be confusing for many but we guide once more that it is vital that human BEings begin to process through their hearts. If you read our words dear ones then please question them with your heart. NOTHING that is channelled or written or spoken should ever be accepted as your truth without YOU processing it as such. Many may find our words do not resonate and we accept this. Our usual way of channelling is through a dedicated channel. We send much love and blessings to our star brothers and sisters and to our channel for agreeing to this channelling.

We are also trying to highlight the UNITY of consciousness dear ones. WE ARE ONE. We ask that you process and absorb what this means on all levels dear ones. EACH one of you is able to access ANY star group that you wish to by holding the necessary vibration and reach out through your hearts. We wish to show this via this channel. Many may have already connected her energy and her words with the high council of orion. This is NOT the only star system that this channel has access to and we guide this applies to ALL. Once more we highlight the need not to define as to define is to contain.

As the human consciousness heightens then more and more humans will have access to more and more information and new levels of vibration. We guide strongly not to allow another to define you. The UNITY is just that dear ones, allow your vibration to guide you, open your heart and process your life experience through how YOU FEEL. This is the new age dear ones and the new age brings much information and changes to the way humans think, act and BE. Embrace the new energies dear ones for it is your key to freedom. Embrace the freedom that is your birthright.

Do not allow the illusion to contain your energies. Allow all to flow and take time to process and DREAM. YOU can be all you want to BE dear ones.

We step back now and once more send love and blessings to all, we wish to thank this channel for her openness and trust in bringing through our words. We also give much love and blessings to our star brothers and sisters from ORION. Once more dear ones we guide that WE ARE ONE. We welcome you to the universe dear ones. WE LOVE YOU.