6 July 2011


Channeler:  Faye Rouchi

Conditions, Dear Ones, are what create all the limitations in your reality and if there is one thing in your reality that you would certainly wish to clear, it is that of limitations.

Love has no conditions and thus, no limitations. Where you become confused is that you are so programmed with the idea of limitation and conditions, you have presently no way of understanding a reality without them. This is completely understandable and this is why if left completely on your own, where you exist now, in your present of mind, you would only create more limitation.

So, the answer you seek is to create in union with the Father, , God, Love. You need only hold within your Love’s presence, only this. It is so very simple. Hold within your just now the object of your love. Now, allow this to expand beyond this object. Any thoughts of rules, conditions or limitations, as they arise, and they most surely will, are only there to block your of Love’s presence. So, simply choose again to focus on your , the Love that is there. It is not just a feeling, in fact, you may not feel anything and this is okay. Do not expect anything in this moment of doing this simple exercise. Simply place your focus of on the Heart space and ask All That Is to show you Love in all that you see. Now, are you truly ready to see only Love?

You may quickly answer yes! But, truthfully, look within for any feelings of resistance that yet remains that holds to block this awareness. These are only thoughts, beliefs, childish notions whose time has come to finally be embraced with the Love that You are.

Seek not to change anything. For this only creates more of the same. Seek rather, to see with the eyes of Love and all IS changed. You are the change, you are the healer of all your ills, and all your ills are only . Love clears away .

To love all of your ills does not mean that you accept them to continue, for your true is to rejoin with God. Rather, to welcome them home, within Love, the field of Love, All. To see no right or wrong, no condemnation need be for Love’s existence to be known. Rather, the lack of conditions is the necessary state in which Love can be fully known.

Nothing needs changing because nothing is nothing. You focus so much of your attention on nothing. It is this simple. This is the illusion. You try to make something out of nothing and this creates your suffering as it is impossible to do.

Doing is highly overrated, Dear Ones, as doing stems from your desire to make something out of nothing. You have tried to do this for what seems like eons of your time and this has created time. Time does not exist, but surely does exist. It can seem that you have been damned to spend your in time doing senseless things, creating nothing.

Step out of it. You ask how? So many times the echo of how reverberates throughout time and space, but do you see how this goes nowhere because time and space do not exist except within your mind, the collection of the Sonship. You are the Sonship. One particle of the whole is the whole.

This is how the plan was successful. I walked as a human; I overcame all that you have already overcome, only you continue to look at nothing and so you fail to realize that ALL has been accomplished. I am you. You are me. We are One and within God, we are made Whole.

My accomplishment of atonement, or what you are are calling ascension, has already been done, it is only for you to realize this. So deep was your journey into the abyss that it has taken two thousand of your years of time to begin the dissemination of awareness of what has ALREADY BEEN ACCOMPLISHED! Yet, time is not real and can cease to be in any and every given moment. Yet, you continue to believe in time because you squirm at the idea of sitting in stillness, in the NOW, which is the gateway to eternity, to Heaven. Heaven is within you. Heaven is the state of Peace.

Peace is requisite for the attainment of all that you desire, which is your reunion with the Father. Peace will only be found outside of time, outside of past and future and even present. For I would replace the term present with Presence, for this is where Peace is attained.

Within Peace the voice of God can be heard. This is the voice the ego does not wish to hear due to fear and guilt that it believes in. You fear the wrath of God as you have lashed out onto the nothingness of your creations with so much judgment, determined to make something good of it, so strong was your desire to be God.

Well, good news is here! You are that God! You need only stop trying to be this to become aware you ARE this. My beloved brothers and sisters, it is so much simpler than you believe. One choice made until it need be made no longer is all that is required to set yourself free. Not my will, but . This one heartfelt desire is all that is required to bring you Home. It accomplishes all things until things are no longer.

You are loved beyond measure. You are embraced without condition. Your return Home is assured for it has already been accomplished. Join me in the awareness of this fact, in celebration of the Love that we are, that is inherent in ALL.

Let us dance and sing and play together in the great exuberance of God’s love.

I am that I am YOU, that we are ALL, that God is our Father and mighty are we in this fact. I am your kindred brother, of Ascensia, Jesus of myth, the voice of Truth for humanity. Follow me to the Promised Land. I invite you. Take my lead, take my outstretched hand, clasp it in the knowing it is already done, on Earth as it is in Heaven, for Heaven is upon you, and within you. Heaven is YOU, and in Heaven we are ONE.