24 July 2011  

Channeler: Faye Rouchi

My and sisters, what I would share now would be to tell you that you are Love. There is nothing greater than this to know. All else has been to eradicate the many ways you have seen differently. So, you see, if you simply choose to accept this one fact, even if at first as an idea to embrace, there is nothing else to do.

Now, I say, you very well may encounter in your life’s experience the ways in which you have chosen to see differently, but with the gift of each precious of NOW, be the Love that you are, and see each event as it unfolds as a gift, and as with all gifts received, you are in . So, the second thing I would share with you is the value of appreciating each and every precious moment of life, your life, no matter how you may judge it otherwise, for herein is the choice, to judge it or appreciate it, one brings Heaven, the other hell.

For if you choose to be the Love that you are, rather than resist it, you will only be able to appreciate each and every experience knowing that it is for Joy, or it is the way to freeing you to experience real Joy. In every moment you choose, to resist or embrace. Love embraces. It judges not. So, be the Love that you are and judge your experiences not as good or bad, pleasant or unpleasant, for this is the way TO hell, not the way out.

At first, it may seem impossible to embrace what you still define as catastrophe, but know it is not catastrophe, it is only the past coming to you to be healed, to be let go of. So, you can resist, you can say, “this is not for me, I cannot loose my job, my lover, my child even, for this brings me great fear and ”. “I cannot accept this in appreciation." Or, you can say, Thank you for providing me this opportunity to see the way out of hell, the way to Heaven, for in this moment Heaven is available to me, even in this moment of perceived sorrow, experienced as such." “I can surrender to a greater power, that of , that of Love, for that is my return, to simply remember Love is all that need be remembered." And as this is remembered more and more, the way becomes more and more assured, and Faith and Trust grow ever stronger. Even if the catastrophes continue, and you feel the weight of such to be impossible to bear, I tell you, Love endures all things. Continue, for this is not for the faint of . The way of the is the only way. Do not qualify or quantify your own precious journey Home. Simply allow it, embrace it with gratitude. And, remember; know, you are Love, as is ALL, even your sorrow.

All things pass and in each moment when faced in Love, the past is healed, erased. In Love, in appreciation of All That Is, free of judgment. For a time you may encounter the feeling of fear. But in Faith continue on, in Love, for you are not alone, I walk with you.

Here, I ask you, take my hand and place your Trust in God, when you are afraid, when you are weary, release it, give it away to Holy Spirit, and be done with it, but done with it as it is past, within your Heart know you have asked for it, powerful child of God, and all that you are given is only to turn the Light on for you to see it was all only Love. There never were nightmares, and there never was anything to be sorrowful for.

Find your way Home now in acceptance of whatever experience you find yourself in. Be joyous for Joy’s sake, not because of some experience in a made up world. So, know that such is not really Joy, but a moment satisfied, camouflaging the fear still hidden within the other side of the coin, surely to be faced if you fail to recognize there is no better or worse, there is just Isness. Be joyful. Be in the world, but not of it. Do not allow the world to dictate what you feel, for surely in the end it will be sorrow.

Walk away from the world. You need not go anywhere; it is not a place you leave. It is a choice you make. Can you take my hand as your equal? Can you take the murderer’s hand as your equal? The mind would tell you, no, but in your Heart, child of God, you see no inequity.

If for now, you cannot see the way beyond this, then practice, as a child pretends to be this or that, practice being the Master, practice being the Love of God, and give appreciation, you can do even this. I tell you, you breathe life into everything, recognized or not. Breathe life into your wakefulness.

In each moment, give your breath to be the Love that you are, Breathe the breath of your joined will with the Father, and invite Holy Spirit to be your keeper in every way, until you remember. Pretend you already remember. Behave as if you already remember. Feel the experience of remembering.

In appreciation of our adventure together, I walk along with each of you as your brother, your friend, your equal. I am Jeshua. I am with you always, and in ALL ways.