bluestarsuzy | July 22, 2011

Can you feel that? Can you feel something within you rising up to the surface? As it rises it seems to be pushing out all the insecurities and all the reasons why things can not be as you would have them be.

Are you getting a sense of who you really are and at the same time have the feeling that the of who you really are is still miles away from your current of self. You may be much closer to that than you know.

Are you feeling a pressure in your heart that you wish would just burst? Have you found yourself declaring who you are and what you are capable of only to question yourself again.

If so you are very, very close now to the KNOWING of the love that you are. Keep choosing love.

There is a new frequency of love present in the collective . It adores you on every level and wants what you want for you. It will not allow you to undermine who you are and it will not allow you to give your power to others. It is a constant reminder that you deserve love, , freedom and self-expression in a way that makes you grin from ear to ear.

This new frequency of love has nothing to do with what you have been told about love and yet it screams to be felt within all aspects of your being. It is a presence that permeates and although it can not be explained, it can be felt through and through. As you align to this new frequency of love there is a feeling of relief. A relaxation and a remembering happen simultaneously. The energy seems to flow in all directions, from you as its source to you and to those around you.

This new frequency is in no way aloof. It is here for you now on every level of your being. It gives you permission to experience yourself as love. It offers you the opportunity to receive love. It feels good! It feels light and it understands all the discrepancies that you have experienced under the limiting expressions of a mind centered " love".

This new frequency of love is not a word that can be manipulated, nor an experience that falls short of joy. This new frequency of love, sets the past limitations straight. It is your natural and now that can be felt without distortion.

What are the effects of aligning with this new frequency of love? Well you will have to tell me…… as your experience and expression of it will be unique to the joy that you came here to be.

Watch the children as this frequency takes hold within the collective. They will begin to show you the power of this state. You will feel it and see it in them as it takes hold in you. They easily go back to a state of true love as that is what they came here to be. It is what you came to experience as well. The unraveling back to your pure state of love is what this new frequency brings.

Surrender to LOVE and see what a difference it makes.

Many years ago, I was helping a woman make her transition after a long illness. He last words to me were " Suzy, I know why I was here! It was really simple. I was here to love and to be loved."

With this new frequency of love, I would take that one step further and suggest that we are LOVE. Align to that over and over in everything you do and watch miracles happen all around you!

Thank you to all the participants on the New Human Experience Project who collectively supported the birth and nurturing of this new frequency. Thank you for showing me what is possible when we gather together. Thank you for being the love that you are! Thank you for sharing your frequency of love!

With love and blessings,