27 July 2011



A dance of omnipotent oneness is again at birth . in will have us at a quantum passion for new beginnings and clearing out of the old as we see even more through the windows of our eyes unfold. The quantum dance of the cosmic dust is all over and at deep loving bio-phononic vibrational feel this .

We are again at a new . the quantum dance of the rainbow continues as we take each step up the infinite ladder and cross the bridge to the rainbow and dance merrily in the cosmic glitter of oneness .

This new moon births us to a new two week cycle of inner growth and outward expansion in our ascension and in the heart and with ego. With a keen focus from black moon Lilith’s influence.

We came to a deep awakening under the triad of eclipses that erupted in a cosmic bang of resurrection awareness in unconditional love of the heart and understanding the ego as we through it’s pleasure seeking nature and guilt along with many engrams that were of a nature quite deep and from familial roots or long unhealed truamas.

We now birth a new area of focus as we ascend and go forward and below my being will share the to come this new moon with all it’s awareness in store and areas to keep focus.

So now, The new moon in leo is also bringing to the surface engrams or unconscious memories of pain or trauma that cause us hesitations or the deeply engrained reasons of what prevents us from making forward movement. We then react in a given trigger when the engram is triggered and our reactive directive dramatization to the engram is then played out.

This is the main focus this new moon . And with black moon Lilith in aries position we are having our subconscious ripped open again but in the areas that focus on fears of hesitation and indecision with fears linked to them.

Under the black moon Lilith having us see that originality is the best way. Although there will be an unwillingness to do this as aries has you set in your way of doing things, in the end you will see that letting go and getting to the root of the hesitation from whence it began will be the way forward clearing the areas where hesitation exists in your life and being.

As when we go to the root of the who, what ,when ,where, why and how and understanding what it is that is triggering that hesitation that puts fear in us toward a given thing or thought or person perhaps, we then understand its aberrated reactive directive and and accept it.

Also, if forgiveness is need to be found then this is the time to do so where needed. But keep in mind it takes time and there is nothing wrong with that. This is an emphasis to bring to you that only you will realize you may need to at this time, the actual forgiveness comes in divine time for you as you feel ready too. But the witnessing of it being needed will be realized at this time as you look at engram roots.

Now, as you clear it replacing it with a bio-photonic witness and then applying a reactive directive from higher self to live by and think by as well reversing the old way of acting and thinking.

To understand the alchemy of a given process is simply testing the old way and if that ain’t working ,well then it is time to apply the divine derivative of epistemology and experiencing if the derivative flows. If the derivative doth not flow we conclude the process as a non-functioning alchemical process.

Applying the old derivative or reactive directive you have toward the hesitation or fear can be experienced ,then if non-conclusive, then apply the divine derivative of higher self and see the difference in your experience. The answer is in your experience to witness.

Leos fire is having us at rapid speed to face these engrams and witness what the trigger of these engrams is that causes hesitation so we can quickly quantize the engram and clear it making it null and void once and for all so we can go forward in ascension.

Leo is a doer and never a quiter so you will have massive reserves of energy to work from even once your depleted.

A leo will never rest till the task is done, so if you are feeling restless this new moon this is why. This energy will also help if you have a project that is overdue, now is the time to see its ending with a favorable outcome. As hard work is always rewarded and nothing comes without work.

So if you wish to ascend anywhere it is being called for you now to apply the work to inner self and around you, for it will radiate what you put in you get back. For that would be the law of electromagnetics.

Leos is having us walk to the flame and test the temperature before we go into the fire, that fire being the memory of the engram we have so long buried and put deep inside.

The passion being given to us by leo is for forward movement and leo is showing us now how motivated we are to go forward and whisking through fears and hesitations like there is no tomorrow. Leo is awakening us to seeing our true fire for living and forward movement, and thus, showing us the key to walking upon the fire and coming out unscathed.

A few days of rest are coming as things come to a slowness after a long rapid rush of triad eclipses we have seen and felt and witnessed since june. The last day of the new moon will be a rest day. So once your inner work is done do enjoy some relaxation this weekend . As leo’s new moon has us a at time of quiet this weekend.

This leo moon also has us looking into our hearts deeply as we feel what is truly best for us and it is the hearts divine call to follow that will bring us home. Journaling will be deep this weekend as you enjoy some quiet time for inner reflection.

You are also feeling catalyzed this weekend as you feel a resonating of connection oneness with source after clearing the engrams of fear and hesitation that have been blocking you. This is also an optimized time for meditation.

But with leos love of liveliness a lot of you will also be taking time to visit art venues or join in a dance or cultural event and may even be the star of one if you area leo yourself . This is a favored time for getting noticed and showing your true heart in your passion whatsoever it be ,art ,writing ,dance ,or something else.

This new moon has us focusing on a window we are seeing before our eyes transform. The look of love is transforming and how we witness and experience it. It also has us taking control of where we are going and how we are going to get there realizing we are the one that makes the choices that affect us as we go each moment at a time forward in our physical experience and blend our multi-dimensional nature.

Engrams of love are deep at this new moons core. The energy has us feeling deep lower level libido energy and old attractions as new attractions again as we ask the question. Why? That can be answered with the engram. There is something about that being you are attracted to whom may not even be a healthy choice for your being that is the trigger of an engram, or unconscious memory that brings that attraction alive again and again.

Biophysical nature is quite interesting when we feel this being stimulate our hormones and subconsciously the answer is there as to why that being makes your heart weak and head light with a delectable desire. The thing here to understand is desire is not love.

You will be given a sign to where you need to go. You will be given two choices, a lower energy road, and a higher energy road. The question is, which one do you wish to go? The true divine path? Or the path that is filled with that which only serves your material needs?

You will have to decide. The key here is to follow the symbols of blue that appear as sky blue represents tranquility and spiritual direction and guidance.

There is an emphasis on clearing out past judgment, pre-conceived notions you had of others and old friendships no longer connecting. So at this time as the new moon in leo has us doing a whipping up and out with the old in a fiery way. These clearances are swift and to the point with full understanding realized as to why you have made them.

The leo moon also has us at a strong look of our selves as we also contemplate our heart, we are witnessing how deep pure self awareness has become, and it now is coming in the moment. You are also witnessing others reactions and responding with deeper compassion and now realizing that compassion is the only way to respond.

As you grow you realize patterns you need to break out of, and the material world is becoming less of an interest as you resurrect deeper the quantum divine within your subconscious. This breaking of patterns is something leo is great at and will not be held down long by any unhealthy pattern or phobia or thought.

As leo is all about action and making things happen and transform. So given all the leo energy a wizard and wizardress are for sure at work this new moon as the new windows are constructed and looked through transformed eyes.

so if you want to break an old pattern or habit now is the time to do so.

Venus is in leo for a few coming weeks so this energy will be around for the next 21 days. Your being feels consumed with self gratification and this self gratifying is trying to tell you how the ego’s id is feeling to need to be pleased. But this material need is not the divine path.

So when you witness your being self gratifying understand that is the ego’s id your satisfying, not higher self. So this aspect of venus in leo for the next three weeks is also an ego learning tool as to how you operate and by going to the root of the need for the self gratification you will understand it and be able to transmute it and transcend above material need and its trigger to please the id, and follow only higher self.

This is also a favored few weeks for artists who wish to get their work out there and get noticed, your passion will shine at this time and be felt in a bio-phononic experience that has others speechless.

The moon is conjuct venus at an aspect that gives us an energy of charm about you, so you may have a score of suitors or suitorettes lining up as for some reason the hormones in either gender these coming weeks will be very high in frequency. Either way people are looking at you differently come this aspect, plus or minus five days for any aspect.

As an aspects energy can be felt before or after a slight bit. It is anyway for the or my being wouldn’t be sharing this. Lol.
Back to our scope.

But don’t mistake lust for love, there is a clever pull about this aspect and it has us sometimes being blind with passionate lust. Be sure to see with photopic vision of higher self with this aspect. But do witness any personal interaction will have an extra charm about it. And being a new moon in leo quantum passion is in the air.

But this can also lead to quantum unconditional love as any new beginning has potential. But the key is having no expectations, removing anymore ideals you has in a partner and letting it flow, for that is the only way you will ever even come close to your twin flame at some divine day.

But if you have worked hard and have unionized within your own sun and moon or, ying and yang. there is a deep possibility now you are closer than ever to reuniting with your twin flame.

The steps taken now to clear old ideals of a partner and what you wish for and any expectations need to be cleared. As clearing these opens a clear boundless door to where anything can happen and as so, anything is possible .

This is also a favorable time to make new friends and feel friendships deepen.

This aspect also has you feeling adventurous and free spirited. Doing things you may have never done and manifesting actions taken that are feelings of a dare devil creating new avenues for your being in all areas.

This is also and aspect which when combined with the leo moon and leo sun give deep empowerment from any vestige you are currently working on in your inner work for transcendence. Deep axiomistic release is felt now.

You are feeling this new moon like a caterpillar bursting out from the chrysalis into a beautiful flying reborn.

This is the time to be the butterfly, as leo has you looking at how you want to be perceived, so be the butterfly, live and act as the butterfly, and you will be perceived as so.

The moon is square with Jupiter. Be sure when wanting to see something through you are however looking logically, do not exhaust yourself. As with leo energy you do run the chance of exhaustion. There is a tendency for over indulgence here. So do air on the side of caution.

Jupiter however is in Taurus at this time which entered june 4th and stays for the next year urging strong growth and great outcome of the effort put in. this has you with conservative wisdom and applying it as so, this energy is very favorable given all we have to work with.

The moon is sextile to Saturn, so this is not very pleasant but you can make it so, if there are rifts among people in your life or even with your own being, the key here is a mending of broken bricks and picking up the broken pieces and putting them together again. Stabilizing connections and letting go of ones you feel truly no longer are of any relevance in your life or for your being.

Saturn itself is in libra is in a three year cycle of achievement and growth and will be till 2012. So keep in mind anything is only for your own personal growth and outward expansion that happens. Each being we meet, each event we experience, all is a teacher and guide as you are with others teacher and guide. So take all you can from everything, as it will only benefit and resurrect your awareness deeper.

Moon is also sextile Jupiter dispersing energy to actions with positive outcome for a growing abundance of self empowerment within which radiates around you. Investments are favored, no I’m not talking money, so now is a favorable time for investing time with deep inner growth and following your heart. Also showing others under this aspect in small ways how you care can show on a grand scale.

Mercury is in virgo beginning a new cycle till aug 8 when it goes back to leo. So around the 8th or plus or minus five days look for the fun to begin at work again with downed systems and time outs in technology areas. As retrogrades are just the energy thrown in your computer and crashing it or haywire energy for technology for a better word.

Past relationships will also pop up here. So keep in mind if you have not worked out your past regarding a being in it, now is the time to do so. That way, the past is layed to rest once and for all only furthering forward movement.

On Sunday the moon will be square Saturn adding a ridge in the way of advancement. So to clear this stalemate you will have to go to the root of the ridge.

This aspect has us at odds with what we are learning right now and finding ourselves repeating the same task over and over to find a focus on application so we can grasp what it is we are learning with the rapid movement energy we are in at this time.

The energy calls to clear the block that has you repeating and as we got to the focus of the black moon this is again a hesitation coming up you have that has you in the limbo your in.

The key here is to go the root, and understand how the law of attraction applies here, once you have cleared the root, you can then transmute it’s reactive directive trigger, instead of attracting a fearful one and attracting that fear when you put into your learning ,you can go in without fear attracting a true experience, not a fearful experience.

It’s like going into the experience in total control and confidence . You are the one in the drivers seat ,not the fear. Go into it driving with confidence and attract a clear focused driving experience forward without the repeated mistakes. You can do anything.

Sun is trine Uranus giving a wonderful time for self exploration. Again looking at habitual natures you have or out old grown patterns that are no longer needed in your life. This energy asks you to keep what is working for you and to let go what is no longer needed further blending your multi dimensional nature and awakening deeper pan-determination as you apply divine derivatives from your higher self.

This is also a favored energy for clearing your home space of debree. As my being always says the clutter in our home or order represents how we feel within.

It is an outward picture of just that, our soul level vestiges.

Mercury is opposing Neptune giving a need to balance the lower energy shadow and higher self. This may feel like a incoming data overload but in the end you will be glad all you faced and went through this new moon and the key is too keep balance and only focus on each vestige one at a time that comes up.

Neptune also has us focusing on familiarity with new beings in our lives and remembering past lives with this individual. It is not clear yet how, but this individual you are having familiarities about plays a pivotal role in your now and future as you awake this discovery and discern this familiarity deeper and further in coming months.

Mercury is opposite Neptune and this could bring a deep blow or break down in communication with work related beings of whom you have. They will prove unreliable under this aspect and the key here is if you want anything done, not matter what area it be, cooking, love or work, do it yourself, do not rely heavily on anyone at this time.

Communications will be a miss for a few days, this should cease by mon next week as we approach a new month. You are the wizardress or wizard here, no one else.

is in pisces promoting an energy of healing as we pull out further of deep wounds and further understand and awake our oneness with the stream of consciousness . This aspect works strong for it has been going a while now and its focus will continue leaving an order to the chaos within and a scintillating omnipotent spark in its aftermath upon your being.

Pluto in Capricorn is visiting till 2023 so this aspect is favored for deep long term guidance in unconditional love and deep change as we awake with Capricorns deep focused nature. We can expect to be deep into these matters for sometime to come. Any changes here are slow and worth the outcome of work put in. As the result is a conditioning unconditionally in love for your being you can then share with others as you open up your vast quantum heart with infinite love.

The asteroids have ceres in aries wich shows our nurturing area and how we receive nurturing, it may be you are neglecting to properly nurture your own being.

This will come under focus now, so if your own self nurturing is not in order the area of needed focus will be drawn up and clear. And areas to focus on. As with aries ruling the head, brain, and face, these will your areas for surveillance.

So do keep log of anything that may seem out of our own personal normal. This is also a favored aspect for furthering or starting any new physical activity regime.

Pallas in aqaurius is the driving force behind your advancement along with the leo moon for solving the deepest of paradoxes your in at this time as this aspect can see through any paradox transmuting it to non-paradoxical.

Juno in libra is giving is a deep balance at where we quickly feel jealousy in any area of relationships at this time. Your infinite awareness will snap back that much faster with higher self seeing why it is not needed quickly taking control of the situation.

Vesta is in aquarius. Here we have the goddess of chaos, she brings a divine devotion to order the chaos. So if you need to look within for reserves to make order of your soul level vestiges look no further than vesta. This is a call to order for men to get in touch with their feminine and feel the energy the feminine touch can bring to their chaos and manifest order from that chaos.

As in every man there is a women and every women a man and utilizing both sides working in unison is what wins the day. The man will do the heavy lifting and bring solution to the chaos and the feminine is the bearer of that seed of wisdom putting it into action witnessing a unison of oneness within. A divine to be experienced and witnessed.

So as we see there is quite a bit of action this new moon but the key is to get in touch with both sides of energy within and work them in unison and feel the outcome of order from the chaos only a quantum dance among the cosmos of multi-dimensional being can manifest.

Do you hear the song?
It’s calling you to dance.
The time to step forward is now in the omnipotent dance of oneness among the cosmos.
The bio-phononic frequency raises beginning with you.

By Quantum Goddess Of Light