~ letting go of the wounded ~


Greetings holy child …

one child of the One Light…

one ray of the Only Ray…


i come this day to scoop you up into my

arms of and ask of you to feel into

the thoughts and the frequencies that accompany

this message of light..of love…


You Are Loved..

I have never left you..

I have been waiting for Your Welcome!!!!


go within this day and open your heart

and welcome  my loving presence..

You will feel me on a much deeper level

than before …


you see………a part of my essence is always with you

however…….you cannot possibly feel the "TOTALITY of 

the love that I AM until you

 "welcome me in" …


the love is growing precious hearts..

the essence of the frequency of love

is waiting for you to welcome it..


it is surrounding you and it awaits the

magical one who holds the sparkler

that ignites it into action…


~YOU ~


i would ask this day

to bring your wounded little one

back to my loving arms..


You see…for eons…he/she

has been "taking on" all of your

wounds and pain..


I know that many of you think you

are complete with this wounded one

but allow me to say that this one

keeps herself/himself very hidden….

very deep within




Can you imagine the service this one

has given to love…???


That little wounded one has been your

protector….and why…

because you believed you had something

or someone to be protected from….!!!!!

so this lovely one is YOUR creation…


You are perfect

and in truth have no need

any longer for an aspect of yourself

to "take on"

what in truth is not there…


how do you "take it on"???


the you judge what you see..

the moment you are in fear..

the moment you believe someone

can hurt or harm or de-value

that which you are…


then…you activate the little wounded child…


as you bring that little one home to me

by opening your heart…


welcoming me in to that space

the wounded one will know he/she is now safe forever

and that the game of "suffering"

is over…


~~it is for you to Release this one ~~


You Are Loved…You are Love

You are loveable forever…


You are the Christed one

right here on earth…


when you release this wounded child

who in truth is your "pain body"

and bring that little one

home to my loving arms..

~you have set Yourself Free~


Now..each day

you will remember that he/she

is safe and that in truth

I am that part of you

that is the Grand Mother…


this is where he/she abides now..



as you release the wounded one

you help your beautiful mother earth

to release her wounds…

yes…it is all One dear heart..



you are doing this        ~ to-gether ~





These words i speak this day

are not to be taken lightly for

you are in a very special and long awaited

time upon your earth..


You are the Love..

You are the Masters who have been pretending

to be something other than that..

believing you were separate from this

grand love…


you may say to me..

i know i am not separate from love…


allow me to say that anytime

you take on the role of the wounded one

you are separate from love..


any moment you feel anyone or anything

can change who and what you truly are


~you lose love~


it is not that it is gone…it is that you

stepped out of the heart

and moved your focus into unreality…


so..this day

welcome me into the heart

and bring this one home to me


I will set the little one free!!!!!!!!


~when she is free…….You are free~


unlimited forever….you are walking

love….radiating that which love is

into all of creation…


all else has simply been a chimera..


in truth….this world has no real value

it is absolutely neutral..


except……EXCEPT for the Love

……the Value that YOU

bring to it..


how could an unreal dream have value..??


you can be the bringer of the Real

to that which is unreal….


 even within the dream

all is enveloped in the arms of love

and all is a spark of that one grand love..


all of it is "waiting on your welcome"…..!!!!!!


i hold you all so deeply within the shared heart..

I AM that part of you that is the truth of YOU..

allow it to be so for you…





~the voice of love ~








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